okay so this is pure made up stuff but i was thinking... you could 2 of your own fatalities for a character you have had in your head. mine is called marfraw. here are his FATALITIES!

  • fatality # 1. marfraw makes a portal below and above his opponent[ for time it will be jax] and they start falling through. he then takes his sword and cuts jax's head off and well his body and head are still falling he sticks the sword out below them, cutting the head and body in half. he then stops the portals making the pieces fall to the ground.

  • fatality # 2. marfraw takes his sword and cuts jax's waist about half way through. he then waves his hand about at the wound with green energy. he then does that behind him with the green energy turning out to be a portal. he then jumps through and jax explodes. as marfraw comes out he grabs jax's head and shows it to the screen.

well what did you think? tell me if you want improvements

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