so theres was a new gameplay video released yesterday.  i counted 3 new people. some really big guy with a little kid on his back, a bug lady, and some dude who kinda looks like shinnok.

i really like that there making new characters and all but im not so sure how i feel about them. at least the big guy. he just dosnt feel very "mortal kombat"  i know theres still alot we dont know about the new people i just dont really know what to think of that guy. other then that it looked completely BADASS!  those x-rays were fucking incredible. and i really like that there experimenting with new races. that bug chick looks pretty cool. and those fatalities? fucking crazy maaan. looks like they listened to fans demands for crazier finishers.  ohhhhh and was it me.....or did the announcer sound like SHINNOK?!  

    anyway i know this was posted in the blogs aready and feel free to delete it if your in the position to do so. i didnt notice it was posted til i already posted it.

so what do you guys think of the gameplay?  

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