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  • Jamyz

    X-ray fear

    January 20, 2012 by Jamyz

    We all know landing a X-ray on someone is pretty awesome but what if you're the one getting hit and what if you could see through the eyes of the one getting hit not the player's eye i mean the character's eyes.

    for example what if you got hit with baraka's X-ray just imagine being lifted up by his blades while he laughs in your face just before he stabs your neck and eye socket then kicks you off or or johnny cages where you think you're gonna hit him then he punches your nuts 3 times and elbows your spine or noob saibots where he has a shadow hold your arms while noob punches your face then the shadow knees your back then noob kicks your stomach making you throw up.

    so who's X-ray has the biggest fear factor.

    my choice is Baraka's

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  • Jamyz

    Netherrealm studios has announced a complete edition for MK9 which has all DLC characters and.....yea thats it oh and it comes with the mortal kombat movie. yay i guess

    when i heard about this i thought it would come with more stuff like brutalities and friendships hell even animalities. and even a endurance mode and more characters but oh well.

    what do ya'll think about this complete edition.

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  • Jamyz

    Cheap factor

    January 9, 2012 by Jamyz

    There are alot of cheap characters in the Mortal Kombat universe but who is the cheapest and why and from what Mortal Kombat game?

    I think the most cheapest character is liu kang from MK2 on very hard difficulty cause he spams the fireball and knows when your gonna jump so he jumps up with you and hits you with a fireball. (remember it's my opinion)

    Who do ya'll think is the most cheapest character in the MK universe you must say the name of the character and which game the character is on and explain why he/she is the cheapest.

    Remember no bitching on others opinions instead respect each others opinions. Peace everyone :)

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  • Jamyz

    Metal Kombat

    September 9, 2011 by Jamyz

    There is a shit load of MK character and alot more metal music so which metal song would fit each character by the way they may look or thier relation to the song.

    Skarlet:Raining Blood - Slayer

    Baraka:One - Metallica

    Sub-Zero: Trapped Under Ice - metallica

    Scorpion:Jump in the Fire - Metallica or Fire Burns - Killswitch Engage

    and the rest is up to ya'll and if you want put the link of the song in your comment so we can listen to it and see if it fits that character.

    ) have fun searching for the right song for your favorite MK character

    Remeber it has to be \,,/ METAL\,,/

    P.S. any genre of metal

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