Yep, you can see where this is goin'.

Now we all love Fatalities, right? And we like how they're done and thought up, right? Whether it be inspiration or just a clever idea that came up in your head, you can rest assured it's satisfying.

When the MK team thinks up of a Fatality, they usually utilize the character's most defining trait(s) and implement it as a as a lethal attack. Whether it's shockingly brutal, or smart or even humorous and played up for laughs, they make sure that in the end, it's to the point and an awesome spectacle to look at and most, if not, everyone is happy with the end result; the winner stands and poses triumphantly and the loser is nothing more than a quivering mass of blood and bone.

Unfortunately, I've seen quite a bit of fans who...well, don't seem to get the point, or at least take a bit too long getting there. Whenever I look at fan creations and their Fatalities, well, dare I say, I've seen better in MK VS DC. Censored as they may be, they're at least over. Most, if not all the time, there are always people who seem to make their Fatalities unbearably long and needlessly gory to the point of overkill. Whereas the team makes sure the opponent lets out a blood-curling scream as or right before they die, fans seem tend to torture their victims instead and make sure to mangle their flesh and snap as many bones as possible before blowing them up or burning them alive and most of the time, it has absolutely nothing to do with that character's abilities. Even the KAFs from Armageddon didn't last this long and even worse, even the antagonists don't freaking torture their opponents for about a minute. If you want to make a Fatality, be my guest, but when you do, make sure it's too the point. Don't spend your time messing up their ribcage and face and then decide to actually lop their heads off or blow them up long after they've died from shock/blunt force trauma.

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