• Injustice god

    Hello boys and ghals(if there's any lol), i was looking some interviews about MKX and as a lot of you might already know, Ed Boon confirmed that the roster shown at E3 was a placeholder, maybe he was talking about the design, the slots, the shadows in the slots, etc, so anyway, he said that the character slots we're to separated so that could enable them to put in some more slots in the spaces to fill, so i decided to fill them till no more could be added with the already shown design with my poor photoshop skills and made this:

    1.-As you can see, i've added way more slots, the main slots would be the two rows of 15 slots and the DLC would be the row on top, with 11 slots (10 MK characters and a guest character) so as you can see, the added…

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