I'm not sure if people on this wiki know already, but some of the VAs who worked on the recent MK games have voiced some characters in Street Fighter X Tekken:

Bob Carter (Baraka/Shao Kahn)- Balrog

Taliesin Jaffe (The Flash)- Blanka (Who will be available soon)

Jamieson Price (Elder Sub-Zero/Noob Saibot)- Heihachi Mishima

Gerald C. Rivers (Jax)- M. Bison

Patrick Seitz (Scorpion)- Bob and Hugo

Christopher Corey Smith (Superman)- Rufus

Karen Strassman (Kitana/Mileena)- Poison

Although these VAs below didn't voice act for MK, I thought I'd list them if anyone's interested.

Brad Swaile (Light Yagami)- Jin Kazama

DC Douglas (Wesker)- Raven

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn- Nina Williams

Mike McFarland (Master Roshi)- Paul Phoenix

David Earnest (Jin Kisaragi)- Marshall Law

Dameon Clarke (Cell)- Rolento

Carrie Savage (Shin Chan's Penny)- Ling Xiaoyu

TJ Storm (Strider Hiryu)- Craig Marduk

Doug Erholtz (Hazama/Asuma Sarutobi/Gin Ichimaru)- Vega

And if you're really interested, the voice director is none other than the Flash himself, Taliesin Jaffe.

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