Name: Sandstorm

Age: 32

Elements: Can control sand,wind and fire,other elements are unknown.

Fatalities: Burning Sand (He calls a wave of hot burning sand that covers the victim burning them to ashes),Sandworm (He turns into a worm and eats his victim whole),Gust Bomb(Sandstorm creates an strong wind that rips his victim to pieces),Red Hot Rays (Gathering the sun rays, he makes an strong heat beam that burns his victim to death causing their flash to melt into a puddle of flesh.)

Ailies: Lin Kuei,Sub Zero,Cyrax,(At his time in the Lin Kuei) Noob Saibot

Race: Wraith/Human(was once human,before his death at Rain's hands)

Real Name: Zafir

Has a history with Prince their fathers were bitter against one another....before his death

Battle Cry: I'll grant your wish of death...

Clothes: Light tan eskamo coat,with brown gloves,light tan pants,dark brown mask,black boots..

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