GunBlazer - All toasters, toast toast.:
Talk - 01:48 PM
I have received a message from Cryomancer7, which states that some of the moderators and an admin have Cross-Chat trolled them at Mortal Kombat Inferno, our spanish counterpart. The users mentioned are:

According to Cryomancer7, These came to their chat and started insulting users (very profanely).

I have also been reported that he has made a blog (in Spanish) here explaining the problem, but that it was suspiciously deleted. Thing is, the blog has been recreated, and mentions Bya as the deleter. It also says that Ermacpunk banned them (Cryomancer7 and a friend: Sk0rpi0n) from our chat when they came to denounce them.

I must question why would you guys do that? It makes it seem that the last time, you actually made it. On purpose. If I ever find out any of the already mentioned, and/or any other, are actually involved, there will be Hell to pay.

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