OK, everyone! Since some of the players of this game think it could be better, by adding new challenges to it, I tried to come up with a plan to make it more interesting, yet easy.

The rules:

1) Quotes and descriptions of character can still be considered as riddles; just as the original game was made.

2) This will now be turned into a competition between users. The winner will not get a prize, whatsoever, but it will make the game more interesting, and challenging, with now the objective being to win. The competition bases on the same rules as before, only that now, every time a user gets a riddle right, he'll get a point. I'll personally count the points three times a day, since I'm on vacation now. Sunday 17th, the competition will end, though the post will remain open if any other users want to play, competition now over.

3) I'll anounce the winner Sunday night, counting all the points that users have won until then.

4) Unregistered users that answer correctly won't get any ponts, and others that say that it was them, and that they forgot to sign in, won't get them either, as they have to be logged in to recieve a point.

5) I doubt you want to GIVE other users points, so I'll be setting different challenges through the week the competition may last. Other users that want to add challenges, they are free to do so, that will be completely upon them, but the user that answers correctly will get a point, no matter the person that wrote the riddle in first place. ;)

6) The last rule: I just made this competition for fun, and don't wish it being the reason of a conflict, so any complaints you have, please leave a message on my talk page, regardless what the problem is.


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