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  • Incub7

    KAK- NightHawk

    October 23, 2011 by Incub7

    {{Character_-_Alternative |Name = Nighthawk |Real Name = Nighthawk |Gender = male |Age = 36 |Origin = Earthrealm |Species = Human/Evil spirit |Affiliations = Brotherhood of Shadow |Allies = Quan Chi Shinnok
    |Enemies = Nightwolf Raiden
    Scorpion |Weapons = Tomahawk Bow |Alignment = Evil|image =

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  • Incub7

    Mortal Kombat 10

    October 19, 2011 by Incub7

    Even though Earthrealm has been saved from destruction there are still dangers, and it is up to Raiden and the remaining Earthrealm warriors to repair Earthrealm. But, with the return of the fallen elder god, Shinnok, things won't be easy to get done, and also there is a power struggle for Shao Kahn's Throne, turning Outworld into a war zone. But, there is an even greater danger, one that no one not even the elder gods could have foreseen, Raiden's foolish choices that changed the timeline, have disrupted time itself creating abnormal events such as, two of the same people existing in the same time period and, at times, hasten the flow of time. If this isn't fixed before it is too late it may mean the end of everything that has ever existe…

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  • Incub7

    Now we all hope for the day that Mk 10 will come out but what changes and new features could they make? well one idea of mine (well actually Ridley Prime came up with it, all thanks to him) is a way to discourage spamming of both combos and special moves. if the player uses the same combo or special move over and over again then they become weaker. a meter called the stamania meter should showcase the progress of spamming combos and special moves. if the meter fills up completely than the ability you have been spamming is disabled for a moment and the only way to keep the meter from filling is to mix it up. so what do you think and what are your ideas for new features?

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  • Incub7

    What would you change?

    August 2, 2011 by Incub7

    okay people its time to tell me how you would make the characters that were introduced in mk 4, deadly alliance, and deception suck less. not that all of the new characters in those games were bad they just could have been better.

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  • Incub7

    Fanmade Character: Asura

    July 25, 2011 by Incub7

    Abhay Tandon was born a low caste outcast on the unforgiving streets of India. But, when a Lin Kieu agent sees he successfully stole one of his kunai, he takes the boy to the Lin Kieu headquarters for training. After many years of training Abmay, now called Asura, has become a top operative for the Lin Kieu. He is also one of many members that went through the Cyber Initionitive, and one of many cyborgs to join Sektor's new clan. But, when he faces off against Cyrax in a Tekunin facility his circuits get damaged he enters a hibernation state then, a self-destruct sequence starts for the entire facility. Cyrax takes him to the Special Forces headquarters where Jax and Sonya reactivate him but, he attacks the two agents. But, Cyrax restrains…

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