Spear Spin: Scorpion takes his spear and spins it making the chain's lenght bigger, till he can whip the opponent, slicing his boddy in half, then he throws the spear in the upper part and pulls it to him, then holding it to the camera.

Breath of Hades: Scorpions holds his enemy's face and firebreathes it. Then releasing the enemy to agonize while his face is burning.

Animality - Sting Out: Similar to his fatality in MK4, Scorpion wil turn into a giant scorpion, sting the enemy's torso and rip it off. His transformation smoke is yellow.

X-Ray - Sting of Pain: Scorpion kicks his opponent to the sky, then throws the spears into his/her chest, impaling it, breaking ribs and lungs, then he pulls the enemy to him and kicks his face damaging the skull.


Have a Break: Sub-Zero freezes his enemy whole body but the head, then he goes to him and rips his spine in a downward move, causing the rest of the body to break.

Breaking Your Innards: Sub-Zero put his hand in his enemy mouth firing an Ice blast which freeze the opponent inside. Sub-Zero then chop both of opponent's shoulders at once causing the enemy broke part to erupt over his/her head.

Animality - Bear-rocious: Again, Sub-Zero turns into a polar bear, but instead of mauling he will scratch the enemy's face with his claws twice. His transformation smoke is blue.

X-Ray - Let's Cool This: Sub-Zero freezes his opponent, then kicks his/her legs, breaking both bones and the ice. As the opponent falls down, Sub-Zero jumps over him/her with both feet, crushing his chest.

Liu Kang

Inside Fire: Much like in Mortal Kombat 3, Liu Kang will teleport. A little bit later the enemy will start screaming a then vomiting fire before his whole body turn into a torch.

Dragon Flame: Liu Kang wil concentrate and a giant flame in a form of a dragon will get out of his body and devour his opponent. The flames will later get away and leave the burnt body to fall on the ground.

Animality - Dragon Play: Liu Kang will turn into a dragon and bite the enemy, but instead of ripping his torso, he will shake the opponent causing his/her torso to break and fall out by itself. His transformation smoke is red.

Kung Lao

Hat Trick III: Kung Lao throws his hat to the opposite direction to the one his opponent is, then he catches the opponent and throws him in direction to the hat, which will come back and slice the enemy vertically.

Take a Spin: Kung Lao holds his opponent and start using his Spin move into a great speed which will afterwards dismember his opponent til only the arms, which are being held by Kung Lao, remain.

Animality - Rhino: Kung Lao switches his animality with Kabal. He will impale the enemy with his horn jolting till he/she pass away. His transformation smoke is blue.


Hair Hammer: Sindel wraps her hair around enemy's body and throws him up, turning him upside down. Then she wraps her hair around the enemy's waist again and lands him strongly smashing his/her head.

Star Slap: Sindel starscrems in her hand, then she slaps enemy's face, exploding it.

Animality - Queen B Revenge: Sindel turns into a giant bee and stings the opponent's head. She then takes the sting off and returns to her original form. Her transformation smoke is purple.


Telekinetical Spin: Ermac levitates his opponent and wraps his own hands around themselves, he then unwraps them causing the enemy's limbs to sping all in opposite direction turning him into a telekinetical blood tornado.

Innard Push-Off: Ermac sends a wave of telekinetical impulse to his enemy's abdomen. A few seconds latter the enemy starts jolting and his innards go out his body.

Animality - Tricky Toad: Ermac jumps to his enemy and falls out in his shoulder turned into a small frog. He then stick his tongue into their mouth causing him to open it and spits a lot of poison. If the opponent is masked, when Ermac sticks the tongue he rips a part of the mask off. Ermac then jumps back to his position in his original form while the enemy passes out sufocated. His transformation smoke is green.


Face Rip: Reptile digs his claws into his opponents jaw and push it back ripping the face. He then put in front of his own face like a mask. This is a Homage to Leatherface.

Real Weight Loss: Reptile grabs his opponent and lay him in his arms. Then he digs his hand in his/her abdomen and rips the stomach, afterward he will vomit acid into the incision till the acid starts falling from the other side.

Animality - Iguana's Tail: Reptile jumps and fall as an Iguana at his opponent shoulder, he then starts whiping his/her neck with his tail, his does it twice, in the third, the enemy is decapitated. His transformation smoke is green


Upraise of Blood: Kitana uses her Upraise and while the enemy is held in the air, she jumps and spins using her fans to dismember him. She then poses while the windstom holds her enemy's body parts.

Fan Liquidificator: Kitana throws her opponent skyward and starts spining her fans while he falls over them and is liquified.

Animality - Hunger Bunny: Kitana turns into a bunny and goes to her opponent's abdomen. She starts gnawing till she goes in and while the opponent tries to rip her off unsuccessefully. Her transformation smoke is blue.

Johnny Cage

Plasma Crush: Cage charges a big plasma ball into his hand, then punches the enemy exploding his/her whole torso.

I'll Put This Shades On: Cage removes his shades and folds its legs before stabbing the enemy's throat with them.

Animality - Kanga-Kick: Johnny Cage turns into a kangaroo and kicks the opponent. An X-Ray shows enemy's ribs, lungs and heart being broken. The opponent falls away, spits blood and dies. His transformation smoke is yellow.


Staff Surprise: Jade throws her staff on the floor, while it suprisingly expands and impales her enemy's head.

Razor-Rang Dance: Jade throws her razor-rang cutting one of her enemy's arms, it comes back and cuts one leg. She takes it again and throws cutting his/her other arms and when it comes back, cuts his/her head.

Animality - Freaky Cat: Jade turns into a cat and jumps on the enemy's face. She then starts scratching and bitting while the enemy tries to push her off. She keeps doing it till the enemy fall to the ground, and she finishes him by cutting his throat with bites. Her transformation smoke is green.


Sky Torture: Mileena keeps teleport kicking her opponent for five time, till in the sixth, he will have his neck snapped.

Flip Over: Mileena stab both sais in the enemy's head, grab their handle and flip over him/her while pullig the sais, ripping head off. She then starts eating the face ferociously.

Animality - Skunky Air: Mileena turns into a skunk and start spraying the opponent several times till he falls down fainted. Mileena then return to her original form and stomps in his neck, sanpping it. Is the only animality in which the animal himself doesn't kill the opponent. Her transformation smoke is pink.


Arrow Massacre: Nightwolf take his bow and charges one spirit arrow. Before he shoots it, a lot of other spirit arrows are fired from the vacuum to the enemy's body, till one of them finally aim the right eye. He then finally shoots the final arrow in the left eye.

Wolf Summon: Nightwolf summons a spiritual wolf which boosts to the enemy and rips it's head off, then it brings the head to Nightwolf who takes it and caresses the wolf's head.

Animality - Wolf Rage: Nightwolf turns into a wolf, he overthrow his enemy, bites their abdomen, and then grabs his enemy's leg, he keeps pushing till ripping it off and leave the opponent bleeding to death. His transformation smoke is blue.


Burst Net: Cyrax insert digital codes into his arm panel and fires a net to the opponent, with a secret bomb wrapped on it (which is revealed to the player via slow motion). The opponent gets caught on it and lately it will blow up.

Teleport Crush: Cyrax teleports and remounts in the opponets body, slashing its limbs.

Animality - Such a Shark: Cyrax teleports and remounts as a shark over his opponent. He falls and eats him before struggling till coming back to his original form. His transformation smoke is yellow.


Smoke Bomber: Smoke use his Smoke Bomb, but it only teleports the enemy's torso while the limbs fall down.

More then a "Shake": Smoke holds his enemy's face and starts performing a Shake. The enemy starts screaming and them explodes.

Animality - Porcupine Charge: Smoke teleport away then charges to his opponent throwing himself to his face while turning into a porcupine and stabbing his whole face with thorns. His transformation smoke is gray.

Noob Saibot

Hi-Five: Noob projects his shadow clone at the other side of the opponent and both punches his/her head smashing it.

What Happened?: Noob creates a black hole and throw his enemy on it. Lately he opens another portal in the sky and the enemy's body parts fall for it.

Animality - Gut-Eater: Noob turns into a anteater and stabs his enemy's abdomen with his nose. He then takes it off revealing he is actually eating his opponent guts, who screams in pain. His transformation smoke is gray.


Rocket Away: Sektor gets out a guided missile and uses a string to tie it up on enemy's head. Sektor then activates a button in his panel and the missile is fired, ripping the enemy's head along.

Sound Buster: Sektor rocket punches his enemy to skyward then, click in his panel button, lately firing a supersonic blast which dismember the opponent.

Animality - You're the Red Flag: Sektor turns into a bull and charges to the opponents torso ripping it appart with the strength. His transformation smoke is red.

Sonya Blade

Glove In: Sonya charges a big energy ball in her gloves, then she digs it into the opponents abdomen. The opponents torso explodes and Sonya keeps the head before it falls. Then she shots the head with an energy blast.

Leg Crash: Sonya leg brags her opponents and drives him to the floor twice head first, in the third time, the neck is snapped and in the fourth, the head is crashed.

Animality - Hawk Boost: Sonya turns into a hawk and flies away. She then comes back with a dive, digs her claws into her opponents head and rips it off. Her transformation smoke is pink.


Kano-Ball Buster: Kano overthrows his opponent and uses his kano-ball to smash him twice in the torso, the third time will cause the head to be blasted off and the fourth will smash the torso.

Knife-Ball Roller: Kano gets his knives and turns into a Kano-Ball. He then charges the opponent and rolls over him. The opponent falls away, but his arms are sliced and fall in the very place he was before. Kano comes down and stabs the opponent in the heart with one knife, and in the throat with other.

Animality - Ara-Kano-nid: Kano turns into a tarantula and sting the opponent who starts agonized by poison and colapses. His transformation smoke is gray.


Screw It, I'm going In: Jax throws his enemy spinning to the sky, the enemy starts falling upside down and Jax punches his head blasting it and replacing with his own arm.

Ground Pounding You: Jax overthrows his opponent and then ground pounds in his torso blasting the limbs away.

Animality - Lion Fury: Jax turns into a bionic armed lion and go over his opponent, then bitting his throat. His transformation smoke is purple.


Gun Inside: Stryker takes his gun and digs it, at a sky-aiming position, into the opponents torso. He then starts shooting. The bullets hurts the opponent shoulders, back and lastly, one of them goes through his/her head. 

Grenade Torso: Stryker throws a grenade on the floor and kicks his opponent over it. The grenade explodes and tear appart torso and legs of the opponent. It's based in the 1995 film Bad Boys starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Animality - T-Rex Compactation: Stryker turns into a T-Rex and stomps the opponent, he then licks some of the blood on the floor before turning back into his original form. His transformation smoke is purple.

Shang Tsung

Self Killing: Shang Tsung will turn into his opponent and randomly use one of his fatalities to kill him/her.

Complete Suction: Shang Tsung sucks the enemy souls, leaving the dead body.

Skull Flame: Shang Tsung creates a skull flame, then he removes his opponents head and replaces it with the skull, which will ignite the body into a strong flame.

Animality - Cobra Tail: Shang Tsung turns into a giant cobra and decapitates his opponent with his tail. This is based in the 1999 film Python. This animality is used by his younger form. His transformation smoke is red.

Animality 2 - Cobra Nail: Shang Tsung turn into a giant cobra and bites his opponent, not ripping his torso. He will return to his form leaving the enemy with two holes in his chest. This animality is used by his elder form. His transformation smoke is orange.


Fullspeed Tornado: Kabal starts nomad dashing his opponent several times, increasing the speed. He'll do it till the opponent explodes.

Lungs Burst: Kabal take his masks pipe off and digs it into the opponent's throat. He starts pumping gas till the opponents lungs explode. It's based in his MK3 fatality.

Animality - Cheetah Chug: Kabal turns into a cheetah. He charges to the opponent, but pass him by. He comes from the other side and bites the enemy's hand ripping his arm off. Then he comes front again and bites the head, ripping it. His transformation smoke is purple.


Chop Chop, Dice Dice: Baraka uses his Cho Chop move till the opponent torso get completely sliced.

Baraka's Teeth: Much like in his babality, Baraka pulls out his blade, catapulting himself over the enemy's head and bites it, using the impulse to rip it.

Anamility - Ant Chop: Baraka turns into a giant ant and decapitates the enemy with his forceps. His transformation smoke is orange.


Staff Thunder: Raiden sticks his staff on the floor, then he throws the enemy on it, impaling him. A few seconds later a thunderbolt falls over it exploding the opponent.

I'm In You: Raiden turns into a eletric wave and enters the opponent's body, electrocuting him to death, and eventually, to explosion.

Animality - Eel Hug: Raiden wraps the enemy necks then turns into a eletric eel, shocking the enemy to death, then returning to his original form.


Clapping to Your Death: Sheeva claps her (four) hands smashing the enemy chest and neck, leaving the arms and head to free fall.

Untamed Killer: Sheeva grabs her opponent with her lower arms, then punches then threece, in the following time, Sheeva will keep breaking the enemy's face till it drop down.

Animality - Crab Revenge: Sheeva turns into a giant crab and dismembers the opponent with her forceps.

Quan Chi

How hard is Your Skull?: Quan Chi creates a lot of glowing skulls, breaking them in the enemy's head imediately after the creation. After a few skulls the enemy's face will be broken. However, much like in leg beat, Quan Chi will keep doing it till the screen get dark.

Get Lying: Quan Chi throws his opponent on the floor and then use his Sky Fall over his head and stomps it three times till it explodes.

Animality - Hungry Crocodile: Quan Chi turns into a crocodile and devours the opponent. His transformation smoke is green.

Cyber Sub-Zero

Consider his fatalities as Sub-Zero's ones, as Sub-Zero human no longer exists.


Feel Me: Skarlet stabs herself with a katana and turns into a puddle of blood. She then goes to enemies leg and enter them by. The enemy then is impale for a pile of spikes which come out of his own body.

Just Keep Coming: Skarlet throws a blood ball into the opponent, then positions her katanas directed to the opponent. The blood she threw turns into a face in the enemy's body and forces him/hem to walk in direction of the katanas till they get impaled.

Animality - Leech Please: Skarlet turn into a giant leech and sucks all of the enemy's blood, leaving a drought body. This is based in the way Freddy Krueger kills Sheila in the fifth ANOES.


Thunder Final Striker: Rain throws his enemy skywards and a thunderbolt falls over them explonding him/her.

Washing Machine: Rain catches his opponent in a bubble of water. While the enemy tries to break free, Rain makes a move with his arm, causing the bubble's water to turn red. When the water falls down, the enemy skins has been removed.

Animality - Ele-Hammer: Rain turn into a elephant and hammers the opponent with his snout.


Tele-Mess: Kenshi levitates his opponent and then make a separation movement, ripping his limbs (much like Ermac's fatality, but is not over yet), he then spins the enemy's torso and replace all the limbs in a comic fashion.

I Have Who Can Do This For Me: Kenshi throws his katana to stab the opponent, however, it does not do it, scarying the opponent. Kenshi then makes a pull move and the opponent is driven to be impaled for the katana.

Animality - Vampire Bat: Kenshi turns into a bat and bites his enemy neck ferociously, then returning to his original form while the enemy bleed's to death.


I Want A Bloody Mary: Nitara digs her hands into the enemy's chest and pulls his heart out, she then keeps drinking the blood.

Wings For You: Nitara impales her enemy with the pointy bones in her wings. While he/she is panicking she rips his/her legs off and keep catching blood in her hands to lately drink it.

Animality - Vampire Panther: Nitara turns into a panther and mauls to the opponent, but she doesn't eat the flash, only keep licking the blood. This is based in the Brazilian novel "Os Mutantes: Caminhos do Coração" (The Mutants: Heart's ways) in which a panther-woman killed her preys only to feed on their blood.

X-Ray - Heil my Heel: Nitara charges to her enemy and drives her knee to his torax, breaking his ribs, heart and lungs. As the enemy colapses, she flies up and comes down quickly, driving both of her boot's heel in the enemy eyes, also, breaking the skull. Number of Hits: 4 (charge, knee, and both heels on the skull). X-Ray Hits: 2 (knee and heels). Damage: 34%.

Li Mei

Quick Brutality: Based on her Deception fatality, she will punch the enemy quickly and then stands while he explodes.

The Faster Thief: As Li Meis seems to have a superspeed (by the way she gets up in Armageddon) she will quickly run, passing the enemy by and each time (she comes and goes four times) she steal one of his members. Left arm, right arm, left leg and head, respectively. She then stops and keep playing with the head.

Animality - Crane Insane: Li Mei turns into a crane and stabs the enemy with her beak three times before flying, kicking the body away and returning to her human form.

X-Ray - Carnival Pain: Li Mei charges to the enemy and kicks his face (initial hit) then she uses her Carnival Kick, hiting his face and breaking his skull, throwing the enemy Skyward. Li Mei goes ahead using her Flying Flurry, completing by catching her opponent for the shoulders and throwing him on the floor head first, breaking skull and ribs. Number of Hits: 11 (initial hit, Carnival Kick, 8 punches on the flying flurry and the final hit). X-Ray Hits: 2 (carnival kick and throw). Damage: 37%.


Oops! No Intended: Frost freezes the enemy's head them pushes him. When the body colapses, the head shatters and Frost act like she is scared for that, later laughing maniacally.

Equally Dividing: Frost freezes the opponent waistline, as he can't move to run away, she kicks the frozen part, dividing the body in two. Would only work in male characters.

Big Part is Mine: Frost freezes the opponents breasts and kicks them up, breacking them and catching the head as it falls. Would only work in females.

Animality - Walrus Fang: Frost turns into a walrus and impale her opponent with her fangs.

X-Ray - Slide Fury: Frost uses her Frosty Slide, but before the enemy collapses, she grabs his/her head and pushes it hugely on the floor, forcing her palm over it, breaking skull and spine. Then she raises her arms and creates an ice block, which she crashes over the opponents back, damaging spine and innards. Number of Hits: 3 (Frosty Slide, skull push and ice block crash). X-Ray Hits: 2 (face push and ice block crash). Damage: 40%.

Bo' Rai Cho

Let Me Fart It: As a fusion of both of his deception fatalities. Bo' Rai Cho ignites a torch and put in his back, while he throws a alcohol gust. He ocasionally farts and the "wind" sends the flame to the alcohol and eventually to the opponent.

Drink With Me: Bo' Rai Cho takes his jug and keep pushing it in the enemy's mouth till his jaw break. He keep pushing till the jug get caught into the opponent's throat and choke him.

Animality - Hippo Free Fall: Bo' Rai Cho jumps and falls down turned into a Hippo and smashes the opponent.

X-Ray - Belly Jump (based on his throw in Deadly Alliance): Bo' Rai Cho grabs his enemy (unblockable) and hits his face with his jug, breaking both, jug and skull. The enemy falls to the ground and Bo' Rai Cho jumps over him, smashing his body, damaging the whole skeleton. Number of Hits: 2 (jug hit and belly smash). X-Ray Hits: 2 (jug hit and belly smash). Damage: 45%.


Emperor Headbutt Kill: Reiko holds his opponentes head and uses his Charging Pain to headbutt the opponent till his head fall out.

Shuriken Rain: Reiko throws a lot of shuriken to the sky, then grabs his opponent and put him in the way, so the shurikens fall over him/her.

Animality - Turtle Down: Reiko jumps to the sky and falls in the form of a giant seaturtle (the real animal) and hits the opponent's head and snaps their neck.

X-Ray - Power Smash (based on his throw in Armaggedon): Reiko slaps his enemy hugely on the face, causing him to bounce on the floor, then he jumps and performe a flipping kick, causing the enemy to fall head first and break the skull, neck and ribs. When the enemy tries to get up, four shurikens fall from the sky, reaching his spine and damaging it in four different places. Number of Hits: 6 (Power slap, flip kick, each shuriken hit). X-Ray Hits: 3 (power slap, enemy's fall and shurikens). Damage: 32%.


Tombstone Death: Dairou throws his opponent to the ground and tombstone drops over him, smashing and crushing his/her body.

Stealthy Trick: Dairou jumps and falls upside down (much like Sindel's Hara-Kiri in MK:D), but before he hits the ground, he uses the Stealthy Shadow to switch places with the opponent, who falls down and snaps the neck.

Animlity - Giraffe Hammer: Dairou turns into a giraffe and use his neck to bat the opponents head away.

X-Ray - Take It as a Compliment: Dairou grabs his opponent (unblockable) and drive a powerfull head but on his chest, breaking the wholes ribs estructure, lungs and heart. Then he goes a step away and kick the enemy stomach, damaging liver, stomach itself and intestines, causing the enemy to vomit blood. Number of Hits: 2 (the headbutt and the kick). X-Ray Hits: 2 (headbutt and kick). Damage: 41%.


Bomb Throw: Darrius charges a Tricky Blast till it come to a giant proportion and throws it to the opponent, exploding him/her.

Arm Throw: Darrius rips his opponent arms and walk a few steps away, when he turn back he throws the opponents arms causing them to go through the opponents body, impaling him.

Animality - Angry Gorilla: Darrius turns into a gorilla and punches the enemy's chest. An X-Ray shows that the ribs, stomach, heart, lungs and liver were broken.

X-Ray - Double Deed: Dairrius charges a powerful kick to his opponent, causing him to turn upside down. Before the enemy collpases, Darrius grab him for the waist (still upside down) and jumps, then power bombing the enemy, breaking his/her neck and skull. He does it once again damaging the area even more. Number of Hits: 4 (The initial kick, the grab and both power bombs). X-Ray Hits: 2 (both power bombs).


Star Brutality: Sareena Star Kicks her opponent fifteen times, defacing his body completely.

Knives Shower: Sareena throws a knife to the opponent leg, then, another one to the groin, she keeps throwing them to his stomach, chest, shoulder and throws a final one to the head, which rip it off.

Animality - Mare Bomb: Sareena turns into a mare and hoofs the opponent head off.

X-Ray - Star Crash: Sareena throws a knife to her opponent. If it connects, she will use star kick, adding to kick, one in the stomach, damaging the innards in area and the other on the face, breaking the skull. Number of Hits: 8 (knife, each of five star kicks and the aditional kicks). X-Ray Hits: 2 (each final kick). Damage: 30%.


Fire Grenade: Kai uppercuts the opponent who keeps falling in a horizontal position, then he uses a Downward Fire Ball to rip the opponent torso apart.

Bomb Kick: Kai uses his Rising Hell driving his feet through the opponents body.

Animality - Ray Sting: Kai turns into a giant floating ray and stings the opponent. He returns to his human forms while the opponent agonizes.

X-Ray - Power Elbow: Kai charges to his opponent and punches him twice, knee him once and drives his elbow to the face, breaking the skull and throwing the enemy down. Kai goes close and jumps, falling elbow first on the enemy's back, damaging the spine and innards. Number of hits: 5 (both punches, knee, and both elbow dashes). X-Ray Hits: 2 (both elbow dashes). Damage: 33%.


Kiss of Kriss: Ashrah charges white energy in her sword and stabs the opponent torso with it. She then turns back while the energy starts burning the opponent till he/she explode. Ashrah, then, turns back and catch the Kriss before it impales her from behind.

Voodoo Play: Ashrah takes a voodoo doll in the form of her opponent. She lifts it, causing the opponent to fly, she then drives it head first to the ground, smashing its head, as well as the opponents one. Ashrah then smashes the doll, exploding the opponent's body.

Animality - Assassin Hummingbird: Ashrah turns into a hummingbird and she goes to the opponents ear and starts pecking it till she can go through and enters his/her head. She returns to the human form, exploding the head.

X-Ray - Voodoo: Ashrah uses her spin Cycle. If it connects, the opponent will walk away dazed while Ashrah takes a voodoo and flicks on his head, damaging the opponent's skull, then she flicks his chest, breaking the ribs and lungs. She finishes flicking on the legs, breaking both femurs. Number of Hits: 4 (Spin Cycle and all the voodoo hits). X-Ray Hits: 3 (all the voodoo hits). Damage: 37%.


Kiss Me, Baby: Kira turns back to the opponent and do something with her own face. She then cames back and quickly kiss him in the lips. She then turns away and crouches, pretendind to be scared. Then the enemy heads blow up. A replay then shows via X-Ray that, what Kira has in her mouth when she kissed her opponent was a small bomb, and she transfered it to him while kissing.

One For The Game, One For The Cycle:  Kira takes her knives and charges them with pink energy. She then keeps throwing them to the opponent, and everytime they hit him/her, they come back to Kira's hand. She will keep doing that for three times. In the fourth, she won't charge the knives with energy and they will impale the enemy.

Animality - Let's Say It Was An Accident: Kira kicks her opponent upward and then shifts into a antelope, pretendind to eat grass. When the enemy comes back, he/she falls over Kira's horns and she throws him on the ground, agonizing by the wounds and bleeding to death.

X-Ray - Knife Assault: Kira blows a kiss of death to the opponent, if it connects, she will drive a knife over his/her chin, breaking the skull. As the opponents fall to the ground, Kira jumps and digs the other knife is his/her spine, damaging it. She then take both knives (which are planted on the enemy's body) and throws the opponent away.


Touch Down: Shinnok puts his leg in a portal and a skull foot kicks the opponent away. While the enemy is flying, Shinnok handchops in a portal and a skull hand slices the opponent in half.

Suprise!: Shinnok punches his enemy away, then puts a finger in a portal, and the enemy is impaled by the fingertip. While the enemy tries to break free, a skull hand appears and flicks his head off.

Animality - Tapir Step: Shinnok turns into a Skull tapir. Then he stomps in a portal, and a skull paw crushes the opponent.

X-Ray - Fallen God: Shinnok jumps into a portal and falls over the opponent. If it connects, Shinnok will grab him for the shoulders and press his body until the ribs and shoulders being broken. Then he drives an elbow to the opponent face and, when the opponents walks way, he randhouses his face, breaking the skull. Number of Hits: 4 (the fall, press, elbow and randhouse). X-Ray Hits: 3 (press, elbow and randhouse). Damage: 36%.


Just The Blue Ones: Shujinko uses Kitana’s power to perform a “Fan Lift”, then he uses Sub-Zero’s “Ice Blast” in the windstorms, causing the enemy to freeze. Shujinko, then, enters the whirlwind and uses Kung Lao’s “Whirlwind Spin” causing the “ice statue” to break.

Petal to the Metal: Shujinko uses Li Mei “Carnival Kick” to set the opponent up, and, before he/she falls, he plants both of his swords on the ground, so the enemy is stabbed by them. Before the opponent pass away, Shujinko uses Scorpion’s “Fire breath” to set him on fire.

Animality - Capybara Bite: Shujinko turns into a capybara and overthrows his opponent, he then bite his/her throat, leaving him/her to agonize, bleeding to death.

X-Ray - Sweet as a Lady: Shujinko uses Mileena's teleport kick. If it connect, he will uses Jade's "Shadow Kick" breaking the opponent ribs and thoracic innards, then he uses Sheeva's Jump and Stomp move to fall over the opponent and break his torso structure. Number of Hits: 3 (Teleport Kick, Jade's Kick, Stomp). X-Ray Hits: 2 (Jade Kick and Stomp). Damage: 37%.

Hsu Hao

Gimme a Hug: Hsu Hao hugs his opponent and fires his laser at him while holding him/her. The enemy screams in pain until the laser go through him and pass by the other side of his body.

Kiss My Boot: Hsu Hao fires his laser in the opponent's stomach. As the opponent bows his body to the front to hold the wound, Hsu Hao kicks his head with an extreme force, ripping his/head off.

Animality - Paint Your Death: Hsu Hao turns into an octopus and glues himself in the opponent's head. Suddenly, black paint start coming out the enemy tries to rip Hsu Hao off, but he can't and then fall to the ground. Hsu Hao comes back to his human form, revealing a black-faced opponent's who is vomiting paint. His transformation smoke is black.

X-Ray - Fulfilled: Hsu Hao charges to his opponent (unblockable) and punches his stomach. His hand impales the opponent and he imediately breaks his/liver. Whith his hand still inside the opponent, steps away and powerbombs the opponent to the ground, breaking his/her skull. Damage: 39%. Hits: 4 (Charge, punch, liver break, powerbomb). X-Ray Hits: 2 (Liver break and powerbomb).


X Rays

Motaro - Kick of Power: Motaro kicks his opponent. The first hoove damages the ribs, lungs, heart, larynx and esophagus, the second, intestines, stomach, liver and kidneys. Would be one of the only two X-Rays to hit only once.

Moloch - Bowling Up: Moloch throws the opponent upwards and, as he/she falls upside down, he hits them with the iron ball breaking the skull, damaging the spine and innards. This is the second one-hit X-Ray.

Onaga - Dragon King Wing: Onaga will lift the opponet with a wind blast, then kick 'em up damaging skull and ribs. When the enemy comes falling again, Onaga crounches down, much like Nitara, stabbing the opponent with his wing bones, damaging the whole chest estructure.



I'm Tailing You: Motaro stabs the enemy torso with his tail, them rips the torso apart. Lastly, he charges a fireball into his tail blasting the torso.

Horse Charge: Motaro stomps the enemy with his hooves going through the chest.


No Mercy: Moloch punches the enemy head off upwards and when it comes back he crushes it with his ball.

Breathing You: Moloch uses his Breath move from deadly alliance, as he keep sucking the  enemy chest till it tears and he can "drink" his/her innards.


Flamming Corpse: Onaga holds the enemy and ignites him on fire, then he raise the burning corpse as a torch.

Dragon Jump Down: Onaga use his Jump move from MK:A causing the enemy to be launched skyward. Before he/she falls, Onaga fires a blast of flames exploding them.

That's it. Coment please.

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