As most of you porbably know, my wiki activity and chat activity are slim to none, and many of you are probably wondering "What happened to Kabalfan? I don't see him anymore, is he okay?". well the thing is there's nothing wrong with me, but sadly i'm not very intrested anymore, i just don't have the commitment to stay and chat for several hours in a day, there's just so much other stuff i've got that i can't really devote anytime to the chat or this wiki.

but before i close out of here i would like to take a couple of moments to thank some people that I've grown attachment too over the months

  • both Ridley Prime and Riley Heligo for being such cool and fun guys
  • Vaporeon for being such a fun and enccentric person
  • Ermacpunk 15 for being a serious yet fun person
  • Byakuya 600 for being such a great admin to this wiki and being a great father figure to this wiki
  • Gunblazer for being such a fun and intresting guy (If i win the KAK kontest you can inform me private message)
  • Tremorfan94 for being such a great guy and a great friend to be around

And finally i would like to give special thanks to two people who have had the most impact on my time

First is Azeruth, even though he is no longer on this wiki he really had a great impact, he taught me what it meant to be to keep this wiki clean and free of vandalism, in a way he was like my teacher and i shall always remember and thank him for that.

And the second person is Emperor Scorpion, this guy is someone who has become one of my dearest friends, he's smart and funny and just a cool guy to be around, in many ways he was like the brother i've never had a person who i could always fall back on and i would do the same, i love you ES and i always will, Brothers to the end.

So thats it, thats everyone, if i didn't mention you leave a comment below and I'll try to get you on here, i have no hate for any of you (except vandals and a few other people) so you don't have to worry if you weren't mentioned so with that said I'm off, i leave you with these last words, Thank you and Good night.

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