So first of all I'm pretty new to this wiki. And I I'm not always the best at grammar or spelling, so give me a break.

Now there hasn't been too much going on in the world of Mortal Kombat for the time being, so I'm guessing that's why there's not much activity here lately. And I'm not sure who the admins are, or who will even read this. But I'm thinking the top of the wiki should be a little better. I can't even read what's up there because the words are all yellow. Why make the colors of the words the same color as the background? Also, why is it rain? Was it when he first got released? If so I'd say its time for a change. I really like rain, but he's not the most popular character in the game. Some people might not even recognize who he is. I don't know its just a suggestion. Maybe it could be more practical? Like the classic mortal kombat dragon? Or maybe a fan favourite like Scorpion or Sub-Zero? If anything I do really think the colors of the words should be changed.

And one other little thing I noticed (not that this really matters) Is in the "did you know"s everything ends with a question mark. Its kinda weird. It reminds me of the movie Anchorman "I'm Ron Burgundy??". But like I said, this doesn't really matter, its just an observation.

Anyway sorry if I sound picky. this is just little stuff that bothered me while I was looking around. Everything else looks damn good. I'm getting lost reading up on all the MK back story I somehow missed. And hopefully when some MK news starts getting out soon.then maybe this wiki will get I'm more then ready to fuck shit up on MK

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