After recent changes it look like this:

1.Scorpion (confirmed)

2.Sub-Zero (confirmed as both elder and younger one)

3.Mileena (confirmed)

4.Reptile (confirmed)

5.Kung Lao (confirmed)

6.Nightwolf (confirmed)

7.Johnny Cage (confirmed)

8.Sektor (confirmed)

9.Cyrax (confirmed)

10.Kitana (confirmed)

11.Jax (confirmed)

12.Sonya (confirmed)

13.Ernac (confirmed)

14.Sindel (confirmed)

15.Raiden (confirmed)

16.Shao Kahn (confirmed)

17.Kano (confirmed)

18.Shang Tsung (confirmed)

19.Goro (confirmed)

20.Stryker (confirmed)

21.Baraka (confirmed)

22.Liu Kang (confirmed)

23.Jade (confirmed)

24.Noob Saibot(confirmed)

25.Kabal (confirmed)

26.Quan Chi (confirmed)

27.Sheeva (confirmed)

28.Kintaro (confirmed)

29.Smoke (confirmed as human)

30.Cyber Sub-Zero (confirmed)

I didn't count Kratos as he is only for PS3

DLC chars: Kenshi, Skarlet. Possibly: Robo-Smoke, Rain, Shinnok, Tanya.

Fix me if I'm wrong.

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