Hi guys, it's me, iMansoorferoz. And I thought it would be cool if I share my MK fangame here on MKWiki. Since this project is new, I've only released little information.....

  • The game has a 2D fighting plane, but with 3D graphics and looks.
  • The storyline takes place in between MK4 and MK:DA.
  • There will be a variety of fan favorite characters. (Tell me who you would want to see.)
  • I will be showing character artwork and concept arts. (hand drawn)
  • The antagonist of the game will be Shinnok.
  • There will be NEW characters in the game.
  • There will be story mode. (20 chapters)
  • Raiden will be the game's protagonist.
  • There will be a sub-boss in the game.
  • There will be new game modes
  • There will also be NEW fighting mechanics. (Button Buster, Super Attack)
  • There will be returning fighting mechanics. (X-Ray, Klose Kombat, Stage Fatalities)
  • There will be Animalities, Friendships, and Fatalities.

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