The mortal Kombat universe is riddled with characthers, places, and fan made though they are, couples, I support some, though One Admin. in particular don't like it when I speak of it, but I like to fight the system in small ways though they are, so here are couples I support:

Jadao (Jade and kung lao, if liu and kitana are dating I think Kung Lao and Jade should date.)

Jadoke (Jade and smoke, she cheats on kung lao with smoke and vice versa, sucks to be them, got the idea from the coics.)

Liutana (Liu Kang and Kitana, it's pretty obvious.)

Scorenna/Millorpion (Scorpion and Millena, I like them as a couple, no reason.)

Barenna (Baraka and Millena, obvious.)

Khamatile/ Repaleon (Khamaleon and Reptile their the last two sarians, do I have to explane any thing beond that?)

Skarmac (Skarlet and Ermac, they were made for each other, Ermac is made of warior souls, and She's made of warior blood, just makes sence.)

More to come.

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