Hi everyone.

The subject that brings to the creation of this blog is not something to be taken easily.

I received complaints about cross chat-trooling about some members of this wiki.

As you all should be aware this type of behaviour is not permited and it makes the Mortal Kombat wiki look bad.

I think we are all here because we love Mortal Kombat and this wiki is precious to some of us who worked hard to turn it into what it is today.

It changed a lot during this year and as new members came in it gained a new life, so do not set it on fire with this things.

Members that trool on chats (be it our chat or other wiki chat) will receive punishment. It's one thing to kid around in our chat when we all know each other and it's another to go to another wiki's chat and trool them.

If this is some type of misunderstanding I'm very sorry for this words, as I thought it was strange for this to happen (probably a Mollusc prank or something because he got tired of being dumb and coming here to trool and send stupid messages..or some engared banned user who thought to seek revenge on us =P)

But anyway, it seems that now we are under the spotlight so be sure to behave yourselves ok?

Best regards to all of you

Kuro Selastalk 10:48, November 23, 2011 (UTC)

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