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    Dear MK Wiki users,

    I wonder if anyone of you have a fave actor or voice actor from the MK series, or just MK 2011, since some really good ones are in there. Anyway, I think Karen Strassman would be my fave female actress because her work in MK 2011 was quite epic, as well as her other animation roles, such as Kallen from Code Geass. My fave male actor(s) would be Patrick Seitz, since I truly believe his voice is perfect for Scorpion's personality. Also, I loved Ed Boon for the "Get over here!" and "Come here!" clips, as well as him as the voice of Scorpion until Armageddon. Anyway, these are my favorites, as of so far. Who are your fave actors/actresses, and why do you like them?

    Yours absolutely truly,

    KuchikiNova258 09:05, March 22, 2012 (U…

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