Even though Earthrealm has been saved from destruction there are still dangers, and it is up to Raiden and the remaining Earthrealm warriors to repair Earthrealm. But, with the return of the fallen elder god, Shinnok, things won't be easy to get done, and also there is a power struggle for Shao Kahn's Throne, turning Outworld into a war zone. But, there is an even greater danger, one that no one not even the elder gods could have foreseen, Raiden's foolish choices that changed the timeline, have disrupted time itself creating abnormal events such as, two of the same people existing in the same time period and, at times, hasten the flow of time. If this isn't fixed before it is too late it may mean the end of everything that has ever existed and ever will exist.



To prevent the spamming of combos and special moves a stamania system has been established. A three segment meter under the health bar will fill up when a combo or special move is repeated in a row but, won't fill up if combos and special moves are mixed up. There are three levels of stamania: the first level, the spammed move is weakened, the second level, the spammed move is slowed, the third level, the spammed move is disable.

Extended Character Creation

I'll think of something for that.

Tag Team Attack

Basically you and your partner will attack at the same time, combining your abilities. so many combinations to choose from such as, Sub-Zero and Scorpion combining their abilities to create frozen hellfire attacks.

The Return of Friendships

all new friendship finishers!


The Cast of MK9 (including rain and kenshi)

New Characters:

  • Tanya
  • Cyber-Smoke
  • Kai
  • Shujinko
  • Fuijin
  • Onaga (playable boss)
  • Sareena
  • Li Mei
  • Bo Rai Cho
  • Reiko
  • Havik
  • Hotaru
  • Darrius
  • Mavado
  • Jarek
  • Shinnok (playable boss)
  • Taven
  • Daegon
  • Blaze (playable boss)
  • Moloch (mid-boss)
  • Lucifer
  • The One Being (Final Boss) (story only)
  • Ryu Hayabusa (Guest)
  • Tremor (DLC)


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Earth Shot: fires a ball of stone
    • Volcanic Shot: explodes on contact.
  • Quake: Punches the ground causing a small tremor that knocks down the enemy.
    • Seismic Slam: Cover the entire stage length
  • Rubble Wave: sends forth a wave of rubble that dissipates quickly
    • Landslide: Increased speed and duration
  • Petrifying Touch: turns his enemy into stone then throws them on to the ground
    • Petrifying Grab: Add two head bashes to the ground before throwing them to the ground
  • Stone Armor: Decreases Damage and can't be grabbed
    • Volcanic Armor: chance to damage the attacker
  • Earthly Shift: Sinks into the ground and comes out somewhere else
    • Seismic Shift: Does an area attack when teleporting


Mind The Rocks: Tremor slams his palm onto his enemy's face fracturing it. Then, he grabs them, petrifies them, and throws them into the air. Then, before they land, he creates a large jagged rock, they land on it and break their back.


Stone Cold Dead: Tremor turns his opponent's legs into stone then he shatters them with a sweep kick. then, he drops a large stone on them crushing them.

Stone Impaler: Tremor knocks his enemy to the ground and summons a spike that impales them. Then, he violently tears them off, ripping them in half horizontally.


For My Master!




Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Witch's Flight: lunges forward, spinning like a corkscrew, with her flaming feet forward.
    • Sorceress' Flight: jumps on her enemy after hitting them with the corkscrew manuver.
  • Surging Blast: sends a blast of fire.
    • Nether Blast: increased damage.
  • Air Blast: In the air sends a blast of fire at a 45 degree angle.
    • Aerial Nether Blast: increased damage.
  • Hexing Circle: does a flaming somersault kick.
    • Witch's Sigil: does it twice in row.
  • Binding: Summons fiery chains from the ground to grab the enemy.
    • Eternal Binding: chains do small repeated damage.
  • Disappearing Act: turns invisible
    • Vanishing Act: increased duration


Witch's Trial: Tanya first knifehand strikes both side of her enemy's neck with great force fracturing it. They fall to their knees then, she comes up behind them and twists their neck breaking it.


Nasty Curse: Tanya jabs her finger into her enemy's chest then takes them out. Suddenly they begin to panic as they become bloated and see slithering shapes under their skin. Then, they explode with snakes slithering from their remains

Anguish & Torment: Tanya cuts off her enemy's arms with two sickles. Then, she cuts open their abdomen and watches their guts spill out.


I will not Fail!



Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Trident: launches a trident from his chest.
    • Twin Tridents: launches two tridents.
  • Invisiblity: turns invisible.
    • Vanish: turns completely invisible.
  • Smoke away/torwards: turns into smoke and dashes forward or back.
    • Phase away/torwards: Increased dash distance.
  • Smoke Bomb: launches a bomb that after a few second explodes and sends them into the air and closer to Smoke.
    • Smoke Rocket: Turns Smoke Bomb into a flying projectile.
  • Teleport: Dissappears then reappears punching them in the back then in the front.
    • Smokeport: adds a dropdown attack.
  • Smoke Screen: released smoke from his body that stuns the enemy.
    • Smoke Shroud: increased area of released smoke.


Black Carbon: Smoke launches a smoke bomb that explodes and stuns his enemy then, he kick them in the face breaking their jaw. Then, he teleports behind them and punches in the back fracturing their spine and knocking them to the ground. Finally he does an elbow drop on them from the air breaking their back.


Ignite: Smoke turns invisible and tears his enemy's arms off. Then, he reappears in front of them and jams a bomb in their mouth. A few seconds later the bomb explodes along with their head.

Need a light?: Smoke jabs his fingers into his enemy's head injecting an unknown vapor into them. Then, he points his finger, which turns out to have a lighter, at their open mouth. The vapor turns out to be flammable as they die from a fiery explosion.


Come on!



Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Fireball: sends out a blast of fire.
    • Double Fireball: sends out two blasts of fire.
  • Twister Kick: does a handstand while spinning with his legs out.
    • Hurricane Kick: moves forward.
  • Renegade Kick: does a fiery drop kick
    • Rebel Kick: does a shoulder ram after the kick.
  • Panther Leap: leaps forward with a double claw strike.
    • Alpha Panther Leap: after hitting them with the intial attack he grabs and throws them.
  • Rage of the Tiger: counterattack combos.
    • Fury of the Tiger: faster counterattack.
  • Thunderstorm: uses raiden's staff to bring down three bolts of lightning.
    • Malestrom: bolts will stun.


Unleash The Beast: Kai does a tiger claw strike on his enemy's throat damaging their windpipe. Then, as they struggle to catch their breath he drop kicks their head fracturing.


Melon Crusher: Kai crushes his enemy's head with his spiked club then, he tears them in half horizontally.

Shock & Cut: Kai uses Raiden's staff to electrocute his opponent then, while they are still dazed he cuts of their head with his gurkha knife.


For Earthrealm!


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Chi Blast: unleashes a blast of blue energy.
    • Chi Laser: becomes a stage length blast of blue energy.
  • Study Move: copies a random special move from his enemy.
    • Master Move: copies a random enhanced move from his enemy.
  • Hand of God: powerful palm strike attack.
    • Hand of the Elder Gods: adds a knockback effect.
  • Natural Energy: grants a health boost.
    • Divine Energy: grants a damage boost.
  • Crescent Kick: don't know how to explain this so here's a diagram:
    • Full Moon Kick: does it twice.
  • Wind Walk: gives a chance to dodge projectiles.
    • Wind Run: gives faster movement.


Acupunture: Shujinko jabs his fingers on his opponent's sensitive muscle points. Then, he palm strikes their chest, fracturing their rib cage. Then, he knifehand strikes the temple area of their head, severely fracturing the side of their skull.


Give It All Back: Shujinko absorbs his enemy's natural energies then, he grabs his enemy's face. Suddenly an omnious glow comes from their head then, their head explodes, as their own natural energy overloaded them.

Execute: Shujinko cuts off his enemy's head with his dao sword. Then, he stabs his dao into their neck stump.


Wind guide me.


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Tornado Wind: launches a small tornado that spins the enemy, dazing them
    • Hurricane Wind: launches them into the air.
  • Gusting Cyclone: spins to suck in his enemy, and throw them.
    • Swirling Typhoon: spins them a few times before throwing them.
  • Whirlwind Ride: suspends himself in the air then dives at his opponent.
    • Tornado Ride: spins as he dives for more damage.
  • Wind Barrier: redirects projectiles.
    • Cyclone Barrier: redirects projectiles faster.
  • Gyro Kick: jump kick with a 540 rotation with an additional 180 before landing.
    • Super Gyro Kick: adds another 180.
  • Air Lift: uses wind to lift and slam down his opponent.
    • Tornado Lift: lifts them up higher for more damage.


Twist In The Wind: Fujin suspends his opponent in the air then, drops them, fracturing their back and a few of their ribs. Then, he blasts a gust of wind that sends his enemy tumbling, fracturing their legs and skull.


Wind Cutter: Fujin traps his opponent in a tornado then, he makes slashing motions with his arm. Then, he stops the tornado to reveal that they have been cut to pieces.

Nothing But Hot Air: Fujin forefully opens his opponent's mouth then, begins to send air into them. He continues to do so until they explode from the pressure.


kneel before me!


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Fire Breath: spews out a stream of flames.
    • Dragon Breath: flames are bigger.
  • Dragon's Fire: spews of a concentrated blast of fire.
    • Great Dragon's Fire: spews out three blasts of fire.
  • Jumping Stomp: jumps then comes back down to create a shockwave.
    • Flying Stomp: can be delayed.
  • Dragon Grab: flies and grabs his enemy, does a loop then throws them.
    • Dragon Grasp: does another faster loop before throwing them.
  • Wing Wind: flaps his wings to create wind that blows back his enemy.
    • Wing Gust: wind slams his enemy against the stage end.
  • Raise Dead: summons an undead warrior that blocks projectiles and can withstand one combo hit before disappearing.
    • Raise Greater Dead: undead warrior retaliates when hit by a combo.


The One True King: Onaga flies torwards his enemy and shoulder rams their chest, fracturing their ribcage. Then, he grabs them and flies up then, he does a spiraling high speed piledriver that breaks their neck and shatters their skull.


King's Decree: Onaga summons four undead warriors that stab his enemy at different positions to prevent their escape. Then, he spews a fireball that completely burns away his opponent.

On Top of the World: Onaga grabs his enemy and flies up, so much that they are above the clouds. Then, he drops and when they hit the ground all that is left is blood splatter and broken remains.


This is going to be quick!


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Throwing Knife: tosses a knife straight into her opponent's head.
    • Demon's Knife: knife becomes enflamed.
  • Five-Star Kick: does five consecutive kicks in a row.
    • Pentagram Kick: adds two more kicks.
  • Gut Punch: punches her enemy in the gut to disable them.
    • Gut Buster: twists her fist while in the gut for more damage.
  • Skull Bash: grabs her opponent and headbutts them
    • Skull Charge: after the headbutt she knocks them away with shoulder ram.
  • Hellfire Punch: covers her first in fire and does a straight punch.
    • Hellfire Strike: creates an explosion when the punch connects, knocking the enemy away
  • Stealth Attack: flips behind her opponent and knees them in the back, disabling them.
    • Assassin Attack: stomps on their back after the knee strike.


Netherrealm's Best: Sareena flips behind her opponent and stabs her knife deep into their back, fracturing their spine. Then, she grabs them by the shoulders and throws them back onto the ground, shattering the back of their skull.


Hell Star: Sareena throws a knife into her opponent's chest then, it becomes enflamed and sinks into their body. Then, the knife repeatedly goes in and out of the body at incredible speed that it makes a pentagram shape. The opponent then dies of their numerous stab wounds.

Face of the Demon: Sareena turns into her true demon, frightened her opponent tries to run but she grabs them. Then, she repeatedly slams them into the ground until she crushes their body, leaving only their arms, legs, head, and bits of their torso.

Li Mei

For my people!


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Nova Blast: fires a blast of purple energy.
    • Supernova Blast: much larger projectile.
  • Flipping Heel Kick: flips forward kicking her opponent with an overhead kick and landing on her feet.
    • Spinning Heel Kick: adds another kick before landing.
  • Side Flip Kick: flips on her side and comes down with an axe kick.
    • Side Spin Kick: flips for a longer distance.
  • Dragon Strike: does a palm strike with an image of a purple dragon along her arm.
    • Great Dragon Strike: after the intial attack the dragon charges at them.
  • Chi Charge: stands for a moment storing her chi then releases a series of kicks and punches.
    • Grand Chi Charge: faster chi charge.
  • Carnival Spin: spins backward and kicks her opponent in a impossible fashion.
    • Carnival Twist: kicks them twice.


Grand Rebellion: Li Mei does a scissor kick on her opponent, bring her and them down to the ground. Then, using her legs she twists their neck fracturing it. Then, she flips up and kicks them in the crotch, fracturing their pelvis.


Head Rocket: Li Mei flip kicks her enemy's head off and catches it after she lands. Then, she starts chanting as the head begins to glow purple then, launches it at the body making it explode.

For the Revolution: Li Mei cuts her enemy's legs off her sword then, she stabs them in the throat and pull ups, cutting their head into two pieces.

Bo' Rai Cho

This will be over soon.


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Puke Puddle: pukes on the ground that can make the enemy.
    • Puke Pond: puke puddle is stage length.
  • Belly Bash: dashes torward his enemy and jumps belly first and crushes then bounces back.
    • Big Belly Bash: bounces twice.
  • Vomit Ball: spews a ball of vomit at his oppoent.
    • Vomit Blast: ball of vomit is bigger.
  • Belly Launch: pushes his belly out and if it connects with his opponent it knocks them away.
    • Belly Catapult: launches them in the air instead.
  • Sake Fire: takes a drink of sake and blows on torch which unleashes a stream of flames.
    • Special Sake Fire: flames stick for a little while longer.
  • Drunken Barrage: does a series of punches with unusual pattern and coordination.
    • Alchololic Barrage: adds a belly launch into it.


Drunk Master: Bo' Rai Cho trips his enemy with his staff but, before they fall he grabs their leg and breaks it. Then, he jumps and lands belly first on to them, breaking their ribcage and puncturing their lungs.


Awful Drink: Bo' Rai Cho makes his enemy drink a special sake of his, and backs away. Then, he watches as his opponent begins to vomit then, they puke out their internal organs.

Stick To It: Bo' Rai Cho takes his staff and snaps it into four pieces. Then, he stabs his opponent's shoulder with two of the pieces. Then, he uses another to stab their forehead then, he uses the remaining piece to hammer the previous piece into their brain.


Obey or Die!


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Assassin Star: throws a shruiken.
    • Assassin Stars: throws a stack of shruikens.
  • Reaper-Port: Reiko steps into a portal then appears behind his opponent and slashes them with a sycthe.
    • Death-Port: does a three hit combo with the sycthe after teleporting.
  • Charging Pain: does a shoulder charge with a bluish aura.
    • Charging Death: does an automatic uppercut after the charge.
  • Choke: grabs his opponent, lifts them and chokes them with one hand.
    • Violent Choke: after choking them he slams them on to the ground.
  • Hammer Spin: spins forward with his hammer outwards, this will daze reiko.
    • Hammer Cyclone: Spins at a faster rate.
  • General Strike: does a backhand fist strike that knocks away the opponent.
    • Emperor Strike: backhand cause his opponent to be sent flying across the stage.


Kahn's Trade: Reiko uppercuts his opponent into the air, breaking their jaw. Then, as they come down, he hits them with his hammer, breaking several bones and sending them flying back.


Back Around: Reiko creates a portal behind himself, and throws a sycthe into it then steps to the side. Then, a portal opens behind the opponent and a spinning sycthe cuts them in half, the same one Reiko threw.

Rip & Tear: Reiko puts his foot on his opponent's chest while holding their arms then, he tears their arms off. Then, he rips their head in half and stuffs each half into the arm stumps.


Let Chaos begin!


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Chaos Ball: Sends a blast of redish energy.
    • Chaotic Blast: blast causes the enemy to act randomly.
  • Torso Spin: spins his torso, using fist to strike his opponent.
    • Torso Twist: spins for a bit longer.
  • Corpse Dive: Havik dives under his opponent and thrusts up, launching them into the air.
    • Corpse Lunge: after launching them he grabs their leg and throws them down to the ground.
  • Ground Crawler: Bends backwards and goes on all fours then, suddenly rolls forward.
    • Manic Crawler: after hitting them with the roll attack he walks backwards on to them.
  • Arm Stretch: stretches his arms to grab his opponent from a distance to bring himself closing to them.
    • Arm Elastic: does a knee strike as brings himself closer to his enemy.
  • Chewy: dislocates his own jaw then bites his opponent's entire head with great force.
    • Good Chewy: does several weaker bites before the big bite.


A Day of Anarchy: Havik grabs his opponent while twisting his torso and dragging them on the ground, fracturing their rips and the facial part of their skull. Then, he stomps hard on their back, breaking their spine.


Pull up: Havik uses his morning star to hit his opponent into the ground, up to their torso. Then, he grabs their arms and begins to pull in an attempt "get them out". But, the stretching of their body is too much strain on them and end up being ripped in half which, Havik laughs at.

Hearts and Minds: Havik rips out his opponent's heart then, he rips out their brain. Then, he looks at the organs and puts the brain where the heart should be then, he eats their heart.


You will learn your place!


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Lava Burst: throws a ball of magma to the ground, sending the opponent into the air.
    • Volcano Burst: sends out a pillar of lava after the magma hits the ground.
  • Fury Punch: Dashes forward with a straight punch, leaving a trail of lava behind him.
    • Wrath Punch: adds a few punches after the intial punch.
  • Plasma Flash: uses a bright light to temporaily blind his opponent, leaving them open to attack.
    • Plasma Flare: opponent's super meter is drained when they are blinded.
  • Eruption:summons a pillar of lava to burn, and toss his enemy into the air.
    • ​Massive Eruption: lava pillar is larger.
  • ​Naginta Swing: swings his naginta in a wide arc.
    • ​Naginta Flurry: after the swing he dashes in for a few quick thrusts.
  • ​Grasshopper: jumps forward using both of his knees to strike his opponent.
    • ​Ant and Grasshopper: adds a double palm strike.


I will have order!: Hotaru dashes forward with his naginta, stabbing his opponent and lifting them in the air. Then, he throws them down to the ground, shattering their skull. Then, he stabs his naginta in their back, fracturing their spine.


A Message: Hotaru kick his opponent high into the air and plants his naginta into the ground. Then, the opponent land on Hotaru's naginta, impaled from their rectum and out their mouth.

Dutiful Execution: Hotaru turns his opponent around then make his hand glow a fiery orange. Then, he places his hands on sides of his opponent's head then, they start to panic as their eyes begin to glow a fiery orange. Suddenly lava pours out of their eyes and mouth, and soon after that, blood pours out, then, they fall to the ground dead.


Show me what you got!


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Tricky Blast: fires a bluish projectile from his gauntlet blade.
    • Twin Trickster Blast: fires two projectiles.
  • Kick Twister: does three spin kicks in a row
    • Kick Tornado: spin kicks are faster.
  • Shruiken Twist: does a quick aerial butterfly kick.
    • Hyper Shruiken Twist: does it twice before landing.
  • Gauntlet Punch: does a straight punch with his gauntlet blade.
    • Gauntlet Barrage: adds in a couple of quick jabs.
  • Grapple Counter: if grabbed Darrius counterattacks.
    • Grapple Takedown: instead of a simple attack he does a counter-grab.
  • Gauntlet Dash: quickly dashes to stab his enemy with his blade gauntlets.
    • Gauntlet Rush: starts much faster.


Convicted Felon: Darrius does a gauntlet dash and drives his gauntlet blades deep into his opponent's chest, fracturing their ribs and puncturing their lungs. Then, he does a suplex, breaking their skull, while at the same time removing the blades from their chest.


Spinal Sword: Darrius turns his opponent around and jams his hand deep into their back. Then, he tears out their spine and uses it to stab through the back of their skull.

The Ol' Switcharoo: Darrius tears off his opponent's arms and switches them with their legs. Then, he tears off their head and switches it with with their pelvis then, darrius just pushes them over.


Let's do this.


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Spike Kick: kicks forward using his boot spikes
    • Razor Kick: increased speed.
  • Grapple Hook: grabs his opponent from a distance with his grappling hook.
    • Claw Grip: increased damage.
  • Intimidation: grants a slight damage boost.
    • Rage: a small amount of the super meter is generated.
  • Hook Strike: uses his grapple hooks to launch and tackle his enemy.
    • Claw Strike: after tackling them Mavado stomps on their chest.
  • Tonfa Shocker: electrocutes his enemy with a hidden electric tonfa.
    • Thunder Tonfa: after electrocuting them he headbutts them twice.
  • Dragon Slash: links his hookswords together and swings them at his opponent.
    • Red Dragon Slash: adds an overhead linked slash.


I Have You Now!: Mavado uses his Hook Strike ability to knock his opponent to the ground. Then, while both of them are the ground, he grabs their head and slams it face first against the ground, fracturing the facial part of their skull. Then, he picks them up by their head and electrocutes them with his tonfa then, he tosses them away.


That Should Shut You Up: Mavado slashes his opponent's throat his hooksword. Then, while they are struggling to stop the bleeding, he cuts off the top porportion of their head.

Standing Rack: Mavado sticks two grapple hook deep into the ground then, he sticks the other end of the hooks into their back. Then, he grabs them by their arms and pulls until their front half of their body is torn off.


I'm going to enjoy this.


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Tri-Blade: throws a star shaped blade.
    • Six-Blade: throws two blades.
  • Bull Charge: charges forward, headbutting his enemy.
    • Bull Rush: increased damage.
  • Axe Throw: throws an axe at his opponent that knocks them down.
    • Axe-Rang: doesn't knock them down but, the axe does comes back around to hit them from behind.
  • Guilotine Drop: while in the air, Jarek comes down with a powerful double axe kick.
    • Guilotine Crash: increased speed.
  • Suplex: Jarek performs a quick suplex maneuver on his opponent.
    • Souplesse: after putting them on the ground he twists their body.
  • ​Berserker Fist: Dashes forward punching his enemy then, punches them again with a hook.
    • ​Blind Fury Fist: adds a downward elbow strike on their head and an uppercut.


Anger Management: Jarek does an overhead axe chop on his opponent's head, breaking their skull. Then, he puts them in a guilotine chokehold, fracturing their neck and damaging their wind pipe.


Broken Eagle: Jarek drives his hands deeps into his opponent's back and tears open their back, revealing their lungs. Then, he rips out both of their lungs and crushes them in his hands.

Axe Spiltter: Jarek chops his opponent's head in half with his axe. Then, he decides to drive his axe all the down to waist, nearly cutting them in half vertically.


Earthrealm will be mine!


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Shinnok Blast: fires a dark purplish blast of energy.
    • Shinnok Beams: fires a high and low dark purplish beams of energy.
  • Judgement Fist: summons a giant skeletal hand to punch his opponent.
    • Fists of the Fallen: summons two giant skeletal hands to do a three hit combo.
  • Hell's Hand: summons a giant skeletal hand to grab and throw the opponent.
    • Hand of the Abysss: hand squeezes the opponent before throwing them.
  • Portal: summons a portal that he walks into and reappears on the other side of the stage.
    • Gates of Hell: does Shinnok Beams after reappearing.
  • Illusion: creates a copy of himself that if touched, will confuse the opponent.
    • Apparation: the copy moves around.
  • Waves of Darkness: creates two waves of dark energy on the ground that go in opposite directions.
    • Waves of Evil: waves are larger.


God's Revenge: Shinnok uses his amulet to blind his opponent. Then, he summons two giant skeletal hands to slam against them, fracturing their entire skeleton. Then, he does a direct punch to their chest, shattering a few of their ribs and sternum.


Torn to Pieces: Shinnok summons several portals around his opponent, and skeletal arms come out of the portals. Then, the arms each grab an arm and an leg of the enemy's, and pulls them until they are torn into apart in four pieces.

Fires of Hell: Shinnok constantly unleases his Shinnok Beams on his opponent until all their flesh burns away.


Prepare yourself!


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Inner Fire: launches a blast of fire that burns his opponent.
    • Deeper Burning: unleashes a stream of flames instead of a blast of fire.
  • Ring of Honor: punches the ground to unleash a ring of fire.
    • Rings of Argus: Unleashes two rings.
  • Speed of Light: dashes with unbeliveable speed past his enemy three times striking them each time.
    • Speed of the Gods: performs the movement once more.
  • Dragon Sword: does a quick combo with his drakesword. first, a horizontal slash then, an overhead slash, followed by another horizontal slash.
    • Sword of Orin: adds an underhand slash to the combo and the sword becomes enflamed.
  • Warp: teleports away and comesback behind his opponent with a sword slash.
    • Spacial Shift: teleports much faster.
  • Time Stop: instantly stops the movements of his opponent if they are directly in front of him.
    • Chrono-Freeze: Opponent's Super Meter is drained while they are stopped.


The End Game: Taven uses Speed of Light to daze his opponent and, on the last dash he delivers an elbow strike to their back, shattering their spine. Then, he warps in front of them and stabs them in the chest with his sword, fracturing their ribcage and puncturing their heart.


Killing Time: Taven grabs his enemy's head as a grayish aura appears around both of them. Suddenly they begin to panic as their skin and muscles fade away from their body. Lastly they are turned into a skeleton that tries to walk but, instead it falls and crumbles into pieces.

Slash n' Burn: Taven destroys his opponent's head with a fireball. Then, he slashes them in half horizontially then, quickly slices them in half vertically.


I will cut you down!


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Fiery Hand: launches a blast of fire shaped like a hand doing a palm strike.
    • Palm of Flame: increased size.
  • Blade Roll: rolls forward with his swords outward.
    • Sword Roll: grinds his opponent after hitting them with the intial roll attack.
  • X-Slash: slashes with his two swords in an x shape fashion.
    • Double X-Slash: does it twice.
  • Dragon Rush: does a standard shoulder charge but a dragon roar is heard afterwards.
    • Dragon Blitz: after hitting his opponent with the shoulder charge he does a double palm strike.
  • Fist of Flame: launches himself into the air with a fiery uppercut.
    • Claw of the Red Dragon: after hitting them with the uppercut he performs a mid air combo on them.
  • Rings of Hatred: spins his swords together as he walks torward.
    • Caro's Hate: the swords become enflamed and more spins are added for increased duration and damage.


No Mercy: Daegon grabs his opponent's head with both of his hands and head bashes them three times, breaking their skull. They fall to the ground and Daegon falls and lays over them, impaling both of their arms with his swords, shattering the bones of their arms.


Red Dragon Sash: Daegon slices his opponent's stomach open with his swords then, he reaches inside and tears out their digestive track.

Body Desposal: Daegon uppercuts his opponent into the air and begins to spin his swords above his head at incredible speeds. Then, his opponent falls onto his spinning blades and are cut into tiny fleshy bits.


Face Me!


Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Flame Blast: unleashes a blast of fire that a burning trail.
    • Blaze Blast: increased size.
  • Lava-port: turns and sinks into lava and reappears somewhere else.
    • Volcano-port: burst out the lava, knocking his opponent away.
  • Fissure: cracks open the earth and fire and lava spews out of it.
    • Grand Fissure: spews out fire that lingers on the ground.
  • Boulder Charge: turns into a molten boulder and rams into his opponent
    • Volcanic Ram: after hitting them with charge attack he unleashes an explosion that burns them and knocks them away.
  • Unleash Fire: using his entire body Blaze unleashes a giant stream of fire.
    • Flames of the End: becomes stage length.
  • Molten Trap: Blaze summons lava beneath his opponent and onto their legs and hardens it, preventing them from moving for a short time.
    • Molten Prison: increased duration and burns the opponent while they are trapped.


Hotspot: Blaze entraps his opponent in a giant ball of lava and compacts it, fracturing their entire skeleton and burning them. Then, Blaze uses Lava-port to appear underneath his opponent then, he bends them on his back, breaking their spine.


Armageddon: Blaze roars and as he roars giant pillars of fire burst out of the ground. The pillars eventually consume the entire stage and reduce both the opponent and Blaze into ash.

Melting Pot: Blaze spews lava onto his opponent and their skin starts to melt off from their body. Then, he makes a small pool of lava which, the opponent sinks into, but, Blaze closes the pool when the opponent is halfway through sinking, leaving only their now skinless upper half to die.


Special Moves

  • Power Ball: unleashes a blast of energy from his orb.
  • Ground Slam: slams his orb onto the ground, releasing a shockwave.
  • Hammer Throw: Moloch spins for a moment before he throws his orb at his opponent.
  • Ball n' Chain: Moloch does a wide area swing with his orb and its chain.
  • Oni Rage: Moloch grabs his opponent and slams them on the ground three times.
  • Beast Charge: Moloch charges forward at his opponent.


Oni Destroyer: Moloch grabs his opponent and squeezes their head with both of his hands, severly fracturing their skull. Then, he throws them and slams his orb onto them, shattering their spine and breaking a few ribs.


Orb Crusher: Moloch swings his orb around above his head before slamming it down on to his opponent, crushing them.

Death By Oni: Moloch grabs his opponent and bites off their head and spits it out on the ground. Then, he pulls on their body and rips it in half.


Lucifer hero machine

Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Hell Blast: conjures a large sphere of hellfire and fires it at his enemy.
    • Devil's Sphere: sphere conjures up a pillar of fire when it hits the enemy.
  • Demon Winds: unleashes a burst of cold air to freeze his opponent.
    • Winds of Hell: increased range.
  • Devil's Flight: charges at his enemy while surrounding himself with dark magic.
    • Hell's Flight: creates magic orbs that deal increased damage.
  • Light of the Fallen: floats into the air and unleashes a burst of light that drains some of his opponent's health.
    • Black Sun: drains the opponent's super meter
  • Pit of Fire: Summons a portal of fire and pushes his opponent into it, burning them. They reappear behind him.
    • Pits of Hell: the opponent goes through multiple portals before falling on their head.
  • Hell-Port: Lucifer vanishes and reappears somewhere else, leaving behind a few feathers from his black wings.
    • Devil-Port: when Lucifer teleports he creates a surge of dark magic that stuns his opponent.


Paradise Lost: Lucifer uses Devil-port to stun his opponent then, he uppercuts into the air, breaking their jaw. Then, he flies up above them and kicks them, knocking them to the ground and shattering their spine, back of their skull, and breaking their ribs.


Give 'Em Hell: Lucifer creates a burst of fire below his enemy, burning them alive. Then, he teleports behind them and releases a blast of magic that leaves a large hole in their chest, ending their life.

The Greatest Punishment: Lucifer creates a portal and pushes his opponent into it. They hear tormented screams before nine large spikes impale them from all around. Then, Lucifer appears before his dead opponent and tears off their mutilated head.

The One Being


my design of The One Being that i made in Hero Machine 3.0.

Special Moves

  • Blast of Creation: unleashes a large blast of golden energy.
  • Reality Warp: The One Being flips the stage, reversing both of their controls.
  • Power Drain: disables a random special move for a short time.
  • Elder Beam: unleashes a multi-colored beam of energy.
  • Judgement: creates an aura around his opponent each a different color with different effects (green: standard damage, red: fire blue: stun, purple: knockback, yellow: confusion, gold: air suspension.)
  • Absorb Creation: grabs his opponent to drain their health to restore his own.


Before the Almighty: The One Being uses his power to suspend his opponent up in the air, and drops them. Then, he kicks them in the back, shattering their spine, then, he teleports in front of them and punches them in the chest, shattering their ribcage. Finally, he teleports above them and unleashes an Elder Beam at close range.


The Beginning of the End: The One Being uses his reality warping powers to summon his own band of the Elder Gods in their truest forms and commands them to attack the opponent. They each grabbed on to the opponent's body with their teeth and tear them apart and consumes them.

Final Day: The One Being creates a strange swirling vortex in the sky above his opponent. They look up at it as it unleashes a series of bolts of golden lightning onto them. After the "lightning show" the opponent stands for a short moment before disintergrating.

Ryu Hayabusa

Special Moves/Enhanced Moves

  • Shruiken: tosses a shruiken at his opponent
    • Windmill Shruiken: a shruiken comes back around
  • Blink: disappears with a puff of smoke to reappear behind his opponent
    • Ninja Blink: stabs his enemy in the back after teleporting
  • Guilotine Throw: Ryu jumps over his opponent grabbing by the head against his shoulder and then does a centrifugal flip, throwing his opponent a long distance.
    • Guilotine Launch: increased damage
  • Wind Blades: sends three blades of wind at his opponent.
    • Vacuum Wave: blades move upwards and downwards while going forward
  • Inazuma: Charges up and unleashes a bolt of lightning onto his opponent
    • Arashi: unleashes three bolts of lightning
  • Ice Storm: surrounds himself with a whirlwind of ice
    • ​Burizādo: whirlwind is larger


Izuna Technique: Ryu slashes his opponent into the air then, he jumps up to them and slashes them a few times in the chest, fracturing their ribcage and damaging internal organs. Then, he blinks above them and does a spinning dive attack and sending his opponent crashing into the ground, shattering skull.


Obliteration: Ryu slashes off his opponent's arms then, he stabs them in their mid-section and throws thems. Then, he walks up to them, as they lay on the ground, and slices their head off.

Team Work: using his Ninpo techniques Ryu creates a doppleganger of himself then, the clone flips behind his opponent and stabs through the back. Then, Ryu stabs through the throat then, both of them do a quick, both beheading and Bisecting the opponent.

New Fatalities


Cold Hearted: Sub-Zero thrusts his hand into his opponent's chest and freezes their heart. Then, he crushes their frozen heart and removes his hand from their chest, letting his opponent fall.

Icy Fury: Sub-Zero cuts his opponent in half with his kori blade, and kicks their upper half into the air and freezes it. Then, at the right moment, he punches their upper body, shattering it into pieces.


Drag N' Cut: Scorpion plants his sword into the ground, and launches his kunai at his opponent and pulls them. They loose their balance and fall to the ground then, Scorpion quickly pulls their body across the ground and into his sword, slicing them in half.

Burning Sensation: Scorpion walks up to his opponent and stabs them in the gut with his sword. Then, while they are struggling to stop the bleeding, Scorpion grabs their head and unleashes a blast of fire breathe at point blank range, incinerating their entire head.

Johnny Cage

Up the Volume: Johnny beats his opponent in the head with a microphone stand, making their head all bloody. The mic stands breaks and Johnny stabs them in the head with the rest of the stand.

Cage Fu: Johnny Cage karate chops his opponent's head. Then, he roundhouse kicks their torso off their lower bofy.

Liu Kang

Splitting Leg: Liu Kang disappears in a whirl of fire then, he is shown dropping a drop down kick with his entire leg engulfed in flames. His legs makes contacts with his opponent's head, crushing it, and bisects the rest of their body.

Shaolin Pentalty: Liu Kang sweep kicks his opponent, knocking them to the ground, then, he flips behind them. He then steps on their back while pulling their arms, until the arms tear off, then, he gives the opponent a swift kick to the back of their neck, breaking it, to stop their screaming.


Heads Will Roll: Kano gouges his opponent's eyes out then, while his opponet is wreathing in pain, he cuts their head off with his knife. The head then slides off and rolls away from their body.

Skin A Man: Kano grabs his opponent and spins them. Then, he takes his knife and lets the edge hit their body, while moving up and down. When they have stopped spinning, they are without skin and fall dead, with long curly pieces of their skin on the ground.

Kung Lao

Three Cutter: Kung Lao does a sweeping slice with his hat, cutting off his opponent's legs. Then, just as they fall, he bisects them then, he slices off their head.

Catch!: Kung Lao throws his hat in a vertical direction at his opponent, cutting their upper body vertically in half.


Compactor: Ermac using his telekinetic powers lift his opponent into the air, and begins to press their body inward. He does so until they are turned into a ball of flesh and blood, which, Ermac picks up and throws at the camera.

Skeletal Removal: Ermac hold his opponent with his powers then, his opponent begins to scream in pain. Suddenly a burst of blood comes from their body, their entire skeleton torn from their body. Then, Ermac,holding the skeleton in the air, rips it apart with his telekinetic powers.


Acid Bite: Reptile lunges onto his opponent and bites their neck, and leaps off. A few seconds they scream in pain, and an x-ray of their insides is shown, showing their major organs being melted by the acid injected earlier.

Ravenous Hunger: Reptile uses his tongue to grab and pull off his opponent's arms, and eats them. Then, he lunges onto his opponent, biting and clawing at them for a few seconds then, he gets up and looks at the mangled corspe before licking the blood off his face.


Fan Shredder:Kitana uses fan lift to levitate her opponent in a whirlwind. Then, she throws both of her fans into it, and the fans shred them into pieces.

Royal Pain: Kitana uses her teleport to appear behind her opponent, stabbing them in the back with her fan blades. Then, she opens the fans and splits opens her opponent's back then, she closes her fans and stab all the way through.


Sweet Vibrations: Sindel uses here Banshee Scream on her opponent then, they begin to shake. They increasingly shake more violent and explode into pieces.

Killer Heels: Sindels stabs her opponent's throat with her heel then, grabs their head. Next, she flips behind, while still grasping their head, tearing their head off.


Razor Back Around: Jade tosses her two razor-rangs which, slices off her opponent's legs. Then, one comes back to jade while, the other slices off their head from behind.

Jade Javelin: Jade throws her staff which, impales them in mid chest. Then, she does a series of front flips towards her opponent, and grabs her staff and flips behind them, tearing the staff out and ripping their upper body apart.


Gut Spiller: Mileena cuts her opponent's lower body open wither sais, spilling out their guts on to the ground. Then, she rips her sais then, kicks their upper body, knocking it off from their rest of their body.

Face Eater: Mileena throws her sais into her opponent's shoulders then, she leaps onto them and acts seductively. But, she quickly shows her maddened behavior by biting their face, and knocking them to the ground. A few seconds later she gets with their head in her mouth, expect it as no facial skins whatsoever.


Thunder Arrow: Nightwolf shoots his opponent with arrows, up to five arrows in total. Then, he takes out one last arrow but, this one he charges with lightning, and it hits the opponent, explodes destorying their entire upper body.

Curse of the Wolf: Nightwolf falls onto his knees and turns into a werewolf, and turns his sights to his opponent. He sprints to them and slashes their face then, jams both of his claws into their body, all the way through and out their back. He then violently rips his claws out, they fall to the ground and Nightwolf returns to normal.


Boom!: Cyrax launches a series of tiny projectiles into his opponent, and a few seconds pass a beeping sound starts going. A few more seconds pass and the opponent's head explode then, their entire upper body explodes afterwards.

Buzz Launcher Cyrax grabs his opponent and throws them into the air, and launches a large sawblade at their direction. The sawblade grinds through their body before successfully cut them in half, their entrails fall onto the floor before their bisected corpse falls.

Noob Saibot

Saibot Rip: Noob Saibot launches a black ooze at his opponent's head which, crawls down their throat. Then, the opponent's eyes turn black and start to ooze then, they grab their own head and rip it off with their spine. Then, a new head forms which, is revealed to Saibot's, who just absorbs the opponent's body into itself, leaving nothing but a headless skeleton.

Shadow Rocket: Noob Saibot creates a portal behind himself which, he enters. Then, a few seconds later another portal appears behind the opponent, and Noob Saibot comes out like a rocket and tears through his opponent with his entire body, leaving a bloody mess of a corpse.


Head of Steam: Smoke turns himself invisible, and punches his opponent in the gut. He reappears behind them, with his hand turned to smoke, and jams his hand into the back of their hand. He places smoke from his fist inside their head, and when he removes it all the heat in their head bursts causing their head to explode.

Dead Heat: Smoke raises his hand in the air and large amount of heat comes out of his opponent, and into his hand. Then, after absorbing of their heat, Smoke release a giant burst of steam that instantly melts his opponent away because of the extreme amount of heat from the steam.


Light It Up!: Sektor jams his hand into his opponent's chest. A few seconds later several streams of fire burst from their body, and a few seconds they explode in a large fiery explosion.

Pulse-ality: Sektor teleports in front of his opponent and slices them in off with his pulse blades diagonally in both directions. But, their body falls to the ground he quickly does an underhand slash, vertically cutting their remains in half.

MORE TO COME!! Incub7, the Insane 23:29, October 19, 2011 (UTC)

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