• JulianThehunter

    Homn ley-KaK

    January 15, 2012 by JulianThehunter

    I've heard of you, If you are so good as i heard you are, then prove it

    —Homn ley's Battle Cry

    Homn ley is an adventurer that came from The Earthrealm, the elder gods made him a task, to talk with raiden about the secret attack from the tarkatans and baraka to the earthrealm, But he forgot due to the sorcery of shang tsung. Now, as he forgot everything he must do, he's now destined to be a warrior in the mortal kombat for ensure his survival, but now. he forgot that his real task is to warn raiden about the raid of tarkatans, but as he forgot that, now, his real task, Is to take control of the power for capture all other worlds, As he entered the kontest neutrally, his fate between evil and good is choosen by his actions around, He can Konq…

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