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These are the kontestants (and their kreators), listed in no particular order:

  1. Takiro (Kuro Selas)
  2. Hõrõ Musuko (Kuro Selas)
  3. Morpheus (Bogdan stretePS3)
  4. Barnabas (Bogdan stretePS3)
  5. El Ser De La Muerte (Kabalfan620)
  6. Sachel (ShadowsTwilight)
  7. Royce (Riley Heligo)
  8. Malice (Tremorfan94)
  9. Scorpia, The Last of the Shirai Ryu (ElectricMayhem, formerly Ladybug68)
  10. Solar (MarioStrikerz)
  11. Torke (Registered contributor)
  12. Frostbite (Zombiedeath)
  13. Nighthawk (Incub7)

Takiro (Kuro Selas)

Takiro - Cópia (574x800)
General Information
Status Avenger
Origin Earthrealm
Resides Earthrealm
Species Human
In Mortal Kombat
Affiliations Shirai Ryu
Allies Scorpion
Enemies Lin Kuei
Quan Chi
Weapons Spear
Fighting Styles Ninjutsu
Pi Gua
Alignment Neutral
Portrayers Sin Kurogami
The Shirai Ryu will be avenged!


—-Takiro talking to Quan Chi


Part 1 - Takeda's descendant

The son of Takeda, founder of the Shirai Ryu, Takiro was a natural born fighter who wished to follow his father's footsteps and become a great warrior.

At the age of 8 Takiro began his training to join the clan where he met another extremely gifted warrior, Hanzo Hasashi. They trained together for years, under the watchful eyes of their great master, the legendary Shin Sasori, a man known for his great control over the deadly spear and that was feared by all.

At the age of 16 Takiro was already well known among his clan, he and Hanzo would carry any assignment with brilliance and soon they were known as the Scorpions of the Shirai Ryu, but something was about to happen that would change Takiro's life forever.

In the day that Takiro turned 18 his father decided to host a dinner for all the members of the clan, his only son was now an adult and he would soon became the next leader of the clan.

"We are all here reunited to celebrate the anniversary of my son, Takiro, whose life is destined for greatness and who's future shall forever be linked to this clan, as he was born among you and he will one day wear this white colors as symbol of his strength and devotion to the Shirai Ryu." - said Takeda as he rose his cup for a toast.

"May he live long years as I lived and may his hands lead the Shirai Ryu to greatness!"

The clan performed a toast but as soon as Takeda drank the last drop from his cup he fell to the ground rolling and foaming at the mouth. Takiro grabbed his father and called for help, but it was too late.

The Shirai Ryu held a funeral for their founder and the clan was left without a leader...

Takiro was yet to young to rule over the Shirai Ryu as the ninjas could not see him as a true authority, so the elders would rule the clan as he matured, and his master Shin Sasori as the leader of the council, would make sure that his student would one day be accepted by all as the leader of the clan.

Under Shin Sasori's hand the Shirai Ryu began to grow even faster, Sasori was very intelligent and the reason he had not taken over the clan was that he respected Takeda and saw him as a brother too him.

Takiro was Sasori's right arm and Hanzo was the next in the chain of command. But the growth of the Shirai Ryu would not go unnoticed, their eternal rivals, the Lin Kuei, were watching every move they made as they waited for their chance to destroy the Shirai Ryu.

Ten years passed and Hanzo was now married to the beautiful Kana and he had a son named Jubei.

Takiro, now 28 years-old, was recognized by all as the strongest member of the clan, and was known by all as Shiro Sasori, the White Scorpion. He would now become the new leader of the Shirai Ryu as his former master was stepping down from the leadership.

A great ceremony was held in which Takiro finnaly became the leader of the Shiray Ryu. As his first official act he appointed Hanzo as his right arm, his general. Hanzo was known as the Yellow Scorpion, and he was much respected among the clan so no one lift a doubt when he was granted such an honor.

Part 2 - The Shirai Ryu massacre

A month later the Shiray Ryu received a request from the Shogun for an escort, and as the duty required a skillful warrior, Takiro appointed Hanzo for the job.

"Lately there have been a lot of attacks to our posts Takiro I fear that the Lin Kuei may be getting closer to our village."

"Hanzo, do not worry, I will protect them while you are away. Do not forget that Kana and Jubei are my family too. You are my brother and I will not let anything happen to them."

Hanzo left with uncertainty in his heart but he trusted Takiro with his life.

Little did Takiro and Hanzo knew that the evil sorcerer Quan Chi had ordered the Lin Kuei to destroy their clan and as night came the Lin Kuei soldiers invaded the Shirai Ryu village.

Takiro fought as much as he could bringing down several Lin Kuei's warriors as he made his way to Hanzo's house, his spear ripped the hearts of their bodies and one by one they were falling at the hands of this legendary warrior.

On his way to the house he saw his former master, Shin Sasori, lying on the ground with his body frozen and his chest ripped open.

"Bi-Han!” - Takiro said just before he started rushing to the house but when he got there he was faced with a terrible sight.

Strangely Bi-Han had not reached the house but Kana and Jubei laid dead on the floor, their bodies had severe sword cuts and in front of them to stood a man with white skin and a body covered in tattoos holding a broadsword.

Takiro was filled with hatred and he lunged at the man making him fall through the fusuma into the other room.

"Takiro...the leader of the Shirai Ryu, it's an honor to be the one to kill you, my name is Quan a sorcerer…"

"Save your words for Emma, as the only thing you'll get from me his death!" - said Takiro just before Quan could finish his sentence initiating a fight between them.

Their fight was epic, Quan was able to avoid the deadly spear from ripping his heart out but he was severely wounded as his sorcery abilities were outmatched by the amazing speed and athleticism from Takiro.

After a long time fighting Quan was at the mercy of Takiro, who was bleeding from his head something that was disturbing his eyesight.

"This is the end sorcerer!" - said Takiro as he rose his sword in the air preparing to strike down the wounded Quan but before he could finish him someone attacked him from behind. A Shirai Ryu corpse cut Takiro from behind and saved the murderer of Hanzo’s family from certain death.

Takiro fell to the ground and was only have to watch as the murderer left the house.

When Hanzo arrived he found his village on fire, some of his comrades still fought the Lin Kuei but he could only think about his wife and child.

Hanzo ran to his house as fast as he could and taking down a number of Lin Kuei on his way with fast swift moves but as he arrived he saw what he had feared since he left for the mission, his wife and child had been murdered and his best friend Takiro had fell while protecting them.

Enraged Hanzo decided to head for the battlefield so he could avenge his family but before he could do it he was struck from behind. A broadsword pierced his chest and perforated his heart, Hanzo fell bleeding and before he could catch a glimpse of his killer his soul faded away.

Part 3 - Reborn in darkness

A week later Takiro woke up in a unfamiliar place, his body felt heavy and every move he made caused him a great deal of pain. “You shouldn’t move.” – said an old man who had just entered the room. – “Those wounds are still fresh and you don’t won’t to tear those stitches apart do you?”

Takiro laid down and turned his head so he could see the old man. The face of this man was familiar to him, he was a trader that used to visit the Shirai Ryu mostly asking for protection for his subordinates in their trips, he was a long time client and one of the few he knew the exact location of their home, as he was an old friend of Shin Sasori.

“My clan?” – Takiro asked, hoping that he could hear news about the other survivors but the old man shook his head letting Takiro know that they had all died.

“You were the only one I found alive. The others were killed and most of the houses were burnt.”

Takiro clutched his fist so hard that he started bleeding, he had failed them, he had let his clan die and everyone he ever knew and cared about was now dead.

Time passed and Takiro’s wounds healed and he and the old man became friends, the old man had no sons and his wife had died many years ago, so he was very lonely and he enjoyed Takiro’s company.

But Takiro could not forget the pain he felt. The Lin Kuei and Quan had robbed him of everything he held dear and they would pay.

One day as he walked around town he heard a man talking about Lin Kuei assassins that had been seen close to the village of Akako, a village know for the ninja clan Shiro, one of the clans that was created after his father’s teachings began to spread.

Saying good bye to the old man, Takiro headed for Akako and as he roamed in the forest he encountered those who were the target of his hate. Fifteen Lin Kuei warriors were getting ready to attack the village but before the leader of their group could give the order to attack a spear came out of his mouth and was quicly pulled back ripping his head off. Takiro had just declared war on those Lin Kuei…

One after another the Lin Kuei fell at his feet and his white uniform, the symbol of the leadership of the Shirai Ryu was soaked in blood. He walked towards the direction of the last remaining Lin Kuei warrior who had his leg ripped off by Takiro’s spear. “Where is Quan?” – Takiro asked

  • cough blood* “An alive member of the Shirai Ryu…how disgraceful it would be to die at your hands…” – said the warrior just before he bit his tongue and died.

Enraged, Takiro kicked the corpse away into a tree and he almost hit a strange figure walking towards him. This figure was no other than Scorpion, who out of nowhere sent his spear towards Takiro who was barely able to avoid it.

“Hanzo?!” – said Takiro just before Hanzo kicked him the face making him hit the try behind him.

Takiro tried to get up but before he could do it Scorpion stepped on his chest making him cough blood and roll in pain.

“Hanzo…why are you doing this?” – Takiro asked in pain.

“You dare to use the symbol of our clan? You will pay with your impostor”

Scorpion was about to stab Takiro but before he could pierce his back, Takiro stopped his sword with his bare hand.

“Don’t you recognize your own brother Hanzo?” – said Takiro as he took off his mask.

“Takiro?” –said Scorpion as he took a step back as he couldn't believe that his old friend stood before him.– “But …you died…our clan…my family…”

“I was saved by an old man…but I could not save them…the Lin Kuei and that treacherous sorcerer defeated me and left me to die…”

“Bi-Han is no more and the Lin Kuei are weak now but I do not know the sorcerer you speak of…”

“He was a man with skin white as snow and tattoos covering his body, named Quan”

“Quan Chi? It can’t be…”

“You know him?”

“Yes…he was the one who brought me back to life…he told me Bi-Han had killed my family…”

“He was …”

Before Takiro could finish a familiar voice interrupted him.

“What a touching moment…So you’re still alive…this is unexpected.”

“You will die sorcerer!” – screamed Takiro just before he and Scorpion began to run towards Quan Chi but before they could hit him the sorcerer opened a portal and they fell through and oments later they reappeared in Edenia completely alone.

“Where are we?” –asked Takiro

“I do not know…” - answered Scorpion

“Welcome Shirai Ryu…Welcome to a Mortal Kombat like you’ve never seen before!

Part 4 - Lost in Edenia

To be continued in Mortal Kombat II (2013)

Combat Characteristics

Takiro trained under master Shin Sasori with Hanzo and together they learned the arts of the spear and the way of the deadly scorpion. Unlike Hanzo, Takiro likes to use poison in his spear, although this poses a danger to himself as he can cut himself while handling the spear, the poison his more effective as even a small wound can mean death to the enemy.

Takiro also possesses some telekinesis powers and he's a very athletic warrior with great physical strength.

Special Moves

  • Scorping Sting: Takiro throws a poisoned kunai connected to an iron change that pierces the enemy and brings him closer. While the enemy his stunned Takiro gets a free hit.
  • Body Flicker: A fast movement techinique where Takiro seems to disappear and reappear behind his opponent and with a kunai he slashes the opponent.
    • The enhanced version of this move his called Moonlight Stab. Takiro disappears and reappers behind his opponent and stabs him multiple times on his back.
    • Spear Shield: Takiro spins his kunai like a fan shielding himself from attacks coming towards him.
    • The enhanced version of this move his called Scorpion's Armor and it shoots poison at his opponent while defensing himself from incoming attacks.
  • Telekinetic Push: Takiro uses telekinesis to push his opponent back.
    • The enhanced version of this move his called Telekinetic Spear Slam, in which Takiro pushes his opponent away and spear them in the air making them hit the ground with brute force.

X-Ray Move

  • No comments: Takiro throws his spear into his opponent's mouth an pulls them close to him and as they arrive he does an uppercut breaking their jaw and then a strong kick to the chest breaking their ribs.


  • Slashed: Takiro throws his spear and pulls his opponent and as the opponent arrives he cuts him in half with his katana and kicks the body back while pushing the spear, this makes the body fall back divided in half while the head is still in the spear, which Takiro rises in the air declaring his victory.
  • A warm heart: Takiro lits his spear on fire and aims for the chest of his opponent. The fiery spear rips the heart from the rib cage and the heart his fried on the spear.
  • A little spin: Takiro uses telekinesis to make his opponent spin so fast that his limbs and head are ripped from his body.


  • Poison Free: Takiro takes his Katana and cuts one of his opponents legs, in suffering the opponent tries to get away but Takiro stabs him in the head killing him. After that he takes a bottle of juice from his vest that says "No poison added, 100% juice."


  • Takiro offers a Shirai Ryu vest to his opponent in a classic telemarketing way.


  • Takiro starts playing with a spear made of wood and tied to a rope and as he tries to throw it it bounces back and hits him in the head making him cry.


  • Takiro turns into a white scorpion and stings his opponents chest, this makes the opponent become purple because of the poison and his body begins to swell until the opponent explodes.

Character Relations

  • Best friend of Scorpion and close to his son Jubei and his wife Kana
  • Enemy of the Lin Kuei as they destroyed his clan
  • Enemy of Quan Chi as he killed Kana and Jubei
  • As a crush on Jade
  • The leader of the Shirai Ryu


"Save your words for Emma!" - to Quan Chi

"You will not leave this room alive!" - Takiro talking to Sektor

"Shinnok? What does a fallen god want with me?" - Takiro to Shinnok

"I am delighted to make your aquaintance." - Takiro as he meets the ressurected Jade


  • Shirai Ryu Village: The former peaceful village of the Shirai Ryu is now a graveyard for those who suffured at the hands of Quan Chi and the Lin Kuei. The corpses do not rest and they will not hesitate to share their grave if you lose the match.
  • Room of Apocalipse: Soon after Takiro and Scorpion get to Edenia they encounter a lost temple filled with traps, the engravement of the temple suggests that the one who wields the Stone of Onikami shall bring back the dead. They do not hesitate to step into this treachrous place, but what awaits them, you may only imagine. Floors filled with traps and a gigantic reptile are there to meet the loser. Enter at your own risk...


  • Takiro's favourite color is red and his favourite food is Ramen.
  • Takiro's least favourite color is blue, mainly because of the Lin Kuei.
  • "King Emma will watch over you!" and "Save your words to Emma, I will only grant you death!" are two of his favourite sentences.
  • Takiro plays the Shamisen, an old traditional music instrument.
  • Takiro only drinks tea from closed glass bottles, just to guarantee that he is not poisoned.


Hõrõ Musuko (Kuro Selas)

General Information
Status God of Elements
Origin Earthrealm
Resides Earthrealm
Species Human(preivously)
In Mortal Kombat
Affiliations Elemental Gods
Allies Raiden
Enemies Shinnok
Quan Chi
Weapons Destruição Divina(staff powered by the anger of the gods)
Fighting Styles Shaolin Fist
Alignment Neutral
Portrayers Sin Kurogami
The amulet will return and you will die!


—-Musuko to Shinnok


Part 1: The Temple of Elements

In the beginning of times, long ago Mortal Kombat ever came to be, there was an Elder God whose greed was only matched by his formidable knowledge of magic. Shinnok wanted Earthrealm for himself but his fellow Elder Gods would not permit that, so the Elder God devised a plan that would permit him to enter the realm without warning the Elder Gods. The Elder God created a powerful amulet that weakened the dimensional barriers and granted him access to Earthrealm, but unlike he had expected the elemental gods of Earthrealm sensed the weakness of Earthrealm’s barrier and turned against Shinnok.

During the war against the Earthrealm gods, he came into direct conflict with the thunder god Raiden, who during the final stages of this war was forced to choose between sacrificing Earth's indigenous races, or ceding the rule of Earthrealm to Shinnok. The Elder gods intervened, and assisted Raiden in his struggle. Raiden defeated Shinnok, and stripped him of his amulet and his status as an Elder God. Shinnok was then banished to the deepest regions of the Netherrealm. However, at the expense of Shinnok's defeat, the dimensional fibers of the worlds were severely weakened, and the Saurians, Earth's indigenous life form at the time, were nearly exterminated. {C Affraid that the item could once again be used to wage war against Earth, Raiden decided to lock it in a Temple in the highest mountain of Earthrealm and he designated his fellow elemental gods as the guardians of the amulet. {C For ages the amulet remained mostly unknown and hidden deep within the temple and the Gods that resided were not troubled, as most visitors were killed by the numerous traps, until one day a Lin Kuei warrior named Bi-Han entered the temple and made his way to the amulet, killed Ohona, Hinoka and Kumari and took the amulet to Quan Chi.

Part 2 - The wondering son

Two years after the defeat of the gods a monk wondered in the mountains searching for enlightnment when he found the temple. {C Feeling drown into the temple by a strange force, the monk made his way inside. {C In there he found something he could never dream of, three tombs stood in front of him and each one of them had an elemental symbol encraved in it. {C The monk was amazed by such a place, but he did not expect what was about to happen.

Kumari, Ohona and Hinoka souls rose from their tombs and spoke to the monk.

"Welcome young one, we are the elemental gods. Long ago have we been stripped from our bodies and our souls have been imprisoned in this temple, our brother's left us here as they were unable to do anything, and no living being as seen this temple since it disappeared. You young one are the first to see us and although I sense uncertainty within you, I know that your heart is strong. Tell me, what's your name?"

The monk was amazed by what he was hearing from the gods and he could not believe his eyes.

"I do not have a name my Lords, I am nothing but a simple monk from the monastery of the west that has come in a search from enlightenment."

"Then we shall call you Hõrõ Musuko, the wandering son, you will be our enforcer in this world. If we were to be reborn in our bodies we would be nothing but a shadow of our former selves, our spirits would be guided by revenge and we would follow a dark path. Let us be united within you and you shall become one with us. Do you acept Musuko?"

"I am your follower, be as you wish, I will be your hands and your eyes, and together we shall bring light to this world. I shall become your son, the wandering son that searchs for his place in heavens and that will have his destiny forever connected to yours."

"Very well."

The gods essence was reunited into one single orb that flew towards Musuko. {C As Musuko received the essence of the gods he could see the worl in a new prespective. He felt stronger and faster and there was a never lasting vitality within him.

"You shall get the amulet of Shinnok back. The item is very important and in the wrong hands it can be a very dangerous amulet that can bring destruction to all things." - The voice echoed within Musuko's head.

Part 3 - Kenshi

Two months after starting his quest for the amulet Musuko came across a blind swordsman that was training to perfect his skills. Although he could not see Musuko the swordsman felt his presence. "Your spirit...the energy that dwells within you is stronger that I anything I ever sensed before." "So you can sense my energy...I never thought I human could do that."

"I am guided by my ancestors, I was once blinded by greed but now I am able to see so much more than I ever could."

"I see...yet I can still feel the anger within you and the loneliness you feel...beware that the path of loneliness will lead to nothing but suffering..." As Musuko started walking Kenshi spoke to him once more.

"I am not the only one that follows that path...and my hatred in nothing compared to your despair..."

Musuko kept walking as he thought about the words of the swordsman. After a night spent in the inn in the nearby town Musuko resumed his trip but he encountered an event that he did not expect. In the road was Kenshi battling two foes at a time, those foes were none other than Kung Lao and Kitana, who had been resurrected by Quan Chi and were attacking all the threats from Earthrealm, and that included the blind swordsman Kenshi. Musuko rushed to Kenshi's rescue and before Kung Lao could see him, Musuko lit his fist on fire and punched him back.

"Well this fight has finally become fair..." - said Kenshi who was fiercely battling Kitana.

Kung Lao threw his hat at Musuko but before the hat could hit him, Musuko created an earth shield that blocked the attack and disappeared into a puddle reappearing behind Kung Lao with an fire uppercut that sent the shaolin monk flying. {C In the meantime Kenshi was fighting against Kitana, the swordsman was fighting with all his might but he had been wounded previously and if the fight was to carry on for too long he would lose against this immortal enemy. {C With Kung Lao out of the way Musuko went to help Kenshi, he did a flying kick towards Kitana sending her back and as Kitana and Kung Lao tried to get back on their feet, Musuko combined water and fire creating a massive amount of vapor that he used to escape with the wounded Kenshi. {C Hidden in the forest nearby he asked the swordsman what had just happened.

"Kitana and Kung Lao were ressurected by Quan Chi, a sorcerer that is helping Shinnok."


That name caught the attention of Musuko, so Shinnok was once again trying to take control over Earthrealm...something that would probably mean that he has the amulet once more... With that in mind Musuko decided to find the sorcerer as it would probably lead to the amulet but as he was about to leave Kenshi spoke to him.

"You mind if I join you?" - Kenshi was wounded but he still managed to get enough strength to get up.

"You should are in no condition to follow me right now..."

"You saved my life...besides I'm sure that we'll be heading in the same direction...I heard Kung Lao and Kitana talking about Edenia, it seems that Quan Chi somehow managed to cease control of the realm and he's trying to use it to get into Earthrealm, and I can't allow that...I will defend Earthrealm with everything I've got."

Seeing the determination in the words of Kenshi, Musuko decided to walk alongside the blind swordsman. They will head for Edenia and they will hunt Quan Chi and Shinnok...

To be continued in Mortal Kombat II (2013)

Combat Characteristics

As a member of the Shaolin Temple, Musuko is a very skilled warrior.

He is a master of the Shaolin Fist and the Drunken Master style of martial arts.

After absorving the souls of the gods, Musuko became much stronger and gained the ability to control Water, Rock and Fire.

Special Moves

  • Hot Hands: Musuko lits his hand on fire and punches the opponent in the face burning him.
    • Piri - Piri Hot: An enhanced version of Hot Hands, Musuko turns both his hands on fire and smashes the opponents head between his fists burning him.
  • Rock Shield: Musuko creates a shield of rock that blocks incoming attacks.
    • Solid Rock: An enhanced version of Rock Shield, Musuko turns his body into rock and becomes much stronger agains any type of attack but he also becomes slower.
  • Puddle travelling: Musuko sinks into a puddle and reappers behind his opponent with an uppercut.
    • Hot Puddles: The enhanced version of Puddle Travelling, instead of using water Musuko uses lava to sink and he reappers behind his opponent covered by lava and doing an uppercut.
  • Lava ball: Musuko mixes fire and earth to create a Lava ball which he throws at his opponent.
    • Volcano: An enhanced version of the lava ball, Musuko makes lava erupt on his opponent's location.

X-Ray Move

Gods Strike Hard: Musuko does a fire breath that burns his opponents face and then as the opponent holds his face in aggony Musuko turns his hands into rock and punches them in the groin.


  • Football: Musuko uses his powers over earth to open a hole under his opponent making him sink and only leaving the head out, then he turns his feet into solid rock and kicks his opponents head off.
  • Vesuvius: Musuko makes lava erupt behind his opponent and pushes him into it making him crawl as the lava burns his body.


Eye Lift: Musuko sticks his staff into his opponents eye and then rips his head off and holds it in the air like a trophy.


Musuko creates a small volcano but nothing comes out of it and when he goes to check a jet of water hits him in the face and makes him fall back and burst into tears.


  • Musuko turns into an eagle and flies towards his opponents and then starts to beak his face off until there's nothing but the skull.

Character Relations

  • Friend of Raiden and Fujin
  • Rescued Kenshi, who became his partner
  • Hates Bi-Han, Quan Chi and Shinnok



  • Musuko's favourite color is black and his favourite food his lasagne
  • Musuko's parents died when he was young and no one knew his name, so he was just called Kid by all of the monks.


Morpheus (Bogdan stretePS3)

General Information
Gender Male
Status Undead
Origin European
Resides Hell
Species Undead
In Mortal Kombat
Weapons Scythe
Alignment Neutral
Portrayers Bogdan stretePS3
You will think about your sins...IN HELL!


—Morpheus' Battle Cry


Morpheus is the conception of a human woman, whose life was tormented, making her killing herself. Morpheus was "borned" as a fetus and growing inside the darkest corner of hell, Coccitus, where Lucifer was ruling. Wandering the Netherrealm, Morpheus learned the secrets of the homeworld he was living in. Over the age, he learned the brimstone spell in order to defeat Lucifer's army and Lucifer himself. After a fierce fight with the Lord of Hell, he was finally defeated and killed. Morpheus became the Heir of the Sins. After his victory, Quan Chi, an evil sorcerer challenged Morpheus to a fight, resulting in Morpheus' defeat. He survived the attack he attended, but he was forever banished in to the realm of mortals, Earthrealm. Raiden, God of Thunder, was looking for brave warriors to join him in his fight against the forces of Outworld. Raiden founds Morpheus, who is full of hatred to Quan Chi. Morpheus accepted Raiden's offer, and joined his forces.


Morpheus utilizes his learned brimstone spells in combination with a spell he created which is a spike morphing.

Special Moves

  • Spike Grounding: Morpheus is sending 3 spikes at his opponent. The power has a Far, Medium and Close function.
  • Advanced form is called Spike Menace. Spikes are all across the the gorund, doing even more damage.
  • Flaming Star: Morpheus ingages himself on fire from the star from his chest.
  • Advanced form is called Demons Inside and Morpheus is releasing a blast of flame burning the opponent from distance and doing a higher damage.
  • Spirit Across: Morpheus is charging at his opponent while leaving a trail of red aura behind.
  • Advanced form is called Demon Across. Morpheus charges at his opponent while sending a big spile at his opponent.
  • Fury of Demons: Morpheus punches through the ground making in front of him a shield made out of spikes, useful as a counter attack.
    • Advanced form is called Rage of the Demons, the spikes are larger and are engaged on red aura dealing more damage.
  • X-Ray Move- Menace Spike - Morpheus is punching his opponent in his stomach making spikes to grow inside the opponent, breaking his torso. Then he grabs the grown spike slicing and breaking his torso and skull even more.


  • Nothing But Flames: Morpheus walks towards the opponent while vanishing into a flame. The opponent is starting to bleed from his mouth, scream in agony, and then exploding leaving a mass of blood and spilled organs and Morpheus charging with the soul of the opponent.
  • Star Redemption: Morpheus is charging himself, making the pentagram on his chest to open revealing a red aura with the screams of fallen souls. The opponent is absored in his chest, while blood and gore comes out of Morpheus, making the soul of the fallen to scream in agony.

Other Finishers

  • Babality: Morpheus starts to play with his scythe, making it spinning like a helicopter. But the handle catches one of his bandages a glides Morpheus in the air, making him fall on his posterior and starts crying.


  • Mortal Kombat (2011): After defeating the Emperor of Outworld, in the tournament, Morpheus wasn't satisfied because he wasn't able to find Quan Chi. But with the help of the hell specter Scorpion and the Thunder God, Raiden, he managed to locate his nemesis. Fusing all his spells into one, he annihilated Quan Chi, leaving nothing of him. As a thanks, Morpheus promised to Raiden that no stranger from Netherrealm will step on the land of mortals, never....


Coccitus: A frozen lake with the pentagram in the center. There, Lucifer once ruled the existence the Netherealm, but with him killed, Morpheus took the role of the Prince of Hell and the title of Heir of the Sins.

Stage Fatality: Morpheus throws the opponent in the center of the frozen lake. There, the pentagram is engaged in red aura and makes the opponent to burn to death. The sacrifice has been done.


  • The reason why Morpheus is wearing bandages around his head is to cover his deformed face, leaving only his eye visible.
  • Morpheus is the only ruler of the Netherrealm that he isn't interested to conquer all the other realms, but to protect the realm he loves, Earthrealm.
  • Morpheus is fluent in the Latin language rather than the English language.
  • His favorite activity during the free time is meditating, making him to recharge his powers and making him more concentrate.


  • "You will think of your sins...IN HELL!" - Battle Cry
  • "You will end like the others...dead and tormented" - Last words before Quan Chi's death
  • "Thunder God...I swear, that no stranger of my realm will ever step yours." - Morpheus promising to Raiden

Character Relationships

  • Borned in Lucifer's domain
  • Fought Lucifer and claimed his throne.
  • Defeated and banished to Earthrealm by Quan Chi
  • Allied with Raiden to fight against the Forces of Evil
  • Reclaimed his powers with the help of Scorpion
  • Fought and killed Shao Kahn
  • With the help of Scorpion and Raiden, he located Quan Chi
  • Mutilated Quan Chi
  • Promised Raiden that no foreign starnger will step on Earthrealm

Barnabas (Bogdan stretePS3)

I will see you down there!


—Barnabas' battle cry.

General Information
Real Name Barnabas von Strauss
Gender Male
Status Alive
Origin Earthrealm (born in Germany)
Resides Earthrealm
Species Corrupted Human being (with powers granted from the Elder Gods)
In Mortal Kombat
Affiliations ex Black Dragon member
Allies Raiden
Enemies Quan Chi, Kano
Weapons Two chained spiked mauls
Fighting Styles Russian Sambo
Alignment Good, formerly Evil


Born in Auschwitz, Germany, Barnabas was one of the members of the Black Dragon clan to be abducted from an early age. Even still a novice, he becomed a high-ranking member in the clan and of course a terror of the world along with his fellow mercenary partner Kano . Still dealing with people from Netherrealm and Outworld, he disagrees to work for the sorcerer Quan Chi. He had a feel that the demon sorcerer betrays the clan so Barnabas wanted to toke him down, but he didn't know that it will costs his life. Quan Chi nearly killed Barnabas but instead doing it, the sorcerer took the reblious member to the darkest pits of the Netherrealm to live the rest of his life in. Having a false feeling of safe that his fellow members will come to rescue him, he finally understood that the Black Dragon never rescues anybody. He lost all the hope, his sanity and of course nearly lost his life. After 13 years into this hell, the Thunder God Raiden heard his call for help, so he did released Barnabas. Barnabas was finally released, but the marks of his torment remains forever on his skin but also with new powers and super strenght, mind and hearth. He joined Raiden's forces to destroy Shao Kahn, but his only goals were to have Quan Chi's head haning by a chain and the Black Dragon destroyed.


Barnabas is more of a balanced person, hanging between massive and agile. Wearing a black hood along with a black bandana around his neck to cover his burned face, a bronze rusted armor aquired for becoming a high-ranking member along with a laser chest just like Kano's but hanged by four chains in the form of a X. Some bronze camouflaged leg armor also very rusted and some boots with spikes for escaping more easy.

Barnabas is hard to be described as a good person thought his aligience and appearence. He could be calm at rare times but the anger inside him is easy to find since being locked and tormented in the hell itself by the villanous sorcerer Quan Chi. Also feels very upset that the Black Dragon betrayed him in such way. Barnabas can be also described as an anti-hero.

Combat Characteristics

He might be considered a heavy type character due to his heavy mauls, but the fact is that he is really fast, exactly like a ninja warrior. He has dashing attacks and projectiles making him an offensive type. He has problems with the timing of his teleport since his powers were aquired during his torment but he always can require to the help of his speed.

Special Moves:

  • Spin-acer: Barnabas spins a single time both of his maces making the opponent to go across the screen
    • Spin-Hell: Barnabas spins really fast 5 times dealing alot damage.
  • Tank Rusher: Barnabas charges his maces through his opponent.
  • d

X-Ray Move:


Headache: Barnabas punches his opponent with the mauls leaving them into the ground. Then he charges his mauls making them glow red and smashes his opponents skull leaving only the remains of skull pieces and splaterred brain.

Hunger for Bodies: Barnabas charges one of his mauls making them glow red and impales it on his opponent's gut. Then souls comes out of the opponents mouth followed up by blood coming out of their mouth and eyes then exploding leaving the sould roam.

Other finishers:

Babality: Barnabas wants to lift his maces, but being so hard for him to lift, he lifts himself so high making him to fall on his butt and start crying.


Mortal Kombat (2011) Ending: "After Shao Kahn's brutal defeat, Barnabas, the atrocious living soul has his anger the same as he had during the course of his years of torment during killing all the members of the Black Dragon clan. His anger slowly was descreased until he finds Quan Chi. With so much anger, attacked the sorcerer crushing his bones and torning his flesh apart. The sorcerer begs for mercy, but the atrocious living soul has no mercy to his tormentor. As he promised, he hunged Quan Chi's head to a chain as a trophy. His revenge was acomplished.....


Netherrealm's Fifth Plane: The darkest place on the Netherrealm which habits the most treacherous and darkest souls. Here, this souls are tormented for the rest of their existence. It also tormented the human form of Barnabas. This pit includes a statue of a demonic skull which is used as a furnace for the most dangerous ones. And in the background, there are seen spiked pillars with skulls impaled on them coming out of the lava surrounding the pit.


  • Barnabas comes out of the ground creating a hole in which red souls are coming out and smashing his mauls on the ground afterwards.
  • Barnabas smashes his mauls into the ground apparently creating a shockwave resulting the "fourth wall camera" to break and Barnabas evil smiling.

Character Relationships


  • Thought he looks so deformed and burned to the bones, Barnabas is still alive.
  • Some of his attacks are derived from the combat style that the russian army Spetsnaz are using also his special attacks are called after the German terms from the WW2.
  • Barnabas is one of the two characters to be betrayed by a faction or a person, in his case betrayed by Quan Chi and Black Dragon. The other one is Kitana who was betrayed by her step-father Shao Kahn.
  • The concept of Barnabas was that no other Black Dragon (aside from Kano) was in the new Mortal Kombat game.

El Ser De La Muerte (Kabalfan620)

El Ser De La Muerte
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Height 7"6"
Weight 368lbs
Resides Earthrealm
Origin Helghan
Species Helghast
Allies Freddy Krueger, Kabal, Quan Chi, Kano
Enemies Stryker, Raiden, Sonya, Jax
Weapons Syringe gloves, Kukris, RPD
Fighting Styles Systema
Creator Kabalfan620
"I love hearing the screams of the innocent"


—Muerte first encountering Kabal after massacaring civillians


El Ser De La Muerte (Spanish for "The Being of Death") was created on the planet Helghan long ago, even though he is a member of the Helghast race, he is actually a super soldier project meant to produce the most evil being the world had ever known. It succeeded, although he ended up killing everyone on the planet and escaping to earth during the 1600s. it was there that his bloodlust needed to be satisfied so he started killing people with great valor and the gloves he acquired, it was during this rampage that he was approached by Ivan the Terrible and promised a job in his death squads, Muerte accepted the offer and served as an efficient soldier until the day Ivan died. since then he served under some of the most brutal dictators in the world including Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Agusto Pinochet, Rafael Trujillo, (which is where he got his name from Trujillo himself), Robert Mugabe, Charles Taylor, Ferdinand Marcos, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Mobutu Sese Seko, Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier, Omar Hassan Al Bashir, and, Francisco Franco. One by one he watched his masters regimes fall but at the same time he enjoyed every single minute in murdering and torturing innocent people seeing them more as disposable income then worthy lives, ending up adopting Pol Pot's famous saying "To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss" which he consistently quotes to other people when asked about his actions. After all the empires he served under collapsed, Muerte didn't have anywhere else to turn to too satisfy his killing needs until Quan Chi appeared in front of him and offered him a job as his personal soul collecter, Muerte as always agreed to this. The next few years Muerte spent killing various people and collecting their souls for Quan Chi and he was also getting his wish of needing to constantly kill, one day he massacred an entire Black Dragon outpost as part of a soul run, after he killed them, Kano suddenly appeared and asked him if he would like to be a member to which Muerte responded "I'm already getting my killing done by someone else, but if you got someone you need dead just let me know" and the two became allies. one day Muerte went to go on a soul run and noticed noone was there, when he was about to give up, Freddy Krueger appeared and started fighting him but Muerte beat him, Freddy then explained that ever since Murte started massacaring people their wasn't anyone else left for him that he could kill, so Muerte worked out an agreement, he and Freddy kill people together and whatever they encountered, Freddy could kill half the people and take half the souls, they both agreed and soon became allies. when Earthrealm was getting invaded, this was the perfect chance for Muerte to satisfy his killing needs however he got a call from Kano telling him he needed his help, Muerte ignored this and went back to killing, when Kabal managed to escape Outworld he saw Muerte finishing his genocide, angered by this he challenged him to a duel and won, a defeated Muerte was about to be killed by Kabal when he stopped him and covinced him that he would be better off killing people than trying to fight a war he was going to lose, Kabal actually took his advice and joined him, just then Stryker appeared and was horrified that his former partner was turning back to his evil roots, Muerte tried convincing Stryker to join but it failed and they fought, with Muerte winning, he was then about to kill Stryker, but considered him too worthy of an opponent to kill, he let Stryker go and resumed his killing with Kabal at his side. Once they stopped killing they encountered Sonya and Jax who where trying to stop them, along with Stryker, Freddy then appeared beside them and fought them on a three on three battle with Muerte and his group winning. Just as he was about to move in to kill Sonya and Jax, Raiden appeared and teleported him to the rooftops, Raiden was telling him to stop his genocidal madness but Muerte refused and they fought with Raiden winning, Raiden was then about to kill Muerte when Muerte stabbed Raiden with one of his Kukris he then got up and said to Raiden "Funny, for a god you're pretty mortal" and stabbed his glove through Raiden's eye killing the thunder god once and for all. Liu Kang then retreated everyone to Outworld and Shao Kahn took over Earthrealm and appointed Muerte as his personal murderer, Muerte agreed happily to this.


El Ser De La Muerte is certainly an intimidating person, standing at 7"6" he towered over everyone he encountered. He wore a Tactician's uniform he stole from one of his Helghast creators, later he wore his death squad uniform he wore when he worked for Ivan the Terrible over his regular uniform, and later wore a special uniform addorned with medals that Idi Amin gave him over his other uniforms.

El Ser De La Muerte had a unique feature about him in that his blood was specially crafted to be a unique toxin, when injected the toxin's effects would vary from person to person ranging from profuse bleeding to heart failure. However the side effect is is that Muerte's blood dosen't reproduce inside of him, he has to physically inject more blood in his system to get more blood he has to kill people but they only produce such a small amount that he would often have to kill 100 people just to have enough blood to survive, this also limited how much he could use his blood as a weapon, over time he later put various other toxins in his blood to make it more potent including snake venom, anthrax, and the SARS virus.

Personality: El Ser De La Muerte is the utter definition of psychopath, being created as a super-soldier he feels nothing for humanity or any of the pains he causes it. He's also a complete and utter sadist often taking in immense pleasure in the pain he caused his favorite methods of torture and execution included putting plastic bags over peoples heads and pulling out their teeth, but he also took pleasure in his own device called the Mr. Fleshcage (a human sized wicker frame that would skin people alive), pulling out their tendons and muscles with rusted fishing hooks, castrating them, and forcing entire families to cannabilize each other, as he worked for Quan Chi he created more methods including propping a person's limb on boards and breaking their bones with a hammer, and putting people in sub-zero temperatures then pulling off their fingers. He was also extremely charismatic and could convince anyone to join his cause

Special Moves

For his special moves El Ser De La Muerte used his gloves that were designed for him, his gloves have syringes in between the fingers that allows him to inject his blood into his victims. He also has two Kukris that are permanently coated with his blood and an RPD that's modified to shoot syringes filled with his blood.

  • Claw Strike: Muerte strikes his opponent twice with both claws
    • The Enhanced version is Pick your Poison: where he stabs the person with both claws injecting his blood and creating a random status ailment
  • Kukri Combo: Muerte performs a four hit combo with his Kukris
    • The Enhanced Version is called Nepal's Nightmare: which has him adding two more hits too his combo
  • RPD Shots: Muerte fires ten shots with his RPD
    • The Enhanced version is called Russia's so proud: where he fires 25 shots
  • Power hungry: Muerte draws some of his blood to make his attacks more powerful and loses ten percent of his health in the process
  • X-Ray- When You're Evil: Muerte performs a backslap that knocks the opponent on the floor, he then holds the opponent's head back and says "Come here, you bastard!" before he stabs his right glove through the opponent's throat, he then forces the opponent to stand up then gouges their eyes out with his thumb syringes, then rolls backward, sends the opponent airbone, and then throws his kukris into their spine, finally he takes out eight fishing hooks connected to strings, puts them in the opponent's mouth, steps on their neck, and pulls on the strings ripping off the top of the person's tongue and shattering their jaw then laughs maniacally.


Getting sick sucks: Muerte walks over to the opponent and says "Here's the disease" and stabs his gloves into his opponent and injects his blood, as soon as this happens the opponent gets massive sores that eat away at their skin spewing pus and causing them to violently vomit blood. Muerte then walks away from them pulls out his RPD and says "Here's the Cure" then shoots the person causing them to explode in a mass of blood and sinew.

I've always wanted a new suit: Muerte summons a Mr Fleshcage device, throws the opponent on it, and says "It's time for another work of art". He then pulls the lever slowly causing the skin to slowly pull back before he pulls it all the way back, covering the device in their skin and killing them.

Sachel (ShadowsTwilight)

I turned from the light once, never again.



General Information
Real Name Sachel
Origin Heaven
Resides Earthrealm
Species Angel
In Mortal Kombat
Allies Nightwolf, Raiden
Enemies Shinnok, Quan Chi
Weapons Tri-Bladed Katars
Fighting Styles Divine Judgement

Sachel (SAY-shul)is a servant of the Elder Gods who fell from grace during the rebellion of the fallen Elder God Shinnok.


Sachel was once a personal defender to the Elder Gods until Shinnok rebelled against his fellows. She defended her lieges well against the Fallen Elder God's forces, until his vile trickery turned her against those whom she had sworn to protect. The resulting conflict left her encased in crystal in complete suspended animation, keeping her body trapped but her mind free, leaving her trapped in her own mind. When Shinnok escaped his prison in the Netherrealm, Nightwolf convinced the Elder Gods that it was time to give Sachel a chance to redeem herself for her fall from grace so many years ago. She now fights alongside the champions of Earthrealm in order to achieve retribution for the fiend that had decieved her so long ago.


Sachel utilizes her Katars, mechanical wings, and power over light to great effect against her enemies

Special Moves

  • Halo: Sachel hurls a ring of light at her opponent.
  • Advanced form is called Crown of Thorns. Light-spikes are added to the ring. Does more damage.
  • Wings of an Angel: Sachel spins at high speeds, slicing her opponent with her wings
  • Advanced form is called Wrath of an Angel and infuses her wings with light, causing more damage.
  • Rebirth: Sachel grabs her opponent, flies them into the air, and then throws them down.
  • Advanced form is called Nirvana. Sachel lands on the opponents stomach after throwing them to the ground.
  • Bird of Prey: Sachel summons a dove and casts it on her opponent. Can be controlled with left analog stick.
  • Advanced form is called Birds of Prey. Three doves are summoned and they explode on impact.
  • X-Ray Move- Wrath of the Gods-Sachel spins, slicing the opponents skull and sternum with her wing and katar, respectively. She then finishes the spin with a hard jab to the shin, breaking the tibia.


  • Ascension: Sachel walks towards the opponent, light beginning to envelope her body. The opponent panics and tries to run, but Sachel grabs their neck and lifts them off the ground. They are both enveloped in light, and they both explode in a bright light. The light clears to reveal a mess of blood and gore, and Sachel materializes and lets out a small giggle.
  • Make it Snappy: Sachel infuses her katars with light and stabs them into her opponents. Stepping back a few feet and flashing a small grin, Sachel snaps her fingers, causing the katars to explode, completely destroying the opponents upper body. The legs stagger for a moment before falling down.

Other Finishers

  • Babality: A glimmer on her hand catches Sachel's attention. The glimmer suddenly glows brightly, hurting her eyes and causing her to cover them and cry.


  • Mortal Kombat: Retribution:Standing over Shinnok's body, Sachel felt a weight lift off her chest for the first time in a thousand years. Before she had a chance to savor her victory, a light appeared before her. As the light cleared, Sachel found herself back in Heaven, standing before the Elder Gods. They were pleased with her for her victory over Shinnok, and had forgiven her for her betrayal. They offered her her old post as protector of Heaven's Gates, which she accepted with teary eyes. Let those who seek to threaten Heaven beware: the Archangel is back where she belongs. Sachel has returned.

Character Relationships

  • Served the Elder Gods as there protector.
  • Fought Shinnok and his armies.
  • Corrupted by Shinnok to betray the Elder Gods.
  • Battled and was defeated by her unnamed mentor.
  • Freed from her imprisonment by Nightwolf.
  • Fought and defeated Noob Saibot and Scorpion.
  • Fought and defeated Jataaka and Kia.
  • Engaged Sareena, but the fight ended in a stalemate.
  • Joined the Forces of Light in the final battle against Shinnok.
  • Defeated and killed Shinnok.
  • Reinstated by the Elder Gods to her former position.


  • "I...I am free."
  • "It's been a long time since I've heard someone beg for mercy. I think I miss it."
  • "You know not whom you are dealing with."
  • "You are strong sorcerer, this is true, but you are still no match for the hand of GOD!"
  • "I've waited for a long time for this, Shinnok. You WILL die here tonight!"
  • "I feel...lighter"
  • "Thank you my friends. I don't know how I could ever repay you."
  • "It is good to be back...Master Gabriel"


Royce (Riley Heligo

General Information
Real Name Royce
Origin Edenia
Resides Earthrealm
Species Half-Human Half-Edenian
In Mortal Kombat
Affiliations Earthrealm

Lin Kuei (under Sub_Zero's leadership)

Allies Jade, Kitana, Sonya, Sub-Zero, Kabal, Smoke, Kenshi, Raiden
Enemies Shao Kahn, Red Dragon, Black Dragon, Goro, Kintaro, Kano, Sektor, Shang Tsung, Rain, Reiko
Weapons Arm Blade
Alignment Good (formely Neutral)
Portrayers Riley Heligo aka Brad :D
No Thunder God it's not my fight I will fight when I feel its time


—Royce to Raiden on declining his offer

For as long as Royce could remember the burning rage what seeded within him Shao Kanh had nearly destroyed Edenia his beloved home.Years before this had happend he was the childhood friends of the Edenian Princess Kitana and her closest friend Jade they would often spend as much time as they could together in which Royce had treated them as sisters however this was difficult as he harbored feelings for Jade, however he soon grew out of as he didnt want to complicate the friendship this however became even more complicated as the years grew and the fact Shao Kahn had overthrown Onaga the infamous Dragon King and the rumours of Kahn preparing to invade Edenia, which soon turned out to be more factual than a rumour. After surviving the first attack Kahn had brought on Edenia he was rescued by Raiden who offered a place to be a defender of Earth and gain revenge however Royce wanted none of it, it was not his fight. After discovering Raidens forces had defeated Shao Kahn he went to Earthrealm in order to become something in his life for a short while he was a mercenary, for the Black Dragon clan however after he was forced to kill an innocent mother and her month old child Royce realized his mistake. For several hundred years Royce became a lonesome wonderer doing nothing but stop criminals praying on the innocent, working with several groups and suffered many betrayals including the Lin Kuei when controlled by the Grandmaster, Royce was promised his friend Smoke having his humanity restored if Royce collected an ancient rellic of great importance, for several painful weeks Royce returned and showed the amulet in which the Grandmaster snatched it and ordered Smoke to execute Royce, he narrowly escaped thanks to the assistance of the traitor Sub-Zero, thankful Royce gave Sub Zero an item of great importance to the Lin Kuei an ancient blade crafted by the founder of the Lin Kuei clan in which Zero had happily accepted, they soon parted ways however Zero had a feeling they would fight as allies once again, Royce again continued to travel and soon began to help with the rebuilding of Earth from the first attack, this is until Royce had heard of Shao Kahns return to conquer Earth feeling like he should become apart of something Royce contacted Raiden who eagerly accepted Royce as a defender of Earth, this is where he met Jade for the first time in many years. Royce instantly fell in love with her as did her however he refused to even hint any of it because he may not survive Shao Kahns forces, but even after becoming a hero for holding of several of Baraka's forces and assisting in Shao Kahn's defeat he still did not want to tell Jade this was until the form of the Deadly Alliance.

Personality and abilities

Royce has a sharp and slow trusting personality this is partly due to the fact he has had many betrayals in his life however he holds someones trust close and is willing to die for his friends as long as they survive. Somewhat a lone wolf Royce prefers to fight alone or in small groups however despite his leadership skills he refuses to lead as he never wants anyones death to be pinned upon him despite this his arrogance and cockyness can get the better of him however this can even enrage the most powerful of warriors including Shao Kahn in which he had enraged the warlord enough to make many mistakes in combat. Royce's abilities include the powers of fire and ice while not as powerful as Sub Zero or Scorpion, Royce can still use them to great extent however his powerful talent is his ability to manipulate his arm into a blade style weapon.

Signature Moves

Freeze: Royce fires a jet of ice at his opponent

  • 'The enhanced attack is called Chill Out and his opponent is frozen slightly longer

Blade Strike: Royce attacks his opponent with his arm in quick haste

  • The enhanced form is Deathly Slash and Royce attacks his opponent faster and causes more damage however he becomes staggered after

Blade Slash: Royce slashes his opponent with his blade arm

  • The enhanced form his Bladed Slash and adds a devastating kick after his slash

Flaming Ice: Royce freezes his opponent and adds a quick jolt of fire

  • The enhanced form is known as Freezing Hell and causes more damage

Flaming Blade: Royce taunts his opponent while his bladed arm is covered with flames

  • The enhanced form is known as Burning Blade and adds minor health regeneration

Frozen Blade: Royce taunts his opponent while his arm is coated with ice if his opponents attacks he counters with his opponent freezing with a quick slash

  • The enhanced form is Zero Bladed and after his opponent is frozen he will add a kick after the slash

X-Ray Move: Bladed Hell: Royce quickly freezes his opponents face temporarily blinding them and as they recover he impales them with his blade damaging the lungs and rip cage, retracts his blade and roundhouse kicks his opponent damaging the skull and curbs stomps their head damaging the skull even more


Flaming Slash: Royce chuckles and quickly slashes his opponent and perfoms and brutal punch into his oponents stomach area in which the opponent starts screaming in agony and as Royce pulls out his hand his opponent has burst into flames in which the victim quickly dies from the burns after this Royce simply shrugs his shoulders

Frozen Death: Royce prepares to attack his victim and his victim quickly recovers and attempts to attack however in quick haste Royce freezes his opponent and slashes them several times with his arm and his opponent quickly defrosts and they start bleeding profusely and within seconds they fall apart

Diss Em,Snap Em: Royce disembowels his opponent in which they collapse to their knees still clutching the intestines Royce wraps them around his opponents neck and after several tugs his opponents neck snaps in which he throws aside the intestines and chuckles.

Other Finishers

Friendship: Royce prepares his bladed arm as if to attack his opponent and slashes downward as the camera pans down it shows a cake being cut in which Royce will offer some to his opponent

Animality: Royce morphs into a sabre toothed tiger and proceeds to maul his opponent

Babality: Royce looks around confused and prepares his blade and giggles soon after he sees a Shao Kahn teddy and proceeds to slash it


Intro: Royce casually walks notices his opponent goes into his fighting stance and remarks "Well might as well havent had a decent fight in a while"

Alt Intro: Royce groans in irritation when he sees his opponent and proceeds to retract his arm blade

Outro: Royce laughs and asks if he was too harsh on them.


After countless years Royce had finally found the last enforcer of Shao Kahn's forces the sorcerer Shang Tsung the sorcerer attempted to bargain his way out of his inevitable fate however Royce with no sense of mercy finished him in mere seconds his consumed souls released Royce travelled back to Edenia to confess to Jade his feelings.


"Huh......I thought Shao Kahn bowed to no one?"

"It hurts a little but I'm used to the arm change now"

"Wait Liu Kang.....hes dead? Man......"

"Why do I feel like I'm not being told about something?"

"I dunno about my arm I only found out after the first time Earth was invaded"

"Sometimes I wonder....will our home be back at its glory?"

"If Mileena was your daughter then I'd hate to meet your son"

"Woah woah woah....playmate? Really I mean c'mon I doubt anyone would wanna do that with you!

"Next time we fight I doubt it'll be less bloodshed"

"Bad day for a facial dont ya think?!"

Arm Blade

A unique attribute to Royce is his arm blade while its unknown on how and when he was able to do this it appears to have happened sometime when he was hired by the Lin Kuei to collect the relic, on his travels to the relic he was attacked by an ancient beast a Blood Dragon which had attacked him without thought while Royce was able to repel the beast he was unable to kill it and he was critically injured in the process, as he awoke he had a strange feeling that something had happened in his lack on awareness and when he finally came to all he noticed was a scar on his arm


  • The arm blade was inspired by Jack Krauser from Resident Evil 4
  • I intended the ending to be longer however I couldnt think of a way to finish it
  • The personality was somewhat inspired by myself
  • I had a bit of a fan boy moment with Jade yes so what weve all done it....havent we?

Malice (Tremorfan94)

Brother, if you wish to fight, so be it. But I will not join you in your savagery.


—Malice to Baraka

Gender Male
Age 21
Height 4 '9
Weight 168
Resides Earthrealm
Origin Outworld
Appearances MK 2011
Species Tarkatan
Allies Death
Liu Kang
Kung Lao
Enemies Baraka
Shang Tsung
Quan Chi
Shao Kahn
Noob Saibot
Weapons Tarkatan Blades
Fighting Styles Silat
Tai Chi
Alignment Good
Portrayers N/A
Creator Moi


Born into a race of savage, morphine beasts, Malice was always different from his relentless brothers. He was peace-loving and caring, unlike his brother, Baraka, whom was the general of Shao Kahn's army. Shunned by his fellow tarkatan peers, Malice was left to his thoughts. He thought that because he did not comply with the rest of his society, that he was the freak. From childhood to mature adulthood, he was always pushed aside by the others. He learned to fed for himself and teach himself. He never wished to cause harm to others - unless it was utterly needed. He chirished and admired all life. From flowers to the tiniest of bugs, he showed compassion, not cruelty or brutality, like the rest of the tarkatans. Soon banished from the tarkatan society after defending a Earthrealmer, Malice found himself among other rejected forms of life. Mutanted beyond the point of recognition, Malice found out that before the (quote, un-quote) "success" of the tarkatans, they were other failed adepts to create them. Outraged and disgusted, Malice marched into Kahn's throne room to confront Shang Tsung for his practices. Baraka, fanticly, knowing that he could fall with Malice, tries to force him out, but to no avail. After bellowing at the sorcerer, Kahn demanded what Malice was babbling about. After explaining to him what the foul, reeking-of-evil soccer had done. Kahn does the unfamothable and gives Shang a "job well done" lecture. Flabbergasted, Malice storms out, knowing his home world is nothing but the scum at the bottom of a horse trough, topped only by the stench of shit.

Escaping to Earthrealm, he hears of what his brother had been hiding from him for many years-- the Mortal Kombat tourament. Soon, he decides to cut through the living forest as a shortcut. Half-way through the vacant, barren land, he is ambushed by a clan of assassins: The Lin Kuei. Despite his tries at breaking free from their vice grip, Malice was mistaken for a enemy troop, and is nearly beaten, bruised, and slashed to death, if not for a faithful encounter with his new to-be mentor and savior - Tremor. Being assaulted by blunt intruments and short daggers, Tremor halts their random act of violence. (Note that this is before Tremor left the Lin Kuei for the Black Dragon.) Tremor, aiding the young, peaceful tarkatan up gives his condolences for his peers' act of savagery. Taking him in, despite the fact that the Lin Kuei Grandmaster had prejustice against anything that wasn't pure human, relucantly let the soldier in. Lacking in experience for fighting and his desire to cause no harm, Malice knew that he would need the training if he were to per take in the tourament, to fight against his older sibling, Baraka, and other sieges of the nasty, barren lands of Outworld. After training Malice many different ambush techinques, attacks, and fighting styles, Malice saw, over the months of training, his mentor start to fall apart and change, for the worse, as Malice was inclined to think. Soon after, Tremor informed that Malice's training was complete. Not shortly after that, he left the Lin Kuei. Malice knew what he had to do now; join in the Mortal Kombat.

Arriving at Earthrealm, he is seen as an enemy when he approaches the representing warriors for Earthrealm. Raiden, being the whole-hearted and the type of person not to judge on by their appearance, ponders Malice's presence here. Malice explains that he has a bitter hate for his home world, and wishes to join them in their stride to battle against Outworld. Though not trusted by the others (or just yet, at least), Raiden allows Malice to join them. After watching Cage and Kung Lao defeat some of Kahn's henchmen, Malice decides to take his shot at it. As Malice walks into the field, his brother notices him. Outraged by his betrayal, Baraka demands he forfeits the match. Refusing his brother's judgment, Baraka sends out Kahn's most effienct and stealthy assassins - Reptile. Quickly faced with a new type of opponent Malice has never fought before, he tries to change his tatics. Badgered with acid and claw marks, Malice sees no other way then to use his dreadful and deadly blades. Reptile is overwhelmed by the cutting edges of Malice's blades. Reptile then tries to elude Malice by disappearing with his camofaugle but with no success. Malice overcomes Reptile and wins his first match. Soon he is congratulated by the other Earthrealm warriors. Proving himself worthy of the task, Raiden asks Malice if he can hold off other Outworld warriors while Kung Lao and Liu Kang free Kitana. Malice soon meets face-to-face with Noob Saibot and a girl in red. Malice, unfairly match, fights the duo and becomes subdued with relative ease. Malice, maimed and in intense pain, is taken by Smoke and heals his wounds and his bleeding. Making allies with the ninja, he explains he was a former Lin Kuei student taught by Tremor. Smoke, knowing the training of Tremor and his stories, decides to help Malice join up with the other warriors. When arriving at the stadium, he sees Cage and the others easily defeated. Malice steps into the ring to battle them. He pulls out his blades to battle, when he sees his opponent. Baraka. His brother. Knowing how advanced and more elite then he is, Malice prepares himself for a hell of a battle. During the first round, Malice is sliced and beaten into a almost near-death state. He blacks out during the battle, almost rendering Baraka the victor. However, a chance encounter with the grim reaper, Death itself, Malice absorbs the granted power offered by Death. Death goes on to say that despite being a part of the vile and vulgar race of tarkatans, his kindness and admiration for all life was the most respectful thing his species could and to show his respect, he grants Malice the power of darkness and death. Awaking from his slumber and other repercussions, Malice regains his footing, awaiting for round two with his brother. This time, however, the tables were turned. The strength gathered from Death's gift, Malice consumes Baraka with a combination of pure brutality and tatical assaults and beats him. Baraka, bloodied and frail due to fatigue, forfeits the match. Kung Lao congrats Malice on his victory and aids him with his battle with the two sorcerers, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. Malice is put into submission swiftly, though did his fair share in weakening them for Kung Lao. After they were defeated, Malice noticed Quan Chi slipping away. Sensing something, as if there was a gut-feeling, he followed the menace. He saw the sorcerer conjure up a portal to the Netherrealm, and lunges into it to follow Quan Chi. Hiding behind a tremendous blouder, Malice overhears everything he has planned, including his plot with Shinnok. Revealing himself, he confronts the malviolent being to a duel. Quan Chi and Malice both fight with ferociously but, inevitably, comes to a stalemate. Malice is then ambushed by the Brotherhood of Shadow and is sent back to Earthrealm, where he rejoins the other warriors during the invasion.

As Malice joined up with Sonya and Jax, he is attacked by a herd of ruthless tarkatans and a giantic beast with them. He easily slays them and the hulking threat and joined with the others. As they were entering with the others, he was called by Raiden. Raiden assigned him the task of fighting off Quan Chi with Nightwolf. As they came closer to where Quan Chi was extracting the souls of the human soldiers, he heard the mocking laughter of Kano. Inclined to stop him and whatever his palns were, he informed Nightwolf that he'd catch up with up when he was done investigating. When arriving there, he found Cyber Sub-Zero sneaking up on Kano. He told Sub-Zero he'd fend off Kano as he freed the troops. Easily subduing Kano, thanks to the aid of the advantage of surprise, he finds himself helping Sub-Zero fight both Goro and Kintaro. Malice is beaten and put into a submission state while Sub-Zero defeats them. Tending to his wounds from his battle, Malice realizes that he has to rejoin with Nightwolf at the graveyard. After a long trot back to where to concirdances where Nightwolf was suppose to be, he finds Cyber Sub-Zero standing over a bloodied and mortally damaged Noob Saibot. As Malice ponders how he arrived there so quickly, his thoughts are infered by the cries of battle. He soons sides with Nightwolf in his battle with Quan Chi and easily defeats him. After that, Malice has a "feeling in his bones" to return to back to the base with the other Earthrealm warriors. Upon entering the vacant chruch, he sees a cluster of Lin Kuei foot-soldiers (or henchmen) attempting to assassinate them. Malice slaughters them without much of a challenge. Malice then witnesses Sindel's merciless murdering of the Earthrealm warriors. Sindel batters him with insults of his treason and then slashes his veins in his arms. As he lie bleeding and in imese pain, he watches as Nightwolf suffers as he combats with Sindel and, ultimately, sees his sacrifice and the fall of Sindel. This is the last thing he witnesses before he succums.

After he dies, Quan Chi tries to take control of Malice, however, thanks to his bounds with Death, this is prevented. Death stops Quan Chi, due to his magic and power surpassing Quan Chi's. Death then takes Malice in as his successer, and grants him the powers of death and other wonders equal to his own. Malice wonders about the world on his own, collecting the souls of the purished and fallen. He can only watch as his friends fight off the power-crazed Outworld emperor. After the drawn-out battle with Kahn, Raiden is victorious. Malice confronts Death and asks if he may resign his part in collecting the souls so he may help in cleaning up the city-in-ruins caused by Outworld and Kahn's troops. Death hesitately says yes and Malice reunties with his friends. Malice, however, wonders of Quan Chi and his plans for what he has in wait for them.

Signature Moves

  • Blade Swipe: Malice slashes his foe in one false swoop of his blade.
    • The enhaced version is named Bladedge, where Malice slashes his opponent three times.
  • Vanish: Learned from his Lin Kuei training, Malice disappears into a cloud of smoke and appears behind his opponent.
    • The enhaced version is titled, Ambush! which after reappearing behind his opponent, he knocks them down.
  • Chop Chop: This move is borrowed from his brother, Baraka, of the move of the same name.
    • The enhaced version is known as, Slice n' Dice which is practly the same as Baraka's, Chop Shop.
  • Death-quake: Malice snatches out his sickle and slams the bottom of it on the ground, causing a dark-shockwave to stun and damage the opponent.
    • The enhaced version is labled as, The Grim Reaper in where Malice slams the blade of the scyhe into the ground, with more damage.
  • Tarkatan Lands: Thanks to his supernatural powers granted to him by Death, Malice can shove one of his blades into the ground and three spikes will appear under the opponent, simiular to Freddy's, Freddy Fingers but there is no distance variation.
    • The enhaced version is called, Hell Razer, where Malice stabs both of his blades separately then at the same time.
  • Balde Spark: Another move borrowed from Baraka, expect the spark is blue instead if yellow.
    • The enhaced version of this move is, Fireworks, in which Malice sends out three, faster blue sparks toward his opponent.
  • X-Ray - Ride the Lightning: Malice throws up his blades, which is used as a lightning-rod to channel the electricity. After getting struck with some lightning, his shoves his blades deep into his opponent's rib cage. Then, he slugs them in the jaw so hard, it completely shatters it.


  • You got Guts: Malice slams the his opponent down and slices open their stomach. Then he hangs them upside-down by their feet sticked into the blade of his sickle (which is standing up) and their guts continue to fall out and bleeds profusely.
  • Sawmill: Malice kicks his opponents down and slams his sickle into their upper-chest. He then grabs them by their arms and drags them backwards, but doesn't slice them in two completely. He stops the blade right under the waist then shoves a Lin Kuei Bomb into his opponent's open wound and it explodes, causing guts to fly everywhere.


  • Mortal Kombat (2011): "As Malice tower over the motionless corpse of the corrupted emperor, he raises his tarkatan blades in victory and hears the roar of the crowd. Finally, after so long, he is accepted by his home land of Outworld. Taking the throne and exiling the vile tarkatan and centaurs out, the Outworld people live in peace and a new age of prosperity reigns over the barren lands of Outworld after centuaries of anarchy."


  • Unlike most tarkatan, Malice was borned with more then just two blades. He also has two blades protruding out the sides of his arms and four small spikes sticking out from his back. Tarkatan legend has it that these tarkatans with extra blades are superwarriors, which is ironic due to Malice being very peace-loving.
  • Strangly, Malice has a british accent.
  • Malice has two tattoos: one of a butterfly on his chest and one of a flower on his right arm, up a little toward his neck.
  • Malice was two years over-due the age when young tarkatans draw their blades for the first time.

Scorpia, The Last of the Shirai Ryu (ElectricMayhem, formerly Ladybug68)

All challengers of the Shirai Ryu must pay... WITH THERE LIVES!


—- Scorpia's battle-cry.

General Information
Real Name Hanzette Hasahi
Gender Female
Status Living
Origin Nettherealm
Resides Nettherealm
Species Wraith (formerly Human)
In Mortal Kombat
Affiliations Shirai Ryu
Allies Scorpion, Kenshi, Hatto Hasashi (Sub-Zero III), Sonya Blade
Enemies Moloch, Onaga,Quan Chi, Shao Kahn
Weapons Golden Blades, Scorpion's Magic Chains and a Drakesword
Fighting Styles Kung-Fu, Ninjitsu
Alignment Neutral
Portrayers Maggie Q (MK Mythologies: Scorpion, Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe 3: War of the Realms, MK:Realms at Stake and Mortal Kombat: Rebirth 2) Jamie Chung (Mortal Kombat: Legacy and Mortal Kombat 2013) Tricia Helfer (Miniature Kombat: Mayhem In Li'l Outworld, and Mortal Kombat: Quest for Peace)


Mortal Kombat: Realms At Stake


Scorpia's alternate costume by Bogdan stretePS3

Hanzette Hasashi was the grand-daughter of Hanzo Hasashi, Scorpion. When she heqard of Quan-Chi messing with Scorpion (MK9) she was confronted by Quan-Chi (in disguise as her brother) and told her grand-father was murdered by Shao-Kahn. She went to the Shirai-Ryu asking to become one of them. They turned her down at first until she told the her name, Hanzette Hasashi, and they remembered Scorpion. She gained the mask of the Shirai-Ryu and seeked to kill Onaga. She went on a journey throught the netherrealm to find Onaga. She confronted Moloch and knocked him off a cliff, but he was later brought back by Quan-Chi to test how strong she would be against Onaga. This made Moloch one of Scorpia's enemies. Later, she confronted Onaga face-to-face, but soon learned the truth about her grand-father. She seeked to kill Quan-Chi instead. She later confronted Quan-Chi on a cliff in the netherrealm, and knocked him off it making him (seemingly) fall to his death. But, that night, a shadowy figure crawled on to the exact cliff where Quan-Chio was presumably killed, and walked off into
New Scorpia

Scorpia in the mist

the night...

Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe 3: War of the Realms

Scorpia, along with her grandfather, Scorpion, her brother and Kenshi are the kombatants ready for a 2-on-2 fight in the new Mortal Kombat tournament

Scorpia's Vs.

when General Zod and Darkseid unleashed Doomsday among the arena. Her DC couter-part is Raven. She is later seen with Kenshi and Raiden when they are planning out a way to defeat Doomsday, when General Zod attacks the trio. She is captured by Zod until Scorpion finds her along with the three other captured characters, Nightwing, Stryker and Beast Boy. Scorpion helps her escape while the space-ship they are in comes crumbling down after Superman destroys it. Scorpion teleports them to Outworld where they are confronted by Darkseid and Shang Tsung. Scorpion fights Darkseid while Scorpia fights Shang Tsung, until they are both defeated and brought to Shang Tsung's palace. General Zod confronts the two and asks them questions about The Outowrld, as Zod knows very little about it. When they refuse to tell Zod, they are sentenced to execution by Shao-Kahn. They are both in guillotines being watched by Bane and Bizarro Super-Man, who also know nothing about the Mortal Kombat universe. The two teleport out and manage to defeat the two. Scorpia teleports away while Scorpion is confronted by Quan Chi. While Scorpion is captured, Scorpia is out looking for her brother and Kenshi, who have gone missing. She falls into a bizzare portal which brings her to Apokolips, Darkseid's home planet. She is attacked by Ares and Ermac, who are now working for Darkseid. She finally defeats the two after a king brutal fight, when she sees Kenshi and her brother being held in a cage above a pit of lava with a gigantic dragon creature lurking in it. She looks above them and sees, in a floating throne, Silver Swan. She teleports up there and finds herself on a round platform with the MK logo on it, except the fact that there is a small DC logo on the head of the dragon. She looks forward and sees Silver Swan, who charges at her. Scorpia dodges the attack and asks Silver Swan what this place is. Silver Swan grins evily and charges at Scorpia again, only to be tripped by Scorpia and fall face-first into the mouth of the lava dragon. Scorpia frees the two and teleports away. Later, towards the end of the game, she is seen briefly in the arena where Taven is battling his DC counter-part, Mammoth.

Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Scorpion

In this game, she is not yet a member of the Shirai Ryu, but still an important character. In the opening credits, she is shown as a baby being held by a pre-Scorpion Hanzo Hazashi. Later, in the 3rd chapter, Scorpion finds her in whats left of the Shirai Ryu village. Scorpion wakes her up, as she is sleeping, and carries her away. When Scorpion finally reaches his destination, he puts her down. Scorpia gets up and looks at Scorpion. Just then, they are attacked by Shao Kahn's masked guards. Scorpion fights them of as Scorpia runs. After they are defeated, the rest of the chapter is about finding Scorpia. After fighting his way through the half of the Outworld, Scorpion finally finds her, kidnapped by Quan Chi. Scorpion then has to fight Quan Chi's army of demons in order to reach the 2 in a strange palace out in the woods. Scorpion finally defeats them and catches up with Quan Chi. Quan Chi looks at Scorpion and grins. Quan Chi then amgically transports himself and Scorpia to the balcony of the palace, up above a deadly drop into a swamp full of huge sea-demons summoned by Quan Chi. Scorpion has to fight off even more of Quan Chi's demon to catch up with him. Scorpion finally finds the two on the balcony. Just then Scorpion fights Quan Chi as an unconscious Scorpia lays on the edge of the balcony. After defeating Quan Chi, Scorpion picks up Scorpia, but just then, Quan Chi gets up and transports Scorpia off into the village she was in before Scorpion found her. Quan Chi laughs evily and transports himself to elsewhere. It is known that many years later, Scorpia's family, whom have accidently left her behind when they fleed the village, found her and brought her to the other village, where the surviving members of The Shirai Ryu found refuge.

Miniature Kombat: Mayhem In Li'l Outworld

In this game, she is seen with Kenshi, Raiden, Liu Kang, and Taven, waiting for Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Jax Briggs, and Mokap, but instead they find Josh Wiplash and Quan Chi. Josh Wiplash infroms them on what happened, but Scorpia still has a deep hatred for Quan Chi. They decide to stay and wait for the others, until a Tarkatan ship lands in front of them, and Baraka comes out. Note: This article is still under construction...

Other Media

Mortal Kombat: Legacy

In Mortal Kombat: Legacy, she is shown as the last member of the Shirai Ryu except for Scorpion. This version of Scorpia is actually Scorpion's long lost daughter instead of grand-daughter. She makes her way into the Earthrealm after many years of being a prisoner of Onaga in Outworld. She is shown in Jax Brigg's office sitting with Sonya Blade, telling her what happened. Just before Sonya can say anything, the office is attacked by an angry Onaga, who picks up Sonya and throws her across the room. Onaga walks up to Scorpia with a sphere, until Onaga is shot in the back by Jax. Onaga turns around for a brief second then collapses. Jax takes Scorpia and Sonya to a hospital while Jax tries finding out more about Onaga. Scorpia looks out the hospital window and, in the corner of her eye, sees Scorpion teleporting away, and Scorpia has a tear in her eye, ending the webisode.

Mortal Kombat: Rebirth 2

In the no longer short film, but direct-to-dvd block-buster, the story focuses on Scorpia traveling to finally meet her Grandfather, Scorpion, after years of being lost in Outworld. She meets Liu Kang (Quan Chi) at the Mortal Kombat tournament and asks if a man named Hanzo Hasashi has entered. Liu Kang nods his head and shows her "where he is waiting for the next round." She enters a strange cave nad sees an illusion of Scorpion, but senses it is fake. She turns around, only to see she is caged up in the cave. Shao Kahn walks up to her, laughs, and asks her who she is. Liu Kang turns back into Quan Chi and tells Shao Kahn she was looking for Scorpion. Shao Kahn laughs again and yells "UNLEASH THE BEAST!" Just then, in the back of the cave, rustling is heard, and Kintaro jumps out, snarling at Scorpia. She turns aroun and notices Kahn and Quan Chi are gone. She turns around and fights the anry monster. After defeating Kintaro, she looks down upon him as he starts glowing. He wakes up and roars at Scorpia, but then he moans in sadness and tells her he was put under a spell by Quan Chi, and that he was forced to kill people under Shao Kahn's command. Scorpia, after a moment's consideration, grabs her gold blade and cuts Kintaro's chains off, freeing him. He smiles, then grabs her and roars. He laughs then says "you really fell for that?" He starts laughing again until Scorpia teleports out of his arms, and ends up on the outside of the cave. Kintaro roars at her again, but Scorpia laughs and throws her chain at the top of the cave, then pulls on her chain, causing the top of the cave to collapse and crush Kintaro. She teleports away and finds herself in The Pit, where she looks around, making sure she is by herself. She is about to sit down when she senses Ermac, who levetates her and throws her at the ground, thinking he has crushed her to death. Just then, she teleports up behind him and drops down on him. She starts strangling Ermac, then throws him to the ground. She grabs out ehr gold blade and is about to kill him, when Quan Chi walks up clapping his hands, then asks her if she really thought she could escape Outworld. She throws her chain around Quan Chi's neck, then pulls down and chokes him. Quan Chi, in a quick and almost thoughtless reaction, opens a portal and gets sucked towards it. The only thing keeping him from falling into it and ending up in an unknown realm is Scorpia's chain around his throat. Quan Chi orders Ermac to kill her, but right when Ermac gets up on his feet, he is sucked into the portal. Quan Chi looks at Scorpia and starts laughing maniacally, until Scorpia lets go of the chain, making him get sucked straight in to the portal and. She has a grin on her face as she listens to Quan Chi's last words: "you'll pay!" It is unknown if she ever found Scorpion.

Mortal Kombat (2013 Reboot)

In the 2013 Mortal Kombat film, Jamie Chung reprises her role of Scorpia from Mortal Kombat: Legacy. In the film, which takes place after Mortal Kombat: Legacy, she is still in the Earthrealm in a homeless shelter, when Shao-Kahn's invasion upon the Earthrealm begins. She is chosen by Raiden and Nightwolf to help The Forces of Light defend the realms. She is once again shown fighting with Sonya Blade. They are still fighting off Shao Kahn's masked guards when they are attacked by Onaga. Onaga grins and attacks the two, resulting in a long battle. After a while, Scorpia manages to knock Onaga into a firey pit in the middle of the road. When she sees Onaga get burned to death, she grins and says "whose the little girl now?" She continues to fight along side her ally Sonya, when they are in the Outworld fighting off Goro's Shokan amries, they get knocked out by Sheeva until Raiden strikes Sheeva with lightning. Sonya, Scorpia, Raiden and Nightwolf continue to make they're way to Shao Kahn's palace when the Cyber Initiative (Cyber Sub-Zero, Sektor and Cyrax) attack them. Scorpia fight off Cyrax and Sektor while the others face Cyber Sub-Zero. Sektor starts to distract her when Cyrax gives her a painful punch in the back. Scorpia moans in pain until she quickly turns around and stabs Sektor in the chest with her blade, cutting his circuts out. She then decapitates Sektor and then slices Cyrax's legs off with a Pulse Blade. Cyrax starts crawling towards her until she stomps on his head, crushing it. The 4 of them make it to Shao Kahn's palace, where Quan Chi is waiting for them. Quan Chi grins at Scorpia. When Scorpia asks Quan Chi who he is, he grins and says "You don't remember me? Hanzette Hasashi, the beatiful little girl... who I kidnapped before." Just then, Scorpia has a brief flashback of when she was 6, where she sees herself chained to a cave wall crying. Scorpia has a tear in her eye when Quan Chi takes the form of Scorpion and walks up to her, asking her if she remembers her. Sonya yells at Scorpia, telling her that it just an illusion and that is not her real father. She looks at Sonya and frowns. She looks back at the illusion of Scorpion and hugs him, then grabs her gold blade and stabs him in the back, killing him. She pulls out her blade and looks down upon the illusion of Scorpion, dying, as he fadesback into Quan Chi, and turns to ashes blowing away in the wind. Scorpia and the group run into the palace and watch as Shang Tsung assists Shao Kahn in preforming a strange ritual, and then a huge pit of fire forms in the middle of the floor. The 4 of them watch as Shao Kahn tells Shang Tsung he is of no more assistance to him. Before Shang Tsung can say anything, Shao Kahn stabs him in the chest, and laughs as the smoke from the fire rises and forms itself into Smoke itself. Shao Kahn walks up to the pit of fire, stares into it, and orders Smoke to kill them. While Shao Kahn preforms his ritual, the 4 battle Smoke. After they are defeated by Smoke, Nightwolf, Raiden and Sonya tell Scorpia she has to defeat Shao Kahn. Scorpia looks at Smoke, and knows what she must do. She kicks Smoke across the room, then stabs him in the chest with her Pulse Blade then throws her Pulse Blade across the room, and it stops, right behind Shao Kahn's neck, in mid air. Shao Kahn grabs the blade, laughs, and is about to kill Scorpia, when Raiden zaps him with lightning, causing him to fall backwards into fire and get burnt to death. Scorpia looks down into the fire, then out the doors too see Quan Chi's dead body. She has another glimpse at her time spent kidnapped by Quan Chi, then she walks off with the others as the ending credits start to roll. After the ending credits, the camera shows the 4 sitting down and talking about they're adventure, when the camera zooms out and reveals Scorpion watching in a tree. Scorpion looks down at Scorpia and smiles, just before he teleports away.

Mortal Kombat: Quest for Peace

In the animated series, Scorpia appears in the season 2 episode Scorpion's Little Girl, when she helps Kenshi infiltrate Baraka's ship. Note: This section is still under construction...

Special Moves

  • Rip Or R.I.P? - Scorpia grabs a sphere, twirls it around, then sticks it in her enemy's chest and pulls it down, making a rip through the foe's skin.
  • Putting The W In Ow - Scorpia grabs her blades, carves a "W" into the ground and then grabs her enemy and smashes there head straight through the W.
  • Neck Smash - Scorpia grabs the enemy's neck, pulls it down to the ground, and stomps on it.
  • Rise Of The Shirai Ryu - Scorpia uses her blades and carves the MK logo into the ground. She steps back and raises her hands in the air and then a huge sphere comes out of the ground, and Scorpia grabs it. Scorpia uses the sphere to swipe her foe's feet out from beneath them causing them to fall face-first to the ground.


  • In her "Spine-Breaker" fatality Scorpia pulls out her blade, stabs her foe in the head with it, pulls it out, and kicks the foe in the chest, causing them to fly into the air and then crash down on to the ground, breaking they're spine.
  • In her "Vengeance Itself" fatality, she grabs there enemy by the head, pushes there head down, and constantly stabs there back until she finally stops, picks up there body, and throws it across the room.
  • In her "Murder Kick" fatality, she attaches her blade to her foot, and kicks the enemy in the face constantly with the blade.

X-Ray Move

Forehead Bash - Scorpia knees the foe in the forehead, causing sever damage, and then she grabs her opponents neck, lifts it up, and then smashes it to the ground.


Baby's First Attempted Murder - Scorpia transforms into a baby, crawls up to her enemy, and constantly tries jabbing her teething ring into there leg. When she fails, she cries and throws a tantrum.


Pounce! - Scorpia transforms into a Lioness and pounces on to her foe, then starts biting them constantly.


Skull Slice - Scorpia kneels on one leg, pulls out 3 blades, then juggles them until all 3 fall down on her head simmultaneously and cut her skull open.


Circus Show! - Scorpia grabs her blades, puts them behind her back, and taps on her opponents shoulder well they're looking in the other direction. When the foe turns around, Scorpia starts jugling the blades as the foe watches in amuesment.

Memorable Quotes

  • I must kill the one who slaughtered my grand-father...
  • What is this? Some sort of gigantic dolt? (Before fighting Moloch)
  • The Shirai Ryu were more then a bunch of assassins, they were people! Good people! (To Quan Chi)
  • Well, I might be a wraith and all, but I think I might have some emotions still... (Scorpia, trying to impress Kenshi)
  • Fool me once... never again! (Scorpia after killing Quan Chi in the 2013 Mortal Kombat reboot)
  • Sonya, my friend, I know there are people in the Earthrealm who care for me, but my clan, The Shirai Ryu, needs me in Outworld. I will see you again... someday. (Scorpia to Sonya Blade in the series finale of Mortal Kombat: Legacy.)
  • A being from another realm? Another realm? We already have 2 realms! (Scorpia to General Zod in Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe 3)

Character Relationships

  • The grand-daughter of Scorpion.
  • She was tricked into fighting Onaga by Quan Chi.
  • She had many countless battles with Moloch, The Oni Destroyer.
  • She attacked Onaga at his lair.
  • She knocked Quan Chi off a cliff and seemingly killed him.
  • She is in love with Kenshi.
  • The third Sub-Zero, Hato Hasashi, is her brother.

Solar (MarioStrikerz)

It will be less painful if you give up now.



Gender Male
Age 25
Height 6'5
Weight 300 lbs
Resides Earthrealm (Alternate)
Origin Earthrealm
Appearances MK1 (Background Character), MK2 - MK:D (Unlockable Character), MK9 (Secret Storyline)
Species Cyborg/Human (MK1, MK9), Spectre (MK2 - MK:D)
Allies Raiden
Cyber Sub-Zero
Johnny Cage
Liu Kang
Weapons Plasma Staff
Portrayers Emilio Estevez
Creator MarioStrikerz

Original Biography

Eduardo Rantanen was raised as a young boy along side Tomas Vrbada after his parents abandoned him. From then, he's looked at him as an older brother, not knowing of his original parents. When Tomas joined the Lin Kuei, Eduardo wished to follow in his footsteps. He trained and grew to be a great ninja who practiced the power of light and light bending. He took the name Solar and trained along side Smoke, just as he did when he was a young boy. Every day and every night, Solar would pray to the Elder Gods for strength and power. Without knowing, Cyrax and Sektor signed Solar for the Cyber Initiative with the intent to destroy his loyalty to the Elder Gods. When the time came, he was unknowingly captured by the Lin Kuei to be transformed. He narrowly escaped when they were halfway finished with him, but Smoke, Cyrax and Sektor were sent to kill him. He died and was not able to follow Smoke into the Mortal Kombat competition. After the first Mortal Kombat competition, Raiden hears about his son's death. He claimed never to have had a son, but the Elder Gods showed his spirit. Raiden met his son for the first time, and he begged the Elder Gods to reincarnate him. They said they could only revive his spirit and bring him back through the netherealm. The promised he would not fall for the evil tricks of the rulers of the netherealm and would be guided through by the Elder Gods. He was reincarnated with the light abilities given to him by the Elder Gods, which defended him in the netherealm. He joined Raiden and the rest in their long journey, but was murdered by Shao Kahn after he defeated Kintaro. The Elder Gods could not reincarnate him again.

Alternate Biography

When Smoke was protected from the Cyber Initiative, he came to save Solar. Together they defeated Cyrax and Sektor and were able to escape. Solar then pledged to kill the Lin Kuei Grandmaster for making him the monstrosity he was. Solar then did what he did best and followed along Smoke. He met Raiden and thanked him for protecting Smoke, for without Smoke's staying human, he would not be alive. Raiden helped Solar unlock his full light abilities and let him follow along with Smoke and the others.


  • Sun Burnt: Solar throws a ball of light in the air that explodes, causing the enemy to be burnt.
  • Plasma Burns: Solar's plasma staff is used to smash the enemy into the air and then used to smash them into the ground.
  • Light of the Gods: Solar throws his hands into the air and a beam of light shoots down upon the enemy. It causes burn damage and knocks them down.
  • Light Extraction: Solar takes all the light in the area and shoots a large beam of light at the enemy.
  • Into the Light: Solar squeezes a ball of light in his hand which flares causing the enemy to be blinded.
  • (X-Ray) Not So Bright: Solar smashes the enemies head with his plasma staff which breaks their skull open and crushes their teeth. He then puts a ball of plasma in their mouth, which they swallow and it melts their stomach.


  • Enlightenment: Solar throws a ball of light at them, and their eyes/mouth/nose/wounds light up, and they explode. The light flies up, symbolizing a soul.
  • Sent to the Gods: Solar makes hands of light grab the enemy, raising them into the sky. Then they fall onto the arena, exploding from the fall.
  • Babality: Solar turns into a baby with a nightlight that turns off. The stage is then darkened and he starts to cry.
  • (Animality) Doves: Solar turns into a flock of doves that attack the enemy and fly away with a piece of skin/muscle.
  • (Friendship) Mini Solar Nightlight: Solar offers a nightlight shaped like him.


  • Light from the Heart (MK:D): Solar puts a plasma ball in his chest, which lights up. He then floats up to the Elder Gods.

Character Relationships

  • Foster-Brother of Smoke
  • Unknowingly the son of Raiden (Alternate Storyline)
  • In love with Jade (Alternate Storyline)

Torke (Registered contributor)

You will not survive after I'm done with you!


—Torke's Battle Cry

Real Name Unknown
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Height 5' 11" (1.8 m)
Weight 300 lbs. (136 kg)
Resides Earthrealm
Origin Earthrealm
Species Cyborg (formerly Human)
Allies Sub-Zero, Smoke
Enemies Sektor
Weapons Lightsaber
Pulse Blades
Fighting Styles Sambo
Alignment Good/Neutral
Portrayers RC
Creator RC

About Torke

Torke's past is vague, but he was born to Chinese parents. His parents were both part of the Lin Kuei, so it Torke joined the Lin Kuei about 15 years after he was born. Both of his parents died in a mysterious death, and he will vow that he will kill his parent's killers. During the cyborg inntiative, he decided to run away, but the cybernetic ninjas already caught up to him and captured him for the process. After being transformed, he suffered amnesia, and had to follow orders from either the Grandmaster himself or Sektor.



During the cyber innitiative, Torke didn't agree with the Lin Kuei's decision, so he decided to run away, and fled the clan, who declared them traitors. He eventually met up with Smoke and Sub-Zero, however Sub-Zero successfully managed to escape, Smokeand Torke was captured and subsequently converted into cyborgs. Designated unit LK-6T9, Torke and his fellow cyborgs hunted down for Sub-Zero. During the invasion of Earthrealm by Shao Kahn and his minions, Sub-Zero defeated Torke and left him to die. After few years, Cyrax, now part of OIA, had found Torke, and restored part of his memory. As he followed Cyrax back to the OIA, they were ambushed and Cyrax successfully escaped, while Torke has beaten up, and nearly killed. When Torke woke up, and went back to the Lin Kuei Temple, when he reached there, he saw Sektor as the new Grandmaster. Torke confrotned Sektor and he challenged Torke to a fight. Eventually, Torke won and interogated Sektor for answers. Sektor told Torke that he didn't know anything about the past so he went away. After Torke defeated Sektor, Sub-Zero had came back to the Lin Kuei Temple, so Torke asked Sub-Zero for answers. Sub-Zero told Torke all he knew about him. Torke finally remembered everything, and decided to follow Sub-Zero.


Torke was forced to enter the Mortal Kombat tournament, invited by Shang Tsung, with fellow Lin Kuei members, Sektor, Cyrax, and Sub-Zero (Noob). Later, when Torke faced Raiden in a match, he lost, making Sektor furious, leading into a fight. During the cyber inntiative, Torke was neutral to the idea, so he didn't mind it, so the Grand Master performed the transformation to him, Sektor, and Cyrax. When the Lin Kuei returned to the tournament, Torke was seen as a cyborg along with Cyrax and Sektor. When Cyrax and Sektor were hunting the other members for automation, he stayed in the tournament, facing Scorpion. Fortunately, he defeated Scorpion so he decided to mock him since he was part of the Shirai Ryu. Torke is later seen amongst Kahn's lieutenants after the emperor's defeat at the hands of Earthrealm. During the invasion of Earthrealm, Torke was seen with the rest of the Outworld forces receiving orders from Sektor. Later when the Earthrealm warriors gathered at the temple, the Lin Kuei cyborgs, attacked them. Unfortunately, he got teleported to soon, making him short circuited, which made him disabled.


As a cyborg, Torke possesses enhanced stealth, strength, and stamina, as well as great on-board weaponry. He houses a number of weapons throughout his body. Torke specializes in mid-ranged combat. His arms are armed with chain guns, and drills in case of any close quaters combat. In case of any emergencies, Torke can use his built in rocket packs that are equipped on his back for any getaways. In addition, his armor is heat and water resistant, which makes him ideal for any missions.


  • Chain Gun: Torke transforms both of his arms into small Chain guns and shoots at the enemy.
    • Enhanced move is "Laser Barrage" which shoots lasers instead of bullets, dealing more damage.
  • Drill: Torke turns his hand into a drill, and jams it into the enemy.
    • Enhanced move is Gutter which causes Torke to transform both of his arms into drills causing more damage.
  • Rocket Dash: Torke runs forward at a very fast speed with the help of this rockets on this back, past his opponent, knocking them down onto the ground.
    • The enhanced version is called Raging Charge. This increases the speed of Torke's charge, and he receives a fiery barrier.
  • Emergency Escape: Torke angles his rear rockets to the ground, and makes him launch up into the air, and drops on top of his enemy.
  • Mortar Strike: Torke shoots a barrage of mortar shells into the air from his back, and lands on the enemy.
  • X-Ray - Brain Damage: Torke punches the enemy's gut, then sweeps his/her feet, knocking them onto the ground, and he teleports right on top of the enemy's head, smashing their skull.


  • Rail Gun: After entering some coordinates into his arm module, Torke opens his chest compartment and a railgun comes out, firing a magnetic projectile that passes straight through the enemy. The opponent then screams in terror as he/she's stomach disinagrates.
  • Drill Lunge: Torke switches to his drill, and lunges at his enemy, splattering their head.
Other Finishers
  • Babality: Torke tries to use his jet pack, but fails, making him land on his butt, causing him to cry.
  • Friendship: Torke changes into a RC (C WUT I DID THAR?) toy car and drives around his opponent.
  • Hara-Kiri: Torke enters some coordinates into his arm module, he short circuits, and after that his limbs and torso beings to slowly fall onto the ground, causing his oil to drip all over the ground.


  • Mortal Kombat Armageddon: After defeating Blaze, the cyborg was magically turned back into a Human, in which he had regained all of his memory, and he returned to the Lin Kuei, and instead of rejoining, he surprised everyone, and killed every single member of the Lin Kuei, and decided to start a new clan.
  • Mortal Kombat (2011): After killing Shao Kahn, Torke was filled with great power. All of his power increased ten fold, making turn into a super cyborg. With his new power also came his memories. Due to his, he killed the Grand Master and the rest of the cyborgs, and gone rogue.

Frostbite (Zombiedeath)

Real Name Unknown
Gender Male
Age 25
Resides Earthrealm
Origin Outworld
Species Human/Dragon Hybrid (Human with Dragon Wings)
Allies Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Liu Kang
Enemies Onaga, Raiden, Shao Kahn
Weapons Kori Dagger
Fighting Styles Shotokan
Alignment Neutral
Creator Zombiedeath
You're not as tough as you say you are.


—Frostbite's Battle Cry


Frostbite is the biological son of Onaga and a mortal woman, and the adopted brother of Sub-Zero. He was born with two large, functioning dragon wings. Frostbite was later abandoned by his father for unknown reasons, before being found by Sub-Zero's father. He and Sub-Zero got along quite well, sometimes even training together. Both mastered the power of ice, and Frostbite learned to fly using his wings. Later, while exploring the areas outside the Lin Kuei temple, he stumbled across Scorpion, who took him under his mentorship. Frostbite quickly learned to use the power of fire. He later reunited with Sub-Zero, who was shocked to discover that his adopted brother had trained with Scorpion. However, Sub-Zero realized that Frostbite's new fire abilities could be a valuable asset to the clan. However, Frostbite left the clan to take revenge on his father, Onaga, for abandoning him at an early age.

Combat characteristics

Powers and Abilities

Frostbite, as mentioned above, has the abilities of fire and ice. He uses these heavily in combat. However, his freezing abilities are not as fine-tuned as Sub-Zero's, as he can only create a Kori Dagger. This dagger is used often during combos During his training with Scorpion, he learned the ability to utilize hellfires, as well as a spear made entirely out of flames.

Signature Moves

  • Freeze: Frostbite sends a beam of ice at the opponent, freezing them. This move is copied directly from Sub-Zero, though it does not last as long.
  • Hellfire: Frostbite summons a lethal flame that burns the opponent. The flame lingers for a few seconds, slowly dealing damage.
  • Crossfire: Frostbite shoots a combined beam of fire and ice. This move does a lot of damage, but it can only be used once per fight.
  • Cooling Breeze: Frostbite gathers moisture from the air, healing himself. This can only be performed three times per fight.
  • Flame Spear: Frostbite creates a spear out of fire and throws it, dragging the opponent towards him. This move was copied from Scorpion, except it does more damage.
  • Push Back: Frostbite flaps his wings powerfully, knocking the opponent back.
  • X-Ray Move - Popsicle on a Summer Day: Frostbite freezes the opponent's torso and kicks them in the face, breaking the skull. He then breaks the ice and kicks the opponent in the shin, breaking the leg.


  • Freezer Burn: Frostbite freezes the opponent's legs, then sets the torso on fire. He shatters the ice, breaking off the legs, and the torso burns to dust.
  • Acupuncture: Frostbite creates several Kori Daggers and hurls them at the opponent, one in the torso, one in each arm, and one in each leg. He then tosses a final, very large dagger that imbeds itself in the skull. Finally, he summons a hellfire that causes the opponent to explode.

Other Finishers

  • Frienship: Frostbite offers the opponent a snow cone.
  • Babality: Frostbite attempts to fly using his wings, but falls on his bottom and cries.

Character Relationships

  • Son of Onaga
  • Adopted brother of Sub-Zero
  • Disciple of Scorpion
  • Former Lin Kuei member

Nighthawk (Incub7)

Let see who's better.


—Nighthawk's battlecry.

General Information
Real Name Nighthawk
Gender male
Origin Earthrealm
Species Human/Evil spirit
In Mortal Kombat
Affiliations Brotherhood of Shadow
Allies Quan Chi


Enemies Nightwolf


Weapons Tomahawk


Alignment Evil
  • Biography:"Strong warrior must like his brother, Nightwolf, but, he was a jealous brother. In an attempt to be better than his brother he performed shamanistic rituals in secret. Unfortunately he was overcome by an evil spirit and fought his brother, the fight ended with his apparent destruction along with the evil spirit. But, he was reborn within the Netherrealm and was discovered by Quan Chi. Though neither Shinnok nor Quan chi had no idea what he was, they knew he was neither human nor wraith. So they sought to use him in their battle against Raiden and his allies because of his strange dark powers. Even though Nighthawk became loyal member of the Brotherhood of Shadow, he still did sidejobs for the chaos cleric, Havik."



A skilled warrior for his people, NightHawk, often proves his worth to his tribe and people, and most importantly, his brother, Nightwolf. Despite his honorable ways he is usually prone to jealousy, especially those they can maintain a connection with the spirit realm like his brother. But, very few times did his envy turn into anger, one such occasion is when a young warrior proved himself a better hunter than Nighthawk.

In anger and jealousy he pushed the young man off a small cliff where they were looking over a herd of deer. The man survived his ordeal but not without a few broken bones. In retalition to Nighthawk's actions, he told the entire tribe what happened to him, and with great anger their chief took Nighthawk's bow and snapped it in two to show that he was forbidden to hunt. Later, that same day, Nightwolf confronted his brother .

"Brother, what were you thinking when you did that?" said Nightwolf.

Nighthawk started explain but Nightwolf interrupted him, "You weren't, you delibitately tried to injure that man!" shouted Nightwolf.

"you're still just a foolish child".

But, that did sit well with Nighthawk as he bashed his brother in the face.

This could have turned into a fight but, Nightwolf summoned a bolt of lightning to strike in front of them.

"Enough Nighthawk!" shouted Nightwolf.

"You must controlled your anger or i will banish you from this tribe" he explained with anger.

"Then I am no longer part of this tribe nor am I your brother." Nightwolf said in a dark tone.

Ever since that confrontation the brothers avoided seeing each other, and Nighthawk began to distance himself from the rest of tribe. This distancing did not mean he wouldn't go to battle, he still proved himself but, before his fellow warriors could congratulate him he was already gone. Then, one day a scout heard strange noises and went to investigate.

He found that the noises were coming from the forest, and decided to investigate further. Much to his suprise he found Nighthawk practing shamanism but, he was discovered.

"Nighthawk?!" the scout shouted.

"You are not allowed to be here!" said Nighthawk.

"I'm sorry I was just." the scout started to explain before Nighthawk interrupted him.

"Do not worry." said Nighthawk.

"No one will ever know what happened" he said in a very dark tone.

Nighthawk intended to keep this a secret and killed the scout with his new abilities. But, the tribe grew worried that the scout hasn't returned and decided to send someone to look for him. But, before they could, Nighthawk was already heading that way, and he needed to much he wasn't seen.

"I can't let them find him." Nighthawk thought to himself.

With stealth he entered the forest and saw the scout's body, he intended to get rid of it without any trace.

He prepared a shamanistic ritual to remove the body but, this was too high of a level for him. Suddenly he found himself transported into the spirit realm, fearing for his life he tried to get out.

"no this can't be right!"

"I can't be here, I need to get out" Nighthawk panicly said.

But, his escape has stopped by an evil gluttonous spirit.

"Foolish human!" the evil spirit shouted

"You will be free of this place and with you I shall too." explained the evil spirit.

Then, the evil spirit took Nighthawk's body as its living vessel.

Leaving the foresting the possessed Nighthawk moved torward his village. When he arrived he was greeted by a villager, who he killed, then, he started to slaughter the entire tribe using weaponry and spiritual powers. Soon Nightwolf arrived to find his entire tribe dead and his brother standing in the middle of it all.

"Brother, what has happened here?!" Nightwolf angrily asked.

But, then Nightwolf saw him holding a blood drenched tomahawk and knew it was him who murder his entire tribe.

"Brother." said Nightwolf

"Just tell me, why?" asked Nightwolf

"Why? WHY?" he shouted.

But, Nighthawk just stood there as if he was in deep thought but, then his hand started to tremble and dark aura appeared around his entire body, then he turned his attention to his brother.

"Your brother isn't here." said Nighthawk.

"what are you talking about?" Nightwolf asked.

"the only one that stands before is the eater of your world!" said the evil spirit.

The two clashed at each other like lightning in the clouds, and Nightwolf's spiritual powers flowed throughout their battlefield. Nightwolf used his spirit arrows to attack his possessed brother but, he kept on coming without any sign of wearing down. Nightwolf struck him with a large bolt of lightning, which seemed to work at first, but, the possessed Nighthawk only laughed.

"hehehe." the possessed Nighthawk laughed.

"is that your best, Nightwolf?" asked Nighthawk.

"Then let me show you my power."

The possessed Nighthawk reached out his hand and from his hand dripped a black ooze, and took form of a wolf with piercing red eyes.

"let's who's powers are better" said Nighthawk.

"Mine or your's?" asked Nighthawk.

The wolf rushed like non other animal Nightwolf has ever seen. He was no match for its incredible speed, he need ed think of something, and fast. Nightwolf and waited for the wolf to charge at him, and at the right moment, he call down lightning to destroy the wolf. But, the wolf's remains quickly turned into a flock of ravens, that pecked and scratched Nightwolf's body. He tried to shoot them with his bow but, they were too fast for him, it looked like the end. But, then the ravens disappeared back into Nighthawk but, he wasn't finished with Nightwolf just yet.

"What's the matter Nightwolf?" asked Nighthawk

"My powers too much for you?"

"Or you just going easy because this is your brother's body."

"Well, let me show you something inserting." said Nighthawk

Suddenly Nighthawk wreathed in pain as his body was being transformed by the evil spirit that possessed him, Nightwolf watched in horror as his brother screamed with such anguish. Then, Nightwolf stood before a monstrous creature that resemble a cross between a wolf, a raven, and a snake, and its only intent was to kill Nightwolf then all of humanity.

The creature took flight into the night sky and swooped down at Nightwolf but, he dodged it just in time. It tried again and the shaman was still fast enough for it. Nightwolf then struck the creature down with a bolt of lightning and prepared to finish it off but, the creature attempted to bite him with its snake head. Nightwolf was nearly bitten by it but managed to avoid it but, the snake kept on trying to bite him. Nightwolf eventually manage to decapitated the snake, he had tired himself out trying to avoid the snake. But, the snake's death was false as it regenerated itself, only to be destroyed by a bolt of lightning. Angered with the loss of its snake head the creature took the shape of a giant black wolf with enormous black wings. The creature flap its wings, creating a fearsome gust of wind that knocked Nightwolf into a tree. It leaped at the tree with its gaping jaw wide open, wishing only to eat the shaman, but, nightwolf regained consciousness just in time to dodge it. The creature tore the tree from the ground, turned to nightwolf, and snapped the tree in half with its teeth. With tremendous fury it howled, the noise from the howl was so intense that the earth began to crumble beneath their feet. Nightwolf struggled to keep his footing as the creature raced torward. But, thankfull, for Nightwolf, he was able to stop it with a bolt of lightning, and the creature seemed to be dead. But when Nightwolf got closer to it, it pounced on to him, ready to tear him apart and eat him. Nightwolf struggled to hold it back but, he struck it once again with a bolt of lightning. He took advantage of the creature's stunned state, and stab its head with a knife. The creature roared in pain as Nightwolf began to perform a ritual, one that could cleanse his brother.

Slowly the creature turned back into Nighthawk, with him regaining dominance over his body. He struggled to breathe as he regain his body but, he felt something within him. Suddenly Nighthawk began to turn to dust, and Nightwolf could watch his brother disappear. Though Nighthawk was able to mutter one last word for before he was gone.

"I'm Sorry".

Just like that he was gone from the physical world but, no know what truly became of Nighthawk on that dark night.

The Return

On the vast cliffs of the Netherrealm, the demon sorceror, Quan Chi oversees the army of demons and undead that he has amassed in last centuries he has lived. A bright light appears behind him, catching his attention, he prepares himself, and summons a couple of undead soldiers to assist him. A man is revealed after the light is gone and speaks only word before fainting.

"Where am I?"

Quan Chi thought about executing this unwilling intruder but, he was more intrigued by how he suddenly appear in the Netherrealm. He decided to use his magic to sense his soul but, to his suprise, the man had very strange aura about him.

"What are you?"

Quan Chi decides to bring the man to Shinnok, who has recently been freed preparing for his invasion of Earthrealm.

"Lord Shinnok, I have something that might interest."

"What is it Quan Chi? I'm very busy."

Quan Chi places the man before Shinnok's feet then, Shinnok uses his magic to awake the man and begins to ask him questions.

"Who are you?'

"I don't know."

"Where did you come from?"

"I don't know!"

"Why are you?"

"I don't know!!"

Shinnok prepared to destroy the man but, he was stopped by Quan Chi.

"Quan Chi! you dare defy me!"

"No lord Shinnok, I only insist that we use him to our advantage."

"and exactly what purpose could this one have for us?"

"I found him on the cliffs and sensed his soul has still human but broken and filled with a power I have never seen."

Shinnok used his magic to sense the man's soul, and smiled at what he has found about the mysterious soul.

"We are dealing with a human nor a revenant."

Both Shinnok and Quan chi agreed to use the mysterious man for their own ends and placed him within the Brotherhood of Shadows but, first they needed to test his strength in battle.

The man walks across into Shinnok's Spire and descends down into its deepest bowels. There he sees an area, that was built for members of the brotherhood to prove their worth to their fallen elder god. Shinnok seats in a throne that oversees the entire fighting ring, with Quan Chi right beside him. Shinnok turns to see the mysterious man and gives small smirk.

"My loyal followers!"

All the cultist stop their actions and turn to their master to listen to his words.

"It would seem that the mysterious soul that only just entered our realm, has arrived to join in our spectacle!"

The cultists look at the mysterious man, while he becomes uneasy about his situation.

"Now, let's see if he is worthy!"


The cultists in the fighting area all begin to charge at the man with blade and sorcery. But, a strange shadow appears in front of the man which, accostions the cultists at first but, they decide to flank him on both sides. Suddenly four wolves leap out of the shadow and attack the cultists. One wolf pounces on one of cultists, who tries to stab it with no effect, and tears his face. Another cultist tries to use his dark sorcery on the wolf but, it proved to be immune, this intrigued both Shinnok and Quan Chi. A couple of the cultists try to take on two of wolves at the same time but, the wolves easily overpower them. Showing fear for the first time in his life, the last cultist attempts to flee the battle but, is stopped when he notices a rather larger shadow on the ground. He slowly turns around to see a tormentor standing over him, frozen with fear he does nothing and is crushed by the monster's hand.

The tormentor was known other than the man, and both Shinnok and Quan Chi were very impressed by this mysterious man's strange abilities.

"What is your name, strange one?"

"I can feel your memory of mine returning to me but, it only says one thing."

"And what would that be?"


"I am Nighthawk and shall serve you for eternity"

Shinnok was pleased by this assurance of loyal, and decided to task Nighthawk with a special task.

"Nighthawk, I have a task for you."

"What is it my lord?"

"Kill the thunder god, Raiden."

"As you wish."

Nighthawk transformed into raven and flew through one of the portal that Quan Chi provided, heading for Earthrealm.

"Do you think he's up to the task?"

"We shall see."

Shinnok rises from his throne and creates a portal, and he and Quan Chi walk to, he says.

"But, for now we attend to my army."


  • "After winning the tournament Nighthawk discovered a shocking secret. He learned from Raiden that he was the fusion of his original body and the evil spirit that had possessed him years ago. Devasted by what he was truly was he turned into a raven and flew to the Netherrealm Cliffs. There he looked upon the fiery depths of the Netherrealm, considering suicide, and looked back on what he has done with his life. But, he couldn't take the guilt and jumped, ready to embrace his sweet release from his corrupted life."


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Raven: sends a raven to peck at the enemy's face.
    • Flock of Ravens: sends a group of ravens.
  • Snake Bite: turns his hand into a snake then bites his enemy posioning him
    • Deep Snake Bite: posion lasts longer.
  • Shadow Wolf: sends a wolf that tackles the enemy and mauls them.
    • Eclispe Wolf: wolf is faster.
  • Shadow Axe: does an overhead axe attack that creates a black streak.
    • Shadow Battleaxe: adds an underhand swing that launches the enemy into the air.
  • Buffalo Charge: transforms into a buffalo and flips the enemy behind him.
    • Buffalo Blitz: turns around after flipping the enemy behind and rams them.
  • Tomahawk: throws a tomahawk that curses the enemy.
    • Double Tomahawk: throws two tomahawk for more damage.


  • The Trickster Awakes: Nighthawk turns his hand into a snake and bites the enemy's neck. Then, he stomps hard on their leg, shattering their kneecap. Then, he hits them in the head with his axe, severely fracturing their skull.


  • All in One: Nighthawk turns into a giant snake and wraps his opponent in a tight grip and squeezes. He squeezes so hard their head pops off then, he swallows the rest of the body.
  • Tribal Punishment: Nighthawk summons four wolves that rip off his enemy's arms and legs then, he stomps on their head.

Other Finishers

  • Babality: Nighthawk summons a shadow wolf pup which, jumps on him and begins to lick him, as he giggles.
  • Friendship: Nighthawk sharpens his axe as several songbirds land on his shoulders, and begin to sing much to his delight.

Fun Fact

Nighthawk's name came from this one guy in a video tutorial that mistakenly called Nightwolf, Nighthawk.


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