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    October 26, 2012 by Hmm2

    I've been here for around 3 months now, and for at least a month straight now, there has been no one on chat.

    This is not a complaint about very little editing activity.

    This is not a complaint about no one commenting or anything like that.

    This is about chat pretty much going extinct here on this wiki. What(or who) is to blame for the dying out of chat here?

    Please, only logical answers relating to the topic on this blog allowed pleae.

    Til next time,


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  • Hmm2

    Does MK need anymore ninjas?

    September 3, 2012 by Hmm2

    Like the title says, does the MK series need anymore ninja characters?

    I mean, seriously, it looks like just about every power has been taken for ninjas, so there would not be much variety.

    So, what's your opinion? Are anymore ninjas needed? I believe we could have at least one more cyborg ninja join Cyrax and Sektor, yet in reality, everything has been taken for ninjas. Maybe it's time MK got a new character type that could be a big hit.

    Tiil next time,


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  • Hmm2


    July 24, 2012 by Hmm2

    Hello. I am new to wikia, and getting adjusted to the system, and I have some questions:

    What if I am getting constantly harassed or parts of my user page(such as my user talk) are constantly getting vandalized?

    I have seen pages divided into sections, which can each be edited alone and found in the table of contents. How can I create sections?

    I see pages getting edited constantly. How can I know if there is something that must be edited, with all this activity going on?

    Let's say I wanted to create a wiki. How can I add chat?

    That is all for now. Don't hesitate to contact me. And once again...hello!

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  • Hmm2

    So, we all know that Noob Saibot was appearently destroyed in MK9 when he was thrown into the Soulnado. But what if it did not actually kill the Shadow Wraith?

    What if it instead just split him into two characters:one still Noob, but the newly created entity is the elder Sub-Zero, Bi-Han, who is made up of what little humanity remained in Noob? So, we can now have the old Sub-Zero back, while still retaining Cyber Sub-Zero and the Noob we all love.

    What do you think? Is it possible?

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