Hello everyone

Well like you might have noticed the allies and enemies have been seriously decreased, This is a topic I've discussed with Smoke and CavalierTunes in the past and they shared my point of view.

The allies and enemies were mostly based in speculation. Just because you fight someone it doesn't mean they are your enemies and just because you fight on the same side (the forces of light for example doesn't mean you have to like the person who is fighting right next to you).

They were serious mistakes like Kenshi having Li Mei and Bo Rai Cho as allies for example. The official bio kard stated that is allies were Sub-Zero, Jax and Sonya, (I added Ermac because he shares story with him and he taught him telechinesis) so why should we had characters that Kenshi never had a serious interaction with.

Same goes for his enemies, Kenshi only has one enemy, Shang Tsung. His storyline is based on the path he takes to kill Shang Tsung, he doesn't care about the rest of the guys he has to face to get to him.

Kenshi never met Cyrax so why should Cyrax be his ally?

You see most of the speculation his wrong, so try to stick to the main storyline (non canon endings don't count as storyline) and to the bio kards.

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