• Kombatgod

    Mega Man Legends 3

    November 24, 2010 by Kombatgod

    Hey guys, do you like the Mega Man series? Have you ever tought about Mega Man vs. Mortal Kombat? Ok, that's stupid, but now that I think of it Mega Man was in Marvel vs. Capcom and DC characters met Marvel characters in the Amalgam Comix, so...

    Never mind. Have you heard about the new Mega Man Legends game that's coming for the 3DS? There's a contest going on on Capcom site for the best fan made mecha and the winner will become an actual boss in the game! So be sure to go here:
    and commet my mecha! Voting will start the 30th of november, but it's very important that you comment to rise the mecha popularity!
    I know this has nothing to do with MK, but we MK Wiki contributors have to support each other! Also, I actually made a little refere…

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  • Kombatgod

    My poem: ''The New Look''

    October 22, 2010 by Kombatgod

    The Wikia's New Look
    Makes me wanna puke.

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  • Kombatgod


    October 12, 2010 by Kombatgod

    Stan Looth

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  • Kombatgod

    I think Fatalities should be eliminated from the games! Are disturbing!

    No, I'm jocking, but I do think fatalities are outdated. As almost everyone I missed the specific fatalities in Armageddon and hated the Kreate-a-Fatality system, but thinking of it now, I realised instead of coming back to the classic fatalities they should improve the K-a-F. Fatalities were awesome in the first games, when there was no internet, so it was very rare to get to see one, but now we're already able to see every fatality from the new MK one year prior to the game's release! I think the new fatalities are awesome, and also the ones from Deception, but are just short clips! They're not really part of the gameplay!

    So here's what they should make: A TRUE WELL D…

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