• Goji73

    If MK2011 had Friendships

    September 19, 2011 by Goji73

    Here would be my take on what the cast of MK 2011 would do if they had Friendships instead of Babalities, some of these are homages to their past friendships just to give you all a heads up:

    • Scorpion = Shoots his spear at the opponent, but as he pulls the opponent back towards him, Scorpion gives him/her a hug.
    • Liu Kang = A disco ball descends from the ceiling and Liu Kand starts dancing. (akin to his MKII Friendship)
    • Kung Lao = Drops his hat on the ground and does a mexican dance around it while shaking maracas.
    • Sub-Zero = Steps aside and creates a snowman with his ice for the viewer to see. (slight akin to his MK3 Friendship)
    • Sindel = Whips her hair back and forth.
    • Ermac = Levitates himself and starts rocking back and forth.
    • Reptile = With his …
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