John the MK Janitor

aka John

  • I live in Shao Kahn's Basement
  • My occupation is Shao Kahn's Janitor
  • I am killing Shao Kahn
  • John the MK Janitor


    This famous yellow clad ninja is a reason why this series was so popular. However, many don't know

    about this guy's past....

    Orignally a office worker for Daniel Michigan (Sub-Zero) and had a fiery vengence. He couldn't

    enter Daniel's office, as he kept the room at 45°F. He hated it, just hated it. During his late 

    nights, when he had alot of work to do. He usally lied about it. He was stealing black and 

    yellow fabric he brought with him. After about a year of stiching sewing, his costume was

    born. He needed a new name, to completely hide his identity. He picked Scoripen, as that

    was his favorite animal. He had been teaching himself the dark arts, such as breathing fire.

    In the end, he was ready. He ran into Daniel's Office, and threaten…

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  • John the MK Janitor

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    November 17, 2013 by John the MK Janitor

    This is a new alternate story revolving around John. He meets: Ermac, Pedro, Noob Saibot, ect.

    I hope all who read will enjoy. If you don't like it, well, really who cares......

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