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Jose! You shall feel vengeance. Also, I need to read more of these, I was unaware Byakuya and Tremorfan already made these.

1. My birthday is August 20th, 1993.

2. I am a brony, proud of it, and my sexuality is as good a guess to myself as it is to anyone readin' this.

3. I seem to be strangely fond of video games with cartoon styled gameplay and animation, which is why I'm such a huge fan of Nintendo, and not a fan of titles such as Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto.

4. I am terrified of most things that would seem ridiculous to other people, such as thunderstorms, the dark, and driving.

5. I left this site back around Christmas of last year, feeling as if the site was dead, I only came back because I wanted to get high in the position of ranks, a choice that ended up keeping me here for almost five months, and still going strong.

I tag...


Chaos Githzerai




Enjoy you rainbow brites.

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