Hello fellow Mortal Kombat Fans! My name is John Mc and i'm introducing GamerCall.

GamerCall is a Free gamer conferencing service for the gaming community.

Want a way to easily connect with your Friends, Team, Clan, or Guild? Need tips on how to go through that next level, or would you like to just talk some smack and meet other players?

GamerCall is a High Quality -- Zero lag alternative to Microsoft XBox Chat or PSN (when it's up). It doesn’t require any of the players to be on the same game or to be online. You and your friends simply call the main number and enter the same clancode, and you’re together as if you called each person on the phone!

GamerCall was designed for you. Simply pick up the phone and you’re on! Register here for your FREE GamerCall account today!

Also, check out the Mortal Kombat Group page where you can partner up with other MK'ers, chat, and call in to talk smack. (512) 400-4700.


John Mc -

XBox - mcintirechief

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