It seems kinda really silly. This extends from my fanbase complaint.

Mortal Kombat Special Forces was arguably universally regarded as one of the worst games in the entire series, only beaten by Mortal Kombat Advance. Not exactly thrilling gameplay, sometimes a bit too difficult, among other various things. But apparently, the one "gem" (and I use the term loosely) that fans pointed out in this game is the ninja character Tremor, one of Kano's henchmen and a boss character you had to fight. Little is known about this character other than some alleged connection to the Lin Kuei. He had no lines of dialogue, no taunts or even exchange of words between himself and Jax. His only attacks were a ground pound and a widespread fireball attack's my question: why do you guys want this guy back so badly? Why is he so immensely popular even though he was nothing but a boss character you had to beat? He doesn't contribute to the story and overall, he pretty much faded away from the minds of the developers. No charm factor. No redeeming qualities, no nothing.

My only solid guess is: He's a ninja. That's it. The only reason people give two ducklings about him is simply because he's a ninja character. How about Taria, a rather tough boss wielding two katanas. Dual-wielding = badass. Or how about No Face? Pyromaniacs in fiction are kinda awesome and no one does them better in my opinion than Midway/NRS when it comes to fire-centric fighters. And no, I'm not talking about Scorpion. But no, let's forget those semi-interesting characters that look like they have personality. They're not worth any figment of thought. Let's just focus our attention to this bland ninja character because he's a ninja and nothing else.

Seriously guys, what the heck?

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