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  • Fulgore2005

    I'm not sure if people on this wiki know already, but some of the VAs who worked on the recent MK games have voiced some characters in Street Fighter X Tekken:

    Bob Carter (Baraka/Shao Kahn)- Balrog

    Taliesin Jaffe (The Flash)- Blanka (Who will be available soon)

    Jamieson Price (Elder Sub-Zero/Noob Saibot)- Heihachi Mishima

    Gerald C. Rivers (Jax)- M. Bison

    Patrick Seitz (Scorpion)- Bob and Hugo

    Christopher Corey Smith (Superman)- Rufus

    Karen Strassman (Kitana/Mileena)- Poison

    Although these VAs below didn't voice act for MK, I thought I'd list them if anyone's interested.

    Brad Swaile (Light Yagami)- Jin Kazama

    DC Douglas (Wesker)- Raven

    Mary Elizabeth McGlynn- Nina Williams

    Mike McFarland (Master Roshi)- Paul Phoenix

    David Earnest (Jin Kisaragi)- Marshal…

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  • Fulgore2005

    The Mortal Kombat series has had many games in its resume. Some were good. Some were bad. And some were just plain ugly. But what I am interesting in knowing is what game is your least favourite or you hate with a passion? If more than one game springs to your mind, mention them. I will start by saying my least favourites are Mortal Kombat: Special Forces and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.

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  • Fulgore2005

    Who else was surprised when it was revealed that Shao Kahn won in the Armageddon storyline?

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  • Fulgore2005

    Mortal Kombat mains

    February 14, 2011 by Fulgore2005

    I am just interested to know, which characters in the Mortal Kombat games do you use or like to use the most?

    As for me, I usually main Kitana, Sub-Zero and Shang Tsung.

    Oh, and you are welcome to mention any of the DC Characters in MK vs. DCU. For the DC characters that game, I main Batman.

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  • Fulgore2005

    Kreate a Storyline

    September 12, 2010 by Fulgore2005

    I've been thinking, seeing as Mortal Kombat has some great storylines, I thought we could make some of our own. Feel free to post what storylines you made up or would like to see in future games.

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