Royality (XD), you will pay for this...

1.My name is José Amado Almonte Portorreal, Amado is a word which means "loved" in Spanish.

2.Perhaps ironically, despite the fact that I am hispanic, I never took elective classes, I have no family out of the country, and no one in the WHOLE (and I mean it) family knows other language than Spanish, I already knew English and French before I was even 6.

3.I learned how to read when I was only 1. The first thing I read was a 32-paged newspaper. Upside Down. Since then I can read both normally and upside down.

4.I can place both legs behind my head.

5.My Favorite Non-MK Character is Shenlong from the Bloody Roar fighting game series.

I Tag...

Mido x MK



Kuro Selas


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