Kahn the Empreror

aka Sergey

  • I live in Donetsk,Ukraine
  • I was born on July 10
  • I am Male
  • Kahn the Empreror

    Infernal was a leader of infer army. Infers are a race which originates from the Netherrealm. Its originality is that they have fiery blood that's why their skin looks red. Her real name is Arelina but she was called Infernal for extreme ferocity. She is not evil but in battle she can't control her rage that's why she created magic gloves for herself to control it. Infers had a war with onis and Brotherhood of Shadow. And in final battle her army lost to Quan Chi's. She could escape with a small group but they got into a trap. They were caught by another squad leaded by Drahmin. She was the only one who survived. After this she swore to avenge Quan Chi. She was looking for him for a long time until she once met Shao Kahn's servant Skarlet …

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  • Kahn the Empreror

    Helina originates as an enenra but in early childhood she was trapped into a pysical body. After years of such living she has almost lost her dematerialising ability. She was forced to serve Shao Kahn but she escaped some years before Shao Kahn provided a 10th tournament against Earthrealm. Reiko was sent after her but she still managed to escape. She couldn't defeat Shao Kahn's general but she used all her power to teleport Reiko far enough from her. She was lucky to find a portal to Earthrealm before Reiko found her again. On Earthrealm she found Smoke, who was the first one of her race she met. She allied with him. She was attacked while the Earthrealm invasion. She was not a her and wasn't going to defend Earthrealm but herself. She co…

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  • Kahn the Empreror

    Names: Ton and Eran

    Ages: 37 and 42

    Height: 2,06 m and 2,05 m

    Weight: 116 kg and 112 kg.

    Allies: Each other, Shao Kahn

    Enemies: Earthrealm Warriors

    Alightment: Evil

    Lieutenant Ton is a leader of one of Shao Kahn's squads. He is known as very brutal fighter, who doesn't grant mercy to any opponent. From young age he and his elder brother Eran were trained as ruthress warriors to serve their Emperor. Ton took part in Earthrealm invasion but his squad was attacked by Special Forces including Jax and Sonya. Heavily damaged Ton escaped back to Outworld. Captain Eran is a leader of a small part of Shao Kahn's army which includes several squads including Ton's. Like his younger brother Ton he was trained to be an excellent warrior and a ruthless murdere…

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  • Kahn the Empreror

    • Name - Shaakas
    • Age - about 1000 years
    • Height - 1m 85sm
    • Weight - 85 kilos
    • Residence - Outworld
    • Origin - Netherrealm
    • Species - Demon
    • Fighting Styles - Aikido, Netherrealm
    • Weapon - Demon sword
    • Alightment - Evil

    Shaakas wears fully black costume similar to ninja but without mask. Also at his chest it is covered with purple jacket. He has black moustache and beard.

    Shaakas is a demon but he could make a fully human body. He used to serve Shao Kahn as a Shadow Priest but escaped when the Empreror was killed by the Deadly Alliance. From that moment he develops his powers and gets ready for Armageddon. His aim is to defeat Blaze and take all the power to himself and to conquer the realms.

    His main ability is to go through objects. Most of his moves are connec…

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  • Kahn the Empreror

    After recent changes it look like this:

    1.Scorpion (confirmed)

    2.Sub-Zero (confirmed as both elder and younger one)

    3.Mileena (confirmed)

    4.Reptile (confirmed)

    5.Kung Lao (confirmed)

    6.Nightwolf (confirmed)

    7.Johnny Cage (confirmed)

    8.Sektor (confirmed)

    9.Cyrax (confirmed)

    10.Kitana (confirmed)

    11.Jax (confirmed)

    12.Sonya (confirmed)

    13.Ernac (confirmed)

    14.Sindel (confirmed)

    15.Raiden (confirmed)

    16.Shao Kahn (confirmed)

    17.Kano (confirmed)

    18.Shang Tsung (confirmed)

    19.Goro (confirmed)

    20.Stryker (confirmed)

    21.Baraka (confirmed)

    22.Liu Kang (confirmed)

    23.Jade (confirmed)

    24.Noob Saibot(confirmed)

    25.Kabal (confirmed)

    26.Quan Chi (confirmed)

    27.Sheeva (confirmed)

    28.Kintaro (confirmed)

    29.Smoke (confirmed as human)

    30.Cyber Sub-Zero (confirmed)

    I didn't count Kratos …

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