• Klaus Heller

    Inspired by Gamer68's post, I want to write down my list of what do I expect from MK X.

    Starting from what we already seen in the two trailers, I can say there will be from 3 to 6 new characters. In my opinion, the roster should contain at least 36 characters who should be:

    1. Scorpion (already confirmed; hope to be the protagonist of the story)
    2. Sub Zero (already confirmed; is he back from the dead?)
    3. Ogre-and-dwarf character (seen in E3 trailer)
    4. Bugs queen character (E3 trailer)
    5. Water cyborg character (E3 trailer; Hydro?)
    6. New Character 
    7. Cyrax
    8. Sektor
    9. Skarlet
    10. Raiden
    11. Sonya Blade
    12. Johnny Cage
    13. Shang Tsung
    14. Liu Kang
    15. Kung Lao
    16. Kitana
    17. Jade
    18. Sindel
    19. Kabal
    20. Nightwolf
    21. Smoke (all characters, from Shang to Smoke, and Sub Zero, are back from the dead and mind-controlled)
    22. Quan Chi
    23. Goro
    24. R…
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