I think Fatalities should be eliminated from the games! Are disturbing!

No, I'm jocking, but I do think fatalities are outdated. As almost everyone I missed the specific fatalities in Armageddon and hated the Kreate-a-Fatality system, but thinking of it now, I realised instead of coming back to the classic fatalities they should improve the K-a-F. Fatalities were awesome in the first games, when there was no internet, so it was very rare to get to see one, but now we're already able to see every fatality from the new MK one year prior to the game's release! I think the new fatalities are awesome, and also the ones from Deception, but are just short clips! They're not really part of the gameplay!

So here's what they should make: A TRUE WELL DONE KREATE-A-FATALITY SYSTEM!

The problem in Armageddon's was that it was made of short untied moves and mecame "how many times you can hit your opponent, before it dies?" I don't care of hitting him, I want to grab my sword, open his belly, grab his intestines and strangle him with those! I want to extract one of his bones, break it and use it to cut his throat.

They should give the possibility to grab limbs and use them as weapons, and to dismember the opponent in any way I'm able to! Imagine of having so personal fatalities that you could film them and post them on YouTube to get people see how original you made them! This would really be something funny!!!

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