Inspired by Gamer68's post, I want to write down my list of what do I expect from MK X.

Starting from what we already seen in the two trailers, I can say there will be from 3 to 6 new characters. In my opinion, the roster should contain at least 36 characters who should be:

  1. Scorpion (already confirmed; hope to be the protagonist of the story)
  2. Sub Zero (already confirmed; is he back from the dead?)
  3. Ogre-and-dwarf character (seen in E3 trailer)
  4. Bugs queen character (E3 trailer)
  5. Water cyborg character (E3 trailer; Hydro?)
  6. New Character 
  7. Cyrax
  8. Sektor
  9. Skarlet
  10. Raiden
  11. Sonya Blade
  12. Johnny Cage
  13. Shang Tsung
  14. Liu Kang
  15. Kung Lao
  16. Kitana
  17. Jade
  18. Sindel
  19. Kabal
  20. Nightwolf
  21. Smoke (all characters, from Shang to Smoke, and Sub Zero, are back from the dead and mind-controlled)
  22. Quan Chi
  23. Goro
  24. Reiko
  25. Noob and Saibot
  26. Kano
  27. Jarek
  28. Rain
  29. Kenshi
  30. Ermac
  31. Bo'Rai Cho
  32. Fuujin
  33. Tanya
  34. Mileena
  35. Reptile
  36. Shinnok (Boss)

I'd also like to see an Oni as the mid boss; in my idea, it should be the soul of Stryker totally corrupted and transformed into a giant demon that uses thunder-based attacks. Story mode should be like Injustice's, with 14 chapters and Scorpion as the protagonist; he starts as a "slave" of Quan Chi but, in the end, learns the truth and turns against him to win the Mortal Kombat tournament. 

I think there will be 5-6 DLC characters, and I think they will be:

  1. Sareena
  2. Tremor
  3. Nitara
  4. Mavado
  5. Guest character (maybe from the DC Universe, probably Batman or The Joker)
  6. Blaze

I was also thinking about the woman seen in Jade's ending. Will she be an upcoming menace?

In the end, I hope to see from 13 to 15 stages (some of them possibly multi-tier) and a lot of different arcade modes (like in Injustice). 

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