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These are the kontestants (and their kreators), listed in no particular order:

  1. Wisp (Kapodaco)
  2. Rogus (Kapodaco)
  3. Pasiku (Azeruth)
  4. Haro Tanz (Emperor Scorpion)
  5. Crystal (Wingedone100)
  6. Blun (Wingedone100)
  7. Heinrich Muller (ReyesRebels)
  8. Davari (Kapodaco)
  9. Lash (Cyber-Reptile)
  10. Chernov (Mkvsdc7)
  11. Katey (Angus Perrin-baillie)
  12. Ton & Eran (Kahn the Empreror)
  13. Hawk (Chaos Githzerai)
  14. Dren (Malcolm Neill)
  15. Draxia (Lindsaysbiggestfan)
  16. Kabrana (Mayor Zain)
  17. Xero (Registered contributor
  18. Helina (User:Kahn the Empreror
  19. Elemental (Commisar1945)
  20. 24601 (Kabalfan620)
  21. Xeong Chen (AnnhilationNation)
  22. Hyashi and Kyushi (Themaniacbiscuit)
  23. Destruction(Piguipiplup)
  24. Mist (Byakuya600)
  25. Kovac(AnnhilationNation)
  26. Shoi (Wingedone100)
  27. Wasp (Mayor Zain)(NIG3L)
  28. Canquiña (GunBlazer)
  29. Rayearth (Dragon NJMB)
  30. Viper (CrashBash)
  31. Infernal (User:Kahn the Empreror

Wisp (Kapodaco)


Wisp was orphaned as a child, and was turned over to the Brotherhood of Shadows at a young age, in exchange for the prevention of the destruction of her hometown, wherever that may be. Growing up in the Netherrealm, Wisp became cold, heartless, and incredibly independent, becoming difficult to control by even the highest of authorities, and was punished daily. By her early teenage years, she was assigned to her current master, Phadu, a demon known for incredibly strict teachings, to do his bidding for the rest of her lonely life. It was here that Wisp finally learned of discipline, responsibility, and her hatred toward her master. Throughout her 'training', Phadu would deliberately inflict pain on her while training, just for pleasure, and use unfair tactics to ensure that he would prove victorious through every grueling battle. By this time, Wisp was starting to become emotionally unstable.

After years of training, Phadu and Wisp were called upon the Brotherhood of Shadows and were assigned with aiding Outworld in the first Mortal Kombat tournament. They left immediately.

During the first Mortal Kombat tournament, Wisp was sent by Phadu to try and kill any Earthrealm warriors she could. She faced Sonya and Johnny Cage, losing to both. She returned to her master as a failure, and was punished by being sent back to the Netherrealm, to not participate in the remainder of the Tournament, so Wisp had no knowledge of the outcome of the tournament until Phadu returned.

During the Tournament in Outworld, Wisp spent her time training even more rigorously with Phadu for the time being, and was shocked to learn that Shao Kahn had been defeated by Liu Kang.

When the time came for the invasion of Earthrealm, Wisp was sent by Phadu to eliminate the Earthrealm forces once again, and with renewed training, Wisp felt confident. The confidence was in vain, as she was defeated by both Raiden and Stryker. Returning to her master, once again a failure, Phadu had had enough. He made it known that he was done with being the master of a total failure, and had intended for Wisp to be killed. Wisp, however, knew of this, and challenged Phadu to Mortal Kombat, proving victorious for the first time against her former master. Phadu was impressed, and offered to teach her once more, but Wisp declined, stating that she had learned all she could from him, and that she had surpassed him. Now Wisp searches for a new master, so she can become that much stronger.

Moves and Abilities

Smoke Drop: Wisp throws a smoke bomb below her, causing smoke to engulf her, as she appears in the air behind the opponent, kicking them.

Needle Barrage: Wisp jumps up and throws a barrage of needles at her opponent.

Dark Counter: Wisp blocks against the opponent, and if the opponent hits her, smoke engulfs Wisp as she quickly appears behind the opponent and kicks them in the back.

Acrobat Demon: Wisp grabs her opponent's head, does a flip over them (while still holding their head), kicks their back and as they fall, sticks a needle in their neck.

X-Ray Move: Wisp grabs the opponent, and karate chops their head, then jumps over them and kicks them in the back.


Hailstorm: Wisp kicks the opponent to the ground, then proceeds to jump in the air; while in slow motion, Wisp throws what seems like hundreds needles at the opponent while they're are down. She lands, then walks over to the opponent and gently kicks them in the head.

Killing Them Gently: Wisp trips the opponent, causing them to land on their belly, as she uses two needles to pin their hands together and their feet together. She then wraps her feet around the opponent's neck and pulls until she decapitates them, as she gets up and raises the head in triumph.

Animality: Wisp transforms into a snake and wraps around the opponent's entire body and constricts them until their head explodes.

Babality: Wisp turns into a baby and pokes her finger with one of her needles, causing her to cry in pain.

Friendship: Wisp takes out a yo-yo and does some tricks with it.


"After defeating Shao Kahn, Wisp then turned on her master, Phadu, and defeated him in Mortal Kombat, and took his head as her prize. Wisp then turned on the Brotherhood of Shadow, planning a full-fledged attack against the entire cult, but her rash plan would soon backfire. Shinnok proved too powerful for Wisp, and defeated her easily. Wisp's fate is currently unknown..."

Character Relationships

  • Adopted by the Brotherhood of Shadow at an early age.
  • Assigned to be Phadu's apprentice.
  • Defeated by Sonya and Johnny Cage during the tenth Mortal Kombat tournament.
  • Defeated by Raiden and Stryker during the invasion of Earthrealm.
  • Defeated Phadu in an attempt to escape death.


  • Wisp doesn't really like women, viewing them as the inferior sex, and wishes she were born a male.
  • As her name implies, Wisp was originally going to be the spirit of a fallen warrior, but the idea was dropped.

Rogus (Kapodaco)


Rogus's back story is never thoroughly explained, but it is known that Rogus grew up fending for himself in Outworld. Just recently, Rogus was found by some of Shao Kahn's scouts and was brought in with an ultimatum; either work for Shao Kahn or die. Choosing the obvious, Rogus has been a loyal subject of Shao Kahn's ever since.

With the arrival of the Mortal Kombat tournament, Rogus is ordered to compete in it, and does as he's told. During the tournament, Rogus battles against Johnny Cage and Liu Kang, being defeated by both. After his defeat at the hands of Liu Kang, Rogus realizes that his skills are meager and need to be improved, so he asks Shang Tsung to teach him an improved fighting style, but he flatly refuses.

During the events of the Tournament in Outworld, Rogus's skills are still at a standstill, and Rogus begins to doubt himself as a valued member of Shao Kahn's forces. That is until Sheeva, unexpectedly, offers to teach him her own fighting style, claiming that even with two arms, Rogus could become a valued warrior if taught correctly. Due to this, Rogus and Sheeva create a sort of mutual bond with each other, as Rogus considers her a true ally. After little training, Rogus tests his new fighting style by facing Jade in a practice match, proving victorious for the first time.

After Shao Kahn's defeat at the hands of Liu Kang, Rogus begins to doubt the superiority of his Emperor, but continues to do what he is told. Before the invasion of Earthrealm, he speaks with Sheeva about the possibility of overthrowing Shao Kahn, but Sheeva quickly dismisses the idea, ruling it to be a grave mistake to even think of, Rogus reluctantly agrees. Rogus was then sent by Shao Kahn to assist in the transportation of POWs to the graveyard where Quan Chi plans to create the soulnado. He was deceived by Cyber Sub-Zero and was frozen along with Kano, and remained so until Cyber Sub-Zero had left for the graveyard. Rogus is not seen again until after Shao Kahn's final defeat by the hands of Raiden in the final battle for Armageddon. He has since been in hiding, waiting for another opportunity to ally himself with the forces of evil, cursing himself for not trying to overthrow Shao Kahn himself.

Moves and Abilities

Emotion Sensing: Rogus has the uncanny ability to read people's emotions and use them against them. For example, if someone were to hold a grudge against someone else for any certain reason, Rogus could choose just the appropriate wording to convince that person to kill the person that that person has a grudge on, if Rogus had chosen to do so.

Dirt Teleport: Rogus punches the ground, causing dirt (or any other earthen material, depending on the arena) to encase Rogus, causing him to quickly teleport behind the opponent.

Dagger Trip: Rogus throws a dagger down at the opponent's feet, causing them to trip.

Death Charge: Rogus (while turning a glowing shade of red) quickly tackles the opponent with his shoulder.

Dagger Toss: Rogus throws a dagger at the opponent.

Spiny Spin: Rogus jumps toward the opponent, curls up into a ball while holding two daggers, and spins rapidly (similar to Sonic's Spin Dash).

X-Ray Move: Rogus grabs the opponent and stabs the opponent in the eye with his dagger, then he strikes the opponent's forehead with his knee.


Pancake Flip: Rogus stands somewhat far away from the opponent and throws a dagger at their throat. He then walks over to the opponent, raises his leg and kicks down on the dagger's hilt, causing the opponent's head to come flying off their neck, landing behind Rogus.

Bloody Torture: Rogus grabs one of his daggers and slashes the opponent in the stomach. He then uses two of his daggers to pin down their feet. Finally, he kicks the opponent in the chest, causing their entire upper body to fall off.

Animality: Rogus transforms into a rhino and rams into the opponent, knocking them to the ground, and uses his horn to cleave off the opponent's head onto his horn.

Babality: Rogus turns into a baby and tries to sense his own feelings. When nothing happens, Rogus starts to cry, and a blue aura (sadness) starts to surround him.

Friendship: Rogus walks over the opponent and plays rock-paper-scissors with the opponent. Two endings can occur, depending on who wins. If Rogus wins, he'll pat the opponent's shoulder and give them a thumbs up. If the opponent wins, vice-versa.


"Rogus's assumptions were correct, he had defeated Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat, and taken over his rule. He rose his bloodied hand in the air, causing an eruption of cheers and swears from the audience, as Rogus announced his plan to invade Earthrealm. Before long into the invasion, Rogus had shown a sign of sympathy for Shao Kahn's henchmen, and tried to aid them with their personal struggles. Unfortunately, Rogus became too trusting of his followers, as Shang Tsung and Quan Chi executed a surprise attack against Rogus, and badly injured him, causing him to flee his position as Emperor. Rogus was left stranded in Outworld, back where he once was before..."

Character Relationships


  • Rogus's name was originally going to be Nodrog, which is the last name of his illustrator backwards.
  • Rogus was previously drawn in 2010 as a complete different character, but was re-drawn and given a different personality and backstory.
  • Rogus was originally going to be one of Quan Chi's resurrected minions along with Scorpion and Noob, but the idea was dropped.

Pasiku (Azeruth)

Pasiku 2 001
Age 9,998
Height 6' (1.829 m)
Weight 205 lbs
Resides Jade's Desert
Origin Edenia
Species Edenian
Allies Jade
Kung Lao
Enemies Quan Chi
Shao Kahn
Shang Tsung
Weapon Sand Staff (Creatable staff of sand)
Fighting Style Jujutsu
Kuo Shou
Alignment Good
I can only become sand? Fool, you know nothing of my power.


—Pasiku to an assassin


Pasiku (PAH-SEE-KOO) is a native of Edenia and the younger brother of Jade. Much like Jade, Pasiku was trained by Shao Kahn to become an assassin. However, Pasiku used his sand-based ability to spy on Shao Kahn, hiding in an hourglass. Pasiku learned of Shao Kahn's wrongdoing towards Edenia and attempted to inform Jade, but was stopped by Baraka. While Pasiku was able to defeat Baraka, Shao Kahn heard the commotion of the battle and quickly stopped Pasiku. Pasiku was sent for execution to Shao Kahn's Coliseum but as he the executioners dragged him out, he changed into sand and quickly spread out amongst the sand floor of the coliseum. He was able to escape through the cracks surround the coliseum and regrouped. He has been marked for execution ever since his escape.

During the second Mortal Kombat tournament, Pasiku remained in a sand hut deep within Jade's Desert. Before being trained by Shao Kahn, Pasiku and Jade lived in the same hut before Shao Kahn took them for training. Almost monthly an assassin sent by Shao Kahn appears to kill Pasiku. At one time two assassins were sent. Pasiku killed one of the assassins and gravely wounded the second. The second assassin was actually Shang Tsung in disguise, who was sent by Shao Kahn to see why Pasiku was still alive. Tsung was forbidden from using his full abilities during the fight, and was simply there as a witness to Pasiku's true power. Tsung reported to Shao Kahn every detail, including the details of how the fight began. The assassin stated that Pasiku was worthless and Shao Kahn only wished to show everyone that betraying him will lead to death. He then stated that his powers were always worthless, as the most he could do was turn into sand. Pasiku revealed the true scope of his powers as he commanded the sand and instantly crushed the assassin in a title wave of sand. Tsung's legs were then held by sand, which he had not noticed festering below him. Tsung was unable to flee as Pasiku simply beat on him mercilessly. However, Pasiku did not know that the second assassin was Shang Tsung, and therefore did not use enough force to kill him, only enough force to kill a regular assassin.

Pasiku also witnessed the revival of Sindel at the hands of Quan Chi. Because Quan Chi was also with Noob Saibot and the newly resurrected Sindel, he knew he could not defeat them, and instead resumed his life in the desert. Pasiku remained in his sand hut until he was given a telepathic message from Raiden. He learned about everything, including the deaths of Jade, Kitana, and Kung Lao. Enraged, Pasiku swears vengeance on Quan Chi, as he knows Quan Chi is responsible for resurrecting Sindel (who killed Jade and Kitana), knows Quan Chi has the souls of his friends, and is the only currently living person he can gain vengeance on.


Like many Edenians, Pasiku has a younger appearance despite his nearly 10,000 years of existence. He appears to be about 20 years old, with brown hair and brown eyes. He has a scar on the left side of his face that goes from his cheek to the bad of his head. The scar is from his fight with Baraka. He has a general appearance, not overly muscular but not severely thin. He currently sports a green bandana around his left arm in honor of his deceased sister, Jade. His apparel appears to be a dark green poncho that ends at his knees. He wears tight-fitting cloth to cover the remainder of his legs. He has gloves identical that are identical to the ones worn by Jade, as well as partially torn, brown boots.

Combat characteristics

Pasiku relies heavily on sand-based attacks. Similar to Jade, he has a staff, but it is created by sand. While Jade uses Razor-rangs as her projectile, Pasiku creates buzzsaws out of hardened sand, which are as sharp as a blade. He also has the ability to change his body, as well as his clothing, into sand. It provides him an easy way to avoid attacks and sneak up on enemies.

Special Moves

  • Sand Wall: A general defensive move. Pasiku creates a wall of sand that blocks projectiles.
    • The enhanced version is called Sand Repel, in which the projectile will be absorbed by the wall of sand and fired back at the opponent.
  • Sand Shift: Pasiku turns his body (and clothing) into sand and appears behind his opponent.
    • The enhanced version is called Sand Switch, in which Pasiku will absorb the opponent into the sand and will shoot them out of the ground behind him, causing damage and a possibility for a juggle.
  • Sand Stream: Pasiku's projectile. He shoots a stream of sand at the opponent, which changes into a buzzsaw made of sand, cutting at the opponent.
    • The enhanced version is called Sand Blast, in which Pasiku fires large streams of sand from both hands, which turn into two massive sand-buzzsaws.
  • Sand Staff: Pasiku creates his Sand Staff and vanishes beneath the opponent, jumping out from behind to smash them.
    • The enhanced version is called Sand Smack, and sees Pasiku add to his Sand Staff special move. After the smashing the opponent from behind with more force, the opponent bounces, and Pasiku swings his staff, smashing the opponent in the back and knocks them away.
  • X-Ray Move - Sand Smash: Pasiku shoots a stream of sand from his left hand at the opponent, if it connects, it will grab onto the opponent's right arm and break it in two places. Pasiku then does two things simultaneously: He pulls the opponent towards him while he covers his right hand in sand, hardening it. As the opponent is pulled in closely, Pasiku punches the opponent with his sand-hardened hand, breaking the jaw and most of the opponent's skull. He then finishes by taking the stream of sand, grabbing it, and throwing the opponent overhead and slamming them, dealing final minor damage.


  • Sand Trap: Pasiku commands the sand below the opponent to latch onto their feet. As the opponent tries to get the sand off of their feet, Pasiku creates his Sand Staff. As the opponent looks towards Pasiku, Pasiku rams his staff through the upper part of the opponent's neck, killing them. He then rips the head off, leaving it atop his staff and poses victorious.
  • Sand Break: Pasiku covers the opponent entirely in sand except for the opponent's head. He hardens the sand and walks slowly towards the opponent. As the opponent begs for mercy, Pasiku covers his right hand in sand, hardens it, and smashes the opponent's body, leaving only the head to flip momentarily in the air before hitting the ground.

Other finishers

  • Babality: Pasiku starts to play with the sand around him and accidentally covers himself in sand and hardens it, leaving only his eyes visible. He's unable to get the sand off of him, causing him to cry.

Character Relationships

  • Younger brother of Jade.
  • Longtime friend of Kitana.
  • Has a crush on Kitana.
  • Designated guardian of Jade's Desert due to his ability to manipulate sand and the ground.
  • Spied on Shao Kahn while being trained and discovered Shao Kahn's true plans.
  • Defeated Baraka.
  • Was knocked unconscious by Shao Kahn.
  • Set for execution but escaped.
  • Discovered by Kung Lao during the second Mortal Kombat tournament.
  • Befriended Kung Lao and aided him.
  • Told of Jade, Kitana, and Kung Lao's deaths by Raiden.
  • Swears vengeance on Quan Chi.

Stage Relationships


  • Pasiku is an anagram of "Piasku", which is Polish for sand.
  • He shares the Kuo Shou fighting style with his sister, Jade.
  • The Mortal Kombat team realized they had no playable characters whose names began with the letter "P", and created Pasiku to remedy the problem.
  • He was inspired by the Naruto character Gaara, who can manipulate sand.
  • He's not real. He's a creation of Azeruth.
  • His render was drawn by Kuro Selas because Azeruth can't draw at all.

Haro Tanz (Emperor Scorpion)

" We are one. You will be defeated!"

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Haro Tanz
Age unknown
Height 6' 11
Weight 215 lbs
Resides Netherrealm
Origin Shadowrealm
Species Shadow Assasin
Allies None
Enemies Quan Chi
Weapon Shadow Sword
Fighting Style Hap-Kido
Alignment Evil


During the war between the Shadowrealm and the Netherrealm, Haro served his father, The Shadow King in victory. But when the war was over, only two mortals remaind.... Quan Chi and Haro Tanz. They battled for what seemed hours until Quan Chi snapped Haro's neck. Haro then returned to life days later and swor vengeance on Quan Chi. Haro didn't know this but thier was one more mortal to survive the war. His "brother" Noob Saibot. Noob tracked down Haro when he found him fighting Sektor in the Mortal Kombat tournament. Haro defeated Sektor and right before claiming his victory, Sektor ambushed Haro. Since Haro didn't perform a Fatality he was getting set to perform one know. So Haro vanished and a large shadow hand appeard that took Sektor to the Shadowrealm. But instead of finding bones and ashes on the other side, Sektor never returned. Noob when up to Haro and said "brother?". Haro got surprised and said "The one mortal who survived the war! Scorpion had told me all about you. He said that he killed you?" Surprised at this Noob looked down to the ground. "He... KILLED ME!" "What?" said Haro. "I have a plan to hunt him down in the Netherrealm." "Well, I have a plan to kill Quan Chi." Noob looked at Haro and was surprised. They both went to complete their goals and went to the Netherrealm to find and kill their assasins.

Signature Moves

  • Shadowslash - Haro does a backflip like motion that slashes the oppenent back.
    • The Enhanced version is called Demonslash and Haro connects with an uppercut.
  • Shadowport - Haro teleports underground and returns on ther otherside giving an uppercut to his opponent.
    • The Enhanced version is called Deadrising and Haro does Shadowport 2x
  • Shadowrise - Haro summons a shadow clone that uppercuts his opponent.
    • The Enhanced version is called Flamerise and Haro's Shadow clone gives a fiery uppercut.
  • X-Ray move: Living Nightmare - Haro does a Shadowslash that sends the opponent in mid air. While the opponent is in air Haro summons a shadow clone that uppercuts the opponent and breaks the jaw and part of the skull. While the opponent is coming down, Haro connects with a hard elbow to the back damaging the spine.


  • Undertaker - Haro vanishes. Then a large demon-like shadow hand appears the takes the opponent underground. A short while later nothing but a body of muscles and bones appears. Haro re-appears and laughs at his actions.
  • Death's Whisper - Haro makes a portal of grinders and throws his opponent in. A short while later the opponent's body parts appear from another portal.

Other Finishers

  • Babality - Haro and a shadow clone start fighting over a toy truck that appears in between them.
  • Friendship - Haro makes the opponent a shadow gift that contains a shadow puppy.
  • Animality - Haro turns into a shadow tiger and attacks the opponent.

Crystal (Wingedone100)

Age Unknown
Height 5ft & 8inches
Weight 171lbs
Resides Outworld
Origin Outworld
Species Demon
Fighting Style
Alignment Neutral


Crystal was a ninja picked by Shao kahn to serve Motaro. Crystal agreed to do what Motaro says. She served Motaro until a new MK tournement started. She was told she could not compete in Mortal kombat, he did not wanted her to not get killed during the tournement. In a rage. Crystal attacked her master. After defeating him. She competed in Mortal kombat. She lost though. She wanted to shed her anger by killing earthrealmers during the Outworld assualt. Nobdy knows when her anger will stop.


She looks kinda like Jade's alternate costume for MK9. but except the top isn't in a "bra" like fashion. instead it looks like a female ninja top from MK2. the top has a hole in the back. She has sliver long hair that reaches her back . Crystal has a sliver mask that has a gold line starting at the bottom and rushing to the top and spliting up into 2 covering the top parts. She wears small "Sonya from MK3 pants" except more fitting for the time her realm is in. She also wears crystal white boots, on the side the boots have a "V" line showing some skin, but not overkill of it. She has tannish skin, and has white horns like Sheeva's. She has no gloves on.

Special Moves

  • Krystal crash:Crystal coats herself in crystal armor and charges at the foe. After a hit or miss the armor breaks off showing her normal looks and oufit
  • Crystal rapid fire: Crystal fire small crystals at the foe
  • Crystal spark: Crystal shines a bright light blinding the foe

X-Ray move

  • Crystal smash: Crystal grabs the victim and kicks hiim/her in the chest. Breaking it. She then grabs the victim and throws him/her hard on the ground. Breaking their skull


  • Crystal spikes: Crystal kicks the victim on the ground. She then makes small crystal spikes. She grabs the victim and drags him/her over to the spikes. They scream "NO!" before being dragged into the spikes. Which then cut the victim into pieces
  • Crystal statue: Crystal grabs the victim. Turning him/her into a crystal statue. As Crystal holds the statue. She throws it violently across the screen, destroying the victim until the only remains are small crystal pieces

Other finshers

Babality:Crystal turns into a baby. she forms a crystal block and using her magic. She turns it into a throne. She sits on the throne and says "I am better then you!" in a baby voice. The throne then breaks and Crystal begins crying

Friendship:Crystal makes a crystal statue of the foe

Animality:Crystal turns into a poodle and bites the victim's leg off and beats them to death with it

Blun (Wingedone100)

Age 30
Height 7 '5
Weight 189
Resides Earthrealm
Origin Earthrealm
Species Cyborg
Allies Sonya Jax Cyrax Kenshi Sub-zero
Enemies Mavado Hsu hao Kano Kira Daegon
Weapon Pulseblade daggers
Fighting Style Hapkido
Alignment Good
Entering combat mode!


—Blun's battle cry


Blun was a normal human living his life in earthreallm. He was known to battle with the special forces. He hated the Black dragon and the Red dragon. On a misson sonya gave him. For his great power. He had one task. Kill Kano and Mavado. Blun accepted his task. He set out to kill the two thugs. While trying to kill both of them while they were both fighting. He attempted to cut Kano's head off. He did not get the kill, Kano turned to look at Blun "Who the hell are you?" Kano said. "Whoever he is. He is possibly a pesky bounty hunter for the Special forces!" Mavado said. Kira and Hsu hau were fighting close enough to come see the scene. "Lets finish him!" Hsu hao shouted. He was outmatched and soon knocked out cold. He was later found and brought to the Lin kuei temple by Sub-zero and turned into a cyborg and brought back to the special forces base. Now that Shao kahn is attacking earthrealm and destroying a city that was once the place he grew up in

Special Moves

  1. Plasma blast — Blun fires a blast of plasma energy

The enhanced version is called Plasma launch. Blun fires 2 blasts of energy

  1. Laser gun — Blin fires a straight laser beam from his hand

The enhanced version is called laser rifle. Blun fires a larger and unblockable laser beam

  1. Plasma hand — Blun generates a large laser hand that throws the foe across the screen

The enhanced version is Plasma fist. Blun slams the foe 2 times before throwing them across the screen

X-Ray Move

  1. Sonic wave —Blun fires a sonic wave that hits the victim causing there chest to break. Then he violently karate chops the victim's neck


  1. Sonic mayhem —Blun fires a sonic wave at the victim. The sonic wave cuts one of the one of the victim's leg off. He fires another one which cuts one of the victim's hands off, then he runs to the victim and rips there heart out. Killing him/her
  2. Plasma tiger- Blun forms a plasma tiger. He makes it rip the victim's legs off. Then he makes it eat the victim's organs before telling it to rip the victim's head off. Which it does killing the victim

Other finishers

Babality:Blun turns into a baby and fires a sonic wave in the air. The sonic wave hits the ground and the noise causes him to cry

Friendship:Blun generates a plasma Cyrax. The plasma Cyrax does his MK3 friendship

Animality:Blun turns into a Owl. He flys over to the victim and then grabs the victim's head. Ripping it off and flying off with it. Then a skull falls out of the sky and lands on the ground

[Looks:He looks like Cyrax in MK9. Except he is blue. he has white eyes. He also has a sliver dragon belt and a holder to hold his pulseblade daggers]

Heinrich Muller (ReyesRebels)


A nazi executioner who was the evilest man at the Dachau concentration camp. He loved to kill those who were considered "UnterMunsch" And wanted to be more inhuman. It was then, a man in a hood (quan chi) lureed him to the netherrealm, and, seeing his fighting potential, appointed him head torturer. By manipulating him into thinking the reich would succeed, he kept Heinrich there for years, until the first mortal kombat.

Special Moves

Gun shot Knife slash Grab: Headbutts then throws and shoots a bullet Grenade toss (6 second fuse)

Slammer: (he gets behind them, then lifts them by their legs and slams them down.

X-ray move: Heinrich Pistol whips his opponent on their head, does a quick flurry of punches on their ribs, then Roundhouse kicks them in the mouth.


Panzer: Heinrich slowly assembles an Mp40, then throws a grenade at the enemy, sending him into the air. He then finishes his gun and fires into the air, having the body fall covered with blood.

Eye rip: Heinric takes out a knife and jabs it into the opponents eyes, he then steps back and throws the knife at the enemy.


Heinrich tries to make a nazi salute, but chops himself in the face, he then starts to cry

Davari (Kapodaco)


Davari was born a normal child in Earthrealm, and grew up just the same. It wasn't until his early adult years when he started to take an interest in sorcery. After years of almost little improvement, Davari had given up on trying to become a sorcerer, and had seemed content on leaving it behind him. It wasn't until one day, Raiden appeared before him, and claimed that he saw the potential in Davari's spirit, and offered to teach him the first step in mastering sorcery, but only if he would assist him anytime he needed it. Davari, assuming he wouldn't need the help anytime soon, accepted the offer, and went on to master sorcery by the age of forty. Afterwards, Davari started to teach himself to use elemental powers to his advantage, eventually mastering the art of manipulating fire, ice, electricity, and wind. By the age of fifty, Davari was unexpectedly called upon by Raiden to assist him by taking part in the tenth Mortal Kombat Tournament, siding for Earthrealm. Davari, remembering the deal, reluctantly accepted, and made his way to the Tournament.

During the events of the tenth Mortal Kombat Tournament, Davari was nervous among the many challengers, since he was so focused on mastering elemental sorcery, that he didn't take the time to improve his fighting style. The first opponent he had faced was Reptile, whom he was victorious over, only because he relied heavily on his sorcery. Shang Tsung then commanded Sub-Zero to face him, and Davari was easily dispatched, and almost killed, if he hadn't teleported away at the last moment. He then asked Raiden to train him in fighting, but Raiden refused with the little time he had in looking over Liu Kang. After Liu Kang's victory over Shang Tsung, Davari returned home to work on his fighting skill, so he wouldn't rely on his sorcery.

Davari was unprepared for the Tournament in Outworld, but went on to join the Earthrealm forces to compete against Outworld. Mistaking Smoke to be an Outworld warrior, Davari challenged him to a fight to test his fighting skills, but was defeated. Afterwards, he faced Sektor, since he was nearby, trying to capture Smoke. Davari proved victorious after blending his fighting skills and sorcery to his advantage. Davari was also present during Kung Lao's death, and Shao Kahn's defeat, praising Liu Kang's strength, but mourning the loss.

During the invasion of Earthrealm, Davari went on to face Ermac, after having lost to Stryker, and proved once again victorious. He created a portal to Outworld and tried to stop Shao Kahn's plans from the inside, and faced Noob, who was patrolling the area at the time. Noob stated that he had faced Davari before, and defeated him easily; it was here that Davari realized that Noob was in fact the elder Sub-Zero, and had reinvigorated determination to defeat him, and his determination paid off. Unfortunately, Mileena was also present during the battle, and snuck up behind Davari and stabbed him in chest, killing Davari instantly. Davari's soul is then put under the control of Quan Chi, as he was defeated by Raiden in the Netherrealm. His current fate is left unknown...

Moves and Abilities

Fireball: Davari shoots a fireball. (Original huh?)

Wind Whip: Davari throws a gust of wind at the opponent, causing them to fly into the air. It doesn't cause any damage, but it could lead to a juggle.

Frost Trap (Close, Medium, and Long Range): Davari shoots the ground below the opponent, freezing their feet as the opponent struggles to escape.

Shock Shield: Davari encases himself in electricity, and coming into contact with him will cause damage.

X-Ray Move: Davari freezes his opponent's legs, then walks over and violently twists their neck. Afterwards, Davari kicks them in the chest, breaking them free from the ice.


When Elements Collide: Davari creates a miniature tornado and pulls the opponent into it. As the opponent is trapped within the tornado, Davari sets the tornado on fire, causing the opponent to burn alive inside the fiery tornado, as the tornado disappears and the opponent's ashes fall to the ground.

Lightning Rod: Davari kicks the opponent into the air, and as the opponent is up in the air, Davari creates a spike made of ice on the floor, as the opponent lands right on it. Davari then electrocutes the spike, with the water vapor in the ice fuses with the electricity, the opponent gets shocked violently until they explode.

Animality: Davari turns into an elephant and stomps the opponent to death.

Babality: Davari turns into a baby and tries to summon a miniature tornado. Unfortunately, the tornado becomes a little too large, and sucks Davari into it, causing him to cry while slowly swirling in the tornado.

Friendship: Davari takes out a checkers board and offers the opponent a chance to play him.


"Davari's magic had defeated Shao Kahn, and with his death, Davari's magic only grew that much stronger. Davari's power grew to the point where he started to lose control over it, forcing him to resolve his magic into the form of a glass orb containing his powers. Without his magic, Davari had little chance of being any assistance to the Earthrealm warriors, and so, he retuned to his home on Earthrealm, and lived there peacefully for the rest of his life..."

Character Relationships

  • Achieved elemental sorcery thanks to Raiden.
  • Defeated Reptile during the tenth Mortal Kombat tournamnet, but later lost to Sub-Zero.
  • Defeated by Smoke during the tournament in Outworld, but later defeated Sektor.
  • Defeated Ermac and Noob during the invasion of Earthrealm.
  • Killed by Mileena after defeating Noob.
  • Resurrected by Quan Chi and serves him.


  • Coming up with Davari's own independent elemental power was difficult, but in the end, he was given four elements already used by other characters.

Lash (Cyber -Reptile)


Once a Normal Child of Earthrealm, he grew up as a normal child until the age of 16 at which Shao Kahn's army came to his village and brutally slaugthered all the residents and even his family right before his eyes, before being captured and sent to Shao Tsung's Flesh Pits, during which Valmus was brutally tortured to near death, then placed into experimentation, and after much work Shao Tsung managed something he never managed before: to create a creature capable of being part of the night itself, but Valmus was still a failure due him losing his sanity, and being uncontrollably aggressive, due to which Shao Tsung imprisoned Valmus within the Tower by chains empowered with dark magic. many months later Valmus finally escaped during the merging of the realms, the chains became weaker, and one of them broke however the other one was still forged into his arm but not attached to anything, giving Valmus the freedom to escape, into the shadows of outworld, however due to the magic within the chain Valmus is capable of using it as part of himself, but due to his insanity he remembers nothing of his past and has titled himself after his speed and verocious skills with his bladed chain whip, he later descended into the shadows only emerging to kill anyone in his path.


Hood which covers all the face only showing shadows, his right arm has a bladed chain running up it and the bladed chain decends down below the arm, which he uses as a whip (he has complete control over the chain as if it were part of him), the hood leads to a torn black cape with blood stains, he wears a armored vest which is also blood stained, he wears pants very similiar to liu kangs (from mk9), he wears boots which are armored but nearly weightless, he also carrys a blade which he got from a netherrealm smither, Lash has the ability to become a shadow and and use the shadows as a weapon, he can empower himself with the power of the night making himself very fast but strong aswell.


Special moves

Silent Night: Lash vanishes only to appear behind the enemy which if not blocked(isnt to hard to block) can strangle the enemy with his Chain Blade causing a slight stun (if repeated it will simply knock them on floor).

Sleeping Shadow: Lash makes his chainblade turn into a Shadowy Tentacle which wraps itself around the enemy, then which is comes back spining the enemy effectivly stunning them.

Slick Blade: Lash throws his sword into air then Lash will twirl grabbing it by his chainblade which he effectively uses to throw the sword at the enemy with chance of tripping them up also.

Where?!?: Lash throws shadows at the enemy causing them to be "confused".

Lash of Faith: Lash teleports behind them only to quickly teleport in front but once again appears behind them again only to throw them in air open for few attacks.


Cutting Edge: Lash Wraps his chainblade around the enemy then pulls himself to the enemy then while laughing histerically stabs the person through the forehead with his blade before teleporting behind him and unwrapping his chainblade effectivally slicing the enemys chest open throwing them away from Lash.


Half a man: Lash Turns into a shadowy figure with red eyes, Lash then zooms through the enemy knocking him on the floor, Lash then turns around sticking his arms through the floor, suddenly 2 tentacles appear through the floor which rip the enemy in half while Lash Laughs histerically

Morning Hangover: Lash in a slow motion throws his blade getting a perfect shot in the forehead, Lash then teleports behinds the enemy grabbing the handle of the blade twisting the blade effectivally cutting head in half only to push the sword all the way down the enemy cutting them in half only for lash to laugh at the remains.

Whip Lash: Lash whips the enemys leg off then trips them over before walking over and stabs the enemy through the heart only withdrawing the sword still with the heart on it.

Babality: Lash is laying trying to sleep with a nightlight which irritates him making him try to break it.

Victory Poses

No Fatality: Lash Takes off his hood showing a mutalated face but with all facial features then Lash laughs histerically while he juggles his sword in one hand

After Fatality: Melts into the shadows while laughing histerically at the player

Entry Quote

"Slow is painful, but quick is fun *short insane laugh*"

Extra Information

  • Lash tends to stay in hiding during the hours of the day in order to repress his rage he has for his imprisonment and his confusal, however during the night Lash is fueled into a raging frensy which he gains the traits of a wild savage beast, with no mercy nor care for the victims he slays during those hours...
  • Lash is not capable of disregarding his insanity, only to suffer from it as a eternal torment, fueling his rage even further.

Chernov (Mkvsdc7)

Battle Cry: "For the Soviet Union" (In Slavic)


The standard Spetsnaz urban suit. His has a scared right eye covered with an eyepatch, has black hair, shaved head.


When he was a young recruit, Chernov was just your average soldier in Afganistan. When he reliesed his true potental, he joined the Spetsnaz. By the time he was accepted, the Soviet Union fell. Still tied to the old ways, he fell to obscurity. When Shao Khan invaded, however, Chernov saw his calling, The USSR will rise again.

Signature moves

  • Avtomat Kalishnokova- Chernov Fires his AK-74 at his opponent twice.
    • Enhanced, Full Avtomat- Shoots his AK-74 5 times in an arc.
  • Ballistik- Chernov stabs with his ballistic knife.
    • Enhanced, Ballistik from Afar- Chernov fires his ballistic knife.
  • Off the X- Chernov rolls to his opponent.
    • Enhanced, X to Y- Chernov Rolls with force, hurting his opponent.
  • X-ray- Soviet Wrath- Chernov stabs his opponent, shattering his/her ribcage, he then knees his opponents groin, before pushing them away.


  • Hammer and Sickle- Chernov takes out a hammer and sickle (duh), he positions the sickle then hits his opponent with the hammer, causing him/her to fall onto the sickle, decapitating him/her.
  • Rocket Propelled Gore- Chernovtakes out an RPG-7 and launchs him/her upwards, he then shoots the victim, exploding him/her.


Chernov plays with his pistol and accidentally discarges it, but being a Spetsnaz agent, does not cry and shrugs it off.


Shao Khan was defeated, Chernov had proven the supperiority of the Soviet Union, When he returned home, he saw his country, waiting for their hero. But when he tried to bring back the ways of communism, those cheers tured to jeers. Exiled by his own people, he moved to Cuba where he would be an accepted member of society. This is a first draft, please give me constuctive criticism.

Katey (Angus Perrin-baillie)

Battle Cry

Solo: To gain strength you must except your weaknesses.

Tag-Team: I can do this by myself.


Katey performs a front walkover, gets into her fighting stance and says her battle cry.


No Fatality: Katey does a back-handspring and teleports away leaving a white orchid in her place.

Fatality: Katey perfoms a cartwheel, back-handspring, backflip and a back walkover then laughs and teleports away leaving a white orchid in her place.

Signature Moves

Leg Grab: Katey does a handstand and grabs her opponent with her feet, then slams them to the ground.

Enhanced Version: The enhanced version is called Krazy Legs. After the opponent is slammed onto the ground, they bounce over Katey, who grabs them and slams them back down.

Air Drop: Katey can do a kick straight down after jumping in the air.

Enhanced Version: The enhanced version is called Air Strikes and she will do multiple kicks on the way down.

Sai Blast: She throws two sais, charged with purple energy, at her opponent. It is a charged move and can be performed in mid-air.

Enhanced Version: The enhanced version is called Sai Bursts. She fires one Sai at the opponent, and then the second Sai.

Kick from Above: Katey slides through the ground and quickly hits her opponent from above with a jump kick.

Enhanced Version: The enhanced version is called Drop Kicks. She hits a second kick on the opponent.

Front Aerial: Katey performs a front aerial (front walkover with no hands), kicking the opponent.

Enhanced Version: The enhanced version is called Cartwheel Combo and she follows up the front aerial with a backward aerial cartwheel which kicks the opponent upward.

5-Star Kick: Katey thrusts forward with her leg extended and if she makes contact, she will kick the opponent five times before they fall back.

Enhanced Version: The enhanced version is called Quick Kicks. After kicking the opponent she kicks them five more times, then throws them behind her using her leg.

Flying Kick: Katey jumps into the air, spins and flies across the arena and connects with a kick to the opponent's torso.

Enhanced Version: The enhanced version is called Flying Fury and she kicks the opponent multiple times.

Shoulder Stab: Katey stabs her opponent in the shoulder and kicks them away.

Enhanced Version: The enhanced version is called Blood Loss. She stabs them in the shoulders four times, spins them around and does her Flying Kick move.

Teleport: Katey spins with a cloud of white petals surrounding her and appears behind her opponent.

Enhanced Version: The enhanced version is called Tricky Teleport. She teleports behind them, breaks their neck and kicks them forward.

Painful Strike: Katey hits her opponent in the chest with a double spear-hand strike, the rips her hands apart.

Enhanced Version: The enhanced version is called Deadly Strikes. Katey adds to this move with a kick to the thigh, knocking them down to their knees, a knee to the jaw, then kicking them in the chest.

X-Ray Move: Crushing Pain: Katey hits her opponent with the heel of her hand, breaking their jaw, then rapidly stabs her opponent's torso with her Sais, breaking their ribs and damaging their innards. As they bend over, trying to recover, she launches herself in to the air and as she lands she, strikes at the back of their neck shattering their vertebrae. She then runs behind her opponent and delivers a German Suplex which slams the opponent's head onto the ground, breaking their skull. Then while the opponent is trying to get up, Katey kicks them in the face, breaking it even more and forcing the heel of her boot through the back of their neck.


Land: Katey blocks the attack and does a back aerial.

Air: Katey blocks the attack and kicks her opponent to the ground.


Back Flip: Katey back flips away from the opponent and if in close rang she will kick them in the jaw while performing it.

Counter Attack: While opponent punches: Katey garbs the opponents hand and does a one handed handstand on their head, she then pushes their head into the ground


Front Throw: Forward Flip: Katey stands on her opponents knee and flips up and lands on their shoulders, she then flips backwards slamming them into the ground.

Back Throw: Throwdown: Katey pulls her opponents left arm out, kicks their head with her left leg, wraps it around their arm and somersaults backwards slamming them into the ground.

Right Side Throw: Neck Crack: Katey grabs her opponents arm, pulls them down, swings her legs either side of their neck, lets go of their arm and spins around breaking their neck.

Left Side Throw: Avalanche: Katey grabs her opponent left arm and does a forward flip, landing on her feet and slamming their head and neck into the ground.


Multiple Stabbings: Katey pulls her sais out and stabs her opponent to death, she then delivers a powerful kick to the head separating it from the body, then kicks them again which sends them flying across the arena.

Body Rip: Katey throws both of her Sais at her opponent's feet, then rips off their torso from their hip joints.

Head Sever: Katey grabs her opponent in a headlock and swings herself and their head around in circles several times until she lands and their head is torn off.

Chest Crusher: Katey kicks her opponent in the thigh, then their head, knocking them to the ground. She then walks on her opponent causing them to vomit, she stamps down hard on their chest crushing the ribs, then she jumps up in the air and lands on their neck.


A women from the Earthrealm with unrivalled ability. An assassin for Shao Kahn, Katey has earned a reputation as an agile and stealthy warrior. She severs among Shao Khan’s elite, granted only the most important of secret missions. Assigned to monitor the kombatants, Katey blends in with the other fighters, punishing anyone who chooses to cross paths with her or the emperor. But there is great conflict in her and uncertainty swells, is this her true life. She ponders about this question night and day, she is now faced with the task of disobeying her emperor to find the truth or wait until someone proves her true past .


1: Katey wears a white body suit with the bottom part ending at her thighs, fastened at the waist with a black sash. The outfit is matched with identically coloured knee high heeled boots, elbow long gloves and a ninja-style mouth cover. Her hair tied back in a low ponytail with one side of her fringe over her left eye and the other tucked behind her right ear.

2: Katey wears a low backed, strapless, pink satin dress. The skirt portion reaches her ankles and a slit running down one side of the dress from the hip exposing her left leg. The outfit is completed with pink ankle strap stilettos and pink satin elbow long gloves. Her hair is pinned to the back of her head with one side of her fringe over her left eye and the other tucked behind her right ear.

3: Katey wears are pair of white sneakers, skinny jeans, a white miniskirt over her jeans and a white long sleeved t-shirt. Her hair is loose and falls down to her waist with one side of her fringe over her left eye and the other tucked behind her right ear.

4: Katey wears black knee length, heeled boots with a black bodysuit, ninja-style mouth cover and fingerless gloves.


Katey is a slender, physically-fit woman of tall height, she has a round face, small facial features, and wide green eyes. Her hair is a very dark brown colour.

Custom Stage

The charaters start the fight on a poolside at night, next to a hotel. There are people, chairs, umbrellas, pots, flowers, trees and a bar filled with drinks can all be destroyed. The people nearby will cheer the fighters on, screaming when they are hit. The fighters can also fall into the shallow end of the pool, breaking the aqua tiles when hitting the bottom. They can also fall onto the beach throwing up sand when they walk, dropping coconuts when a fighter slams into a tree.

Stage Fatality

Poolside: A fighter grabs a wine bottle from the bar and smashes the opponent over the head with it. They winner then grabs the opponent, then knees then in the face. The winner once again grabs the opponent, holds the over their head and tears them in half.

Pool: The winner slams the losers face into the bottom of the pool several times, with each slam the opponents face picks up more tiles. The winner then hold the oppoents head under the water, tears a tile out of their face and slits their throat.

Beach: The winner uppercuts the opponent into the water and holds their head down, then winner turns around and walks away. As they walk away the opponent is half eaten by a shark.

Ton & Eran (Kahn the Empreror)

I shall crush you!!


—Ton's intro

It's time for you to die!


—Eran's intro

Names: Ton and Eran

Ages: 37 and 42

Height: 2,06 m and 2,05 m

Weight: 116 kg and 112 kg.

Allies: Each other, Shao Kahn

Enemies: Earthrealm Warriors

Alightment: Evil


Lieutenant Ton is a leader of one of Shao Kahn's squads. He is known as very brutal fighter, who doesn't grant mercy to any opponent. From young age he and his elder brother Eran were trained as ruthress warriors to serve their Emperor. Ton took part in Earthrealm invasion but his squad was attacked by Special Forces including Jax and Sonya. Heavily damaged Ton escaped back to Outworld.


Captain Eran is a leader of a small part of Shao Kahn's army which includes several squads including Ton's. Like his younger brother Ton he was trained to be an excellent warrior and a ruthless murderer. Less brutal than Ton but more cruel and more sadistic when finishing the opponent. Took part in Earthrealm invasion but was defeated. Rescued heavily injured Ton and teleported with him to Outworld.
Gsdx 20110606212923

Ton vs Kung Lao



Ton and Eran fight like a team. Two brothers were trained like a team and fight like this. Ton is more agressive and Eran is cleverer in battle.
Gsdx 20110606213238

Eran hits Shinnok

Special Moves


  1. Double Kick — Ton jumps forward and makes two strong kicks.
  2. Energy Fireball — Ton strikes his two fists one at another. It causes an energetic fireball fly towards the opponent.
  3. Land Shatter — Ton strikes the land with his hammer making an earthquake.
  4. Hyper Punch — Ton rapidly moves forward, strongly punching his opponent.


  1. Portal Punch — Eran creates a portal and steps into there, then he reappears behind his opponent and punches his strongly.
  2. Heavy Punch — Eran grabs his opponent and punches him into the belly very strongly, making him barf.
  3. Leg Cut — Eran makes a stong low strike with his swords, making his enemy fall.
  4. Energy Shot — Eran shoots an energetic fireball from an armour at his arm.

Tag moves

  1. Pair Kick — Eran throws Ton forward and Ton makes several kicks combo.
  2. Hold On — They hold each other and run forward pushing their opponents.

X-Ray Move


Heavy Jump — Ton punches hardly an opponent into the face, breaking his face, then he jumps on his chest, totally breaking his ribs.


Kiss the Floor — Eran raises his opponent and throws him into the ground, entirely breaking his skull. Then he kicks an opponent into the ribs breaking them.

Tag X-ray

Brother Brawl — Ton holds an opponent from the back and Eran severely punches him into the ribs, breaking them, then Eran holds him from the front and Ton strikes at the back breaking a spine and ribs from the back. Then they release their opponent and both kick him into the face, entirely breaking his skull.



  1. Nail Strike — Ton nails the opponent with some hammer strikes. Then he kicks an opponent making his spine break and causing pain. Then he strongly strikes an opponent with a hammer making his upper half just fly away.
  2. Breaker — Ton takes a hammer and strikes an opponent twice into the skull, breaking it. Then strikes into the chest breaking the ribs and making the opponent fall down. Then he jumps up and lands his hammer onto opponent's chest destroying it.


  1. Sword Pain — Eran punches the opponent, making his opponent fall down onto his knees in the position behind Eran. Eran takes his sword and stabs into enemy's back. Then he takes an opponent and pulls him making his upper half being cut in half.
  2. Dirty Strikes — Eran strikes an oponent into the belly making him barf strongly. But he goes on and strikes him one more time. An opponent falls down and barfs even stronger, partially with blood. But then he raises an opponent and strikes him thrice, this time even stronger. The opponent falls down and barfs so hardly thathe finally spins his own stomach away and dies.

Tag Fatality

Double Pain — Both Ton and Eran hold enemy's arms and rip them away. Then they strike an opponent with this arms making him fall down. Then Eran throws his sword high up into the air and they both grab opponent's legs and hold him. The sword falls down and slices an opponent in half along.

Hawk (Chaos Githzerai)

Real Name Riana Salazar
Gender Female
Age 27
Height 5'6"
Weight 130 lbs
Resides Earthrealm
Origin Earthrealm (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Species Human
Allies Smoke
Cyber Sub-Zero
Johnny Cage
Kung Lao
Liu Kang
Sonya Blade
Enemies Sektor
Quan Chi
Shang Tsung
Weapons None
Fighting Styles Capoeira
Alignment Good


Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Riana Salazar is the daughter of a renowned capoeira mestre and has been a staunch practitioner of the art since she was a young girl, having trained extensively in both the Angola and Regional styles in hopes of following in her father's footsteps. A year ago, Hawk's parents were both murdered under mysterious circumstances, and ever since, Hawk has been searching for their killer. Her master level skill garnered the attention of Raiden, who recruited her, through Nightwolf, to fight for Earthrealm in the Mortal Kombat tournament. Hawk readily agreed, hoping that there she would finally find her parents' killer.

During the tournament, she fought and defeated Sektor, who attempted to ambush and kill her later that night. Cyrax heard the commotion and came to Hawk's aid, but slipped away before she had a chance to thank him, and for the remainder of the tournament, Hawk remained on her guard, her paranoia interfering with her concentration and causing her to lose her match against Jade. The woman refused to slay Hawk before turning and leaving without a word, leaving the capoeirista confused. During the celebration of Liu Kang's victory over Shang Tsung, Hawk met up with Cyrax a second time and demanded to know why he constantly kept avoiding her whenever she'd try to talk to him during the course of the tournament. The only reply she could get out of the Lin Kuei warrior before he slipped away was "Because, you'd just end up hating me if you knew my reason." She began to go after him to try and find out what he meant, only to lose sight of him when the Tarkatans attacked. Afterward, when Sonya was reported missing, Hawk volunteered to travel to Outworld in order to help her friends search for the missing Special Forces agent.

Upon arriving in Outworld, Hawk left to search for Sonya on her own and she found herself in the Living Forest, where she found a Lin Kuei warrior who called himself Smoke. Together, they confronted Shang Tsung, who morphed into the Elder Sub-Zero, and Reptile, defeating them. Not soon after, they were ambushed by Sektor and his cyborgs, and Hawk ended up incapacitated by the now automated Lin Kuei warrior, though not before learning that Cyrax had been automated as well. She soon awoke to find that Smoke had been saved from the same fate by Raiden, who had intervened. Later on, Hawk was taken aback when Smoke mistook Mileena, who had just been defeated by Jade, for Kitana, and despite Hawk's attempts to convince him to back down, she prompted Smoke into fighting her due to his upset at her verbally defending Jade, but bested him. The two later reconciled over the misunderstanding, resulting with Smoke giving her half of his medallion as a sign of how strong their friendship had become, and it was then that Hawk realized that she'd developed feelings for the Lin Kuei warrior.

During Shao Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm, Hawk witnessed the reprogramming of Cyber Sub-Zero, which gave her hope for Cyrax if he were to ever be encountered again. While Liu Kang and Raiden were away asking the Elder Gods for help, Hawk volunteered to go out on her own on a reconnaissance mission to tally the total number of Kahn's forces attacking the city. While getting ready to leave, she was approached by Smoke, who wished for her to be careful, and Hawk took her chance to silently voice her feelings to him, pulling his mask down and kissing him before she took her leave. While out scouting, she received a telepathic message from Raiden; who informed her of everything that had transpired during her absense -- including the deaths of Smoke, Cyber Sub-Zero, and Jade and that their souls had been enslaved by Quan Chi in the Netherrealm. Currently, Hawk's been helping in the rebuilding of the city, but there are times where she thinks of Smoke and what they could've been had she not acted on her feelings too little too late, and she hopes to find a way to free him and the rest of her friends and allies from Quan Chi.


Hawk is of average height with a slim build, dark brown eyes, tan skin, and auburn hair which falls to her shoulder blades. Her hair is styled in a myriad of small braids which are all pulled back and bound in a ponytail, though one braid falls over her right eye. For dress, she wears a pair of white pants which flare a bit in the legs, and are the standard issue pants usually worn by a capoeirista. The right pant leg is decorated by an image of a tribal design hawk, which is black in color and tied around the waist is Hawk's cordão (cord belt), which is solid white in color, an indication of her master rank. She also wears a halterneck sleeveless shirt that's solid white in color and no shoes. Around her neck, suspended from a thin chain is half of a Lin Kuei medallion and if asked where she obtained it, she goes quiet and refuses to answer. The 2P version of her outfit is black with the hawk image being dark red.

Alternate outfit: Hawk wears a pair of denim cut-off shorts with a black leather belt and a backless halterneck top that's lilac in color. Her cordão is tied around her belt at the left hip, and she still wears the half of a Lin Kuei medallion around her neck. In this outfit, it is revealed that Hawk has a tattoo of an ivy vine around her left ankle, and again, she is barefoot with her braided hair unbound rather than pulled back into a ponytail.. The 2P version of her outfit has dark blue denim shorts and a royal purple top.
Item for unlocking: Hawk's cord belt.

Personality wise, Hawk is generally a pleasant and amiable woman, but harbors resentment towards those who look down upon capoeira as not being a true martial art (practitioners of other martial arts especially) and towards those who've hurt her when she knows she's done no wrong to them. If wronged by somebody, Hawk will be guarded and distant towards the person who hurt her, but she's willing to let bygones be bygones and will forgive those who prove to her that they didn't mean to wrong her. If hurt a second time by the same person, Hawk's resentment will change to outright dislike unless persuaded to give them a third and final chance. She's known to be a snarker at times, usually whenever someone makes a comment she can't help but shoot down with a retort, but this is usually done in fun and rarely out of malice. Despite her usually pleasant attitude, Hawk has a temper that's moderately easy to set off, and though she's usually able to keep it under control and channels it through verbal retorts and some choice language (usually in Portuguese), there are instances where she's resorted to physical combat. Afterwards, if it were against someone she cares for, she always apologizes and does all she can to make it up to them; on the contrary, if it were against someone she hates, she could really care less.

Combat characteristics

Though she possesses no supernatural abilities, Hawk is quite agile and has a wide range of flexibility, relying upon the movements of her unique fighting style to help her dodge most projectiles and to confuse opponents since a constantly moving target is harder to hit than one that's standing still, after all. Though they may look like nothing more than a dance, Hawk's attacks are quick and painful, showing that looks truly can be deceiving. (Though most of her kicks and hand strikes link together, Hawk is not designed for use by people who do nothing but mash buttons. Rather, she's designed to be a challenging character for a player to master and can become rather devastating at the hands of an expert.)

Special Moves

Little Tornado: Hawk bends her upper body forward, both hands upon the ground before she kicks herself up into a handstand, balancing her weight over one hand before she begins to spin upon the heel of her hand. This move gives Hawk immunity to projectiles, which pass harmlessly through her while she spins.

  • The enhanced version is called Little Hurricane, which will reflect a projectile back at her opponent. Both versions can be charged, and from either version, she can either drop down into Negativa or flip back onto her feet and return to her ginga.

Negativa: A dodge used to avoid mid level projectiles as well as high-mid level attacks rather than as an attack, Hawk squats down with one leg extended in front of her while the other is kept bent in close to her. One hand is braced against the floor for support, while her free hand is kept close to her face. Two of Hawk's attacks can be performed from this position. Negativa is treated as a stance and has no enhanced variation.

Rising Talons: This kick can only be performed while Hawk is in her Negativa. She hops up from her bent supporting leg while pushing up with her hips and swinging her straightened leg up and forward across her body with her supporting hand remaining on the ground in order for her to center her weight over it as she flips, delivering two kicks in rapid succession before landing and shifting her weight to her other hand.

  • The enhanced version is called Iron Talons, in which Hawk performs a side kick immediately after her Rising Talons attack.

Tesoura: Hawk catches her opponent round the torso in a scissor takedown. If in sweep distance, Hawk slides in towards her opponent before performing the takedown.

  • The enhanced version is called Tesoura Lock, and where instead of releasing her opponent before rising back to her feet, Hawk maintains her hold before she punches her opponent five times in the head after which she performs a handspring away from them. Either version of this attack can be performed from Negativa or from her ginga.

Take Flight: Hawk's signiature attack, it is a flying kick that moves through the air at head height in a 'screw-like' fashion, allowing her to strike either airborne or standing opponents. She launches herself into the air, leading off with her striking leg before following through with her other leg at the height of her movement and landing on both feet as the turn completes.

  • The enhanced version is called Cascade Dance where Hawk performs this flying kick twice, delivering a strong front kick upon landing after the second flying kick. Either version can be strung together with her Twin Armada move or alone in order to allow her to quickly close in on a far-off opponent.

Twin Armada: Hawk performs two lightning fast 360° turning kicks, the strikes delivered with the outside edge of her kicking foot, causing her opponent to stumble backwards.

  • The enhanced version is called Heavy Armada, where Hawk performs the same kick a third time, except with both legs kept together. This version is stronger and knocks an opponent down instead of causing them to stumble back.

Free Fall: This is Hawk's strongest attack. She keeps her striking leg back in preperation for the attack as she twists her upper body to one side while jumping upward. During the jump, she brings her striking leg, kept straight, over herself while bending her other leg. She catches herself upon her arm that's opposite of her striking leg (right arm for the left leg, left arm for the right leg) as her striking leg whips up over the top of the spin. She catches herself upon her bent leg as she whips the kick down hard onto her opponent, knocking them onto their stomach if it connects.

  • The enhanced version is called Whip Lash, where after Hawk performs her Free Fall move, she delivers two quick sweeps to her fallen opponent. Note: If Hawk misses with either version of this kick, she ends up injuring herself for a fraction of the damage. Even mestres make mistakes.

Inverted Kicks: Hawk flips into a handstand and kicks her opponent twice before either flipping back to her feet or falling into Negativa.

  • The enhanced version is called Flipside, and is Hawk's answer to Sonya's signiture Leg Grab. Hawk kicks her opponent four times before catching them by the neck with her legs, raising up and performing a Frankensteiner.

X-Ray Move - Silent Rhythm: Hawk initiates her X-Ray as a counter rather than an attack. If she counters successfully, she claps both hands hard over the base of her opponent's ears, rupturing their eardrums before she backhands her opponent across the side of the head with an open-handed strike, fracturing their skull. She then performs a backwards flipkick, the force of the blow breaking her opponent's lower jaw.

Front grapple: Hawk grabs her opponent's shoulders and swings upward into a handstand before falling back down and kicking her opponent in the gut. From this position, she releases her opponent and pushes off, sending her opponent flying while she performs an aerial backflip.
Back grapple: Hawk hops up to stand upon her opponent's shoulders, grasping their neck between her ankles before she falls forward into a handstand and uses her legs to toss her opponent over her.
Air throw: She performs an aerial Frankensteiner which slams her opponent into the ground before she releases them.


Morte Armada: Hawk glares at her opponent while shaking her head before she performs a jumping armada kick, the force of the blow enough to snap her opponent's neck. As she lands, she kicks the falling body away from her.

The Avian Spirit: Hawk transforms into a terror bird, causing her defeated opponent to cower in fear. She screeches before lunging forward and kicking her opponent in the gut, knocking them onto their back, and keeps them pinned down with her foot. She then strikes with her beak, killing her opponent in one blow before she tears the head from the body and devours it.

(My reason for changing this from an Animality is because it just didn't feel right to me and I was tired of her having only one Fatality after repeatedly failing to come up with another. I see it as pretty much somewhat of a counterpart to Liu Kang's 'The Beast Within' and if you guys don't think it works, please let me know and I'll change it back, but my character finally feels complete to me now.)

Other Finishers

Babality: Hawk tries to catch a bird which flies off when she trips and falls onto her stomach, and she begins to cry.


After the defeat of Shao Kahn, Hawk failed to learn the identity of her parents' killer. She returned home to Rio de Janeiro, hoping to return to a normal life; however, Hawk knows that if Raiden were to ever contact her again, she would not be able to turn down his request to protect Earthrealm. There are times where Hawk thinks of the friends and allies she had gained and lost throughout the tournament, and hopes that someday she will see them again.


City Beach at Sunset: A rather serene-looking beach yet spoiled by Shao Kahn's invading forces, though once and a while, a dragon will fly overhead through the sky above. Similar to the wastelands shoreline stage in Outworld, since the kombatants also fight along the surf while small waves roll in occasionally, though here, they fight in ankle deep water rather than on the shoreline. On this stage, the ocean is shown in the background instead of the beach itself with the sun slowly setting in the horizon.

City Beach at Night: The same place as the version at sunset. The full moon is in the sky in the background, sometimes partially obscured by the slow moving clouds, and moonlight illuminates the water, the intensity depending on how much the moon is covered by the clouds. As with the version at sunset, a dragon will fly overhead once and a while.

Stage Fatality: The loser is knocked out into the ocean where they're quickly devoured by a large great white shark, leaving nothing but a bloody mess on the water's surface. If the losing kombatant is wearing a hat, it's left floating upon the bloody surface of the water momentarily before sinking. (Fatality applies to both the sunset and night versions of the stage.)

BGM (Sunset version:) 'We Believe Ep 4' - F-777

BGM (Night version:) 'We Believe Ep 3' - F-777

Nightclub Rooftop: Battles take place upon the roof of a tall nightclub within the city where music blairs loudly from the building's interior. The night sky is clear, the full moon hanging suspended in the sky along with a few stars not blotted out by the city's lights. Fighting between the militia and Kahn's invading forces can be heard in the background, though muffled by the volume of the nightclub's music.

Stage Fatality: The loser is knocked off the edge of the roof. The camera switches angles to follow the loser as they fall, ending up becoming impaled through the stomach upon one of the ropeposts located in front of the nightclub's entrance. The defeated kombatant feebly struggles to free themselves only to go limp as they die, their blood staining the post and pooling on the ground beneath them.

BGM: 'Omen III' - Magic Affair

(I can explain. *sweatdrops* The idea for the nightclub rooftop custom stage would not leave me alone no matter how hard I tried to ignore it, so, I broke down and added it. Unlike the two city beach stage variations, this stage is intended more as a 'random WTF?! stage' that stands out from the dark and somber theme of most of the game's stages and music hence the concept and choice of background music. I mean, it's not exactly easy to picture characters like Scorpion and Noob Saibot fighting on a stage like this and not thinking it's surreal as hell, right? ;)


Intro: Hawk is seen standing to the side gazing out at the middle distance before she turns toward her opponent and points at them and then falls into her ginga.
Outro Normal: Hawk performs a one-handed handstand, spinning twice before she ends up knelt down upon one knee and watching her fallen opponent.
Outro After Fatality: Hawk takes a small step to the side as she snaps her arms out to either side of her and bows her head, all done in a quick, fluid motion.

Battle Cries
Before a fight: "Don't underestimate my style."
After X-Ray Move: "Feel it!"
Outro pose: "No rhythm, no soul."

Winning Poses Between Rounds
Pose 1: Hawk performs a back handspring away from her opponent if she's standing too close before falling back into her ginga.
Pose 2: Performs a one-handed handstand, laughing softly before falling back into her ginga.
Pose 3: Stands and points quickly at her opponent before falling back into her ginga.

Between Round Recoveries
From laying on her back: Hawk performs a quick windmill as she rises back to her feet.
From laying on her stomach: Hawk rises into a handstand before flipping onto her feet.

Character Relationships

  • Harbors feelings for Smoke.
  • Despises Sektor.
  • Entered the first Mortal Kombat tournament in hope of finding her parents' killer.
  • Joined Raiden's forces to protect Earthrealm.
  • Defeated Sektor.
  • Nearly assassinated by Sektor but was aided by Cyrax.
  • Defeated and spared by Jade.
  • Traveled to Outworld to help in the search for Sonya, but went off on her own to search.
  • Found Smoke in the Living Forest.
  • Befriended Smoke and aided him.
  • Defeated Reptile and Shang Tsung.
  • Learned of Cyrax's automation before she was incapacitated by Sektor.
  • Prompted Smoke into attacking her while verbally defending Jade.
  • Bested Smoke.
  • Befriended Jade.
  • Befriended Cyber Sub-Zero.
  • Volunteered to scout and take note of the size of Shao Kahn's invading forces.
  • Informed of Smoke, Cyber Sub-Zero and Jade's deaths by Raiden.
  • Hopes to find a way to free the souls of her fallen allies, Smoke especially.
  • Currently helping Raiden, Johnny Cage, and Sonya to rebuild Earthrealm.


  • In Portuguese, her nickname is Falcão, which means hawk.
  • Hawk possesses keen eyesight and a photographic memory.
  • Her late mother's side of the family are Irish, hence Hawk's auburn hair and first name.
  • She speaks with an accent when using English since it isn't her first language, and whenever she becomes angry/frustrated, frightened or excited, she tends to slip into Portuguese.
  • Her victory pose after performing her Fatality is a shout out to Leeloo's winning pose from the movie The Fifth Element.
  • Flipside, the name of the enhanced version of her Inverted Kicks move, comes from the saying "Catch ya on the flipside!"
  • The species of terror bird Hawk becomes in her 'The Avian Spirit' Fatality is the kelenken guillermoi, one of the largest species of terror bird, believed to have been around 7.5 to 10 feet tall and weighing in around 500 pounds.
  • Hawk was inspired by Lateef Crowder of ZeroGravity, who's a practitioner of caopeira.
  • She's the creation of Chaos Githzerai, who's disappointed that there hasn't been a capoeirista in a Mortal Kombat game yet.

Dren (Malcolm Neill


Dren is a warrior from keyna,A gang from America come to Dren's village to burn it to the ground and kill everyone in the village.At the time his village was burned to the round he was hunting.When he came back to the village he was knocked out.In a dream he saw the lion god,A rhino god,A Buffalo god,a elepent god and a leopard god.The god lend him power in the form of rings.He is now searching the gang who burned his village to the ground.


He is a African.He has brown hair.His outfit is simpler to a Kenya warrior he wields a Kusarigama 1.27 2.180lbs 3.9 inches 4.Human 5.Earthrelm 6.Good

Signature Moves

Buffalo Teleport He turns into a puddle and then he reappers

Elephant Ball:He fires a water ball from his mouth

leopard run:He dashes and launches the oppnent with his Kusarigama Loin claw His hand turns into a claw it hits the opponent

Rhino Shield:He blocks and throws their opponent

Draxia (Lindsaysbiggestfan

Age About three years of age
Height 5'8"
Weight 128 lbs
Resides Wu Shi Academy in Earthrealm
Origin Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits
Species Flesh pit expriment

Forces of Light

Enemies Shao Kahn

Shang Tsung

Weapon Sun-Moon Blades
Fighting Style Mi Zong

Good (Formerly Evil)

Let the blood spill

—Draxia's Mk2011 warcry


Within the flesh pits of the vile sorcerer, Shang Tsung, the first attempt at Kitana’s replacement was being created. However, unlike the clone’s follower, Mileena, this clone was fully human. After she was nurtured to health, she was named Draxia, and was ordered to assassinate the Earthrealm monk Kung Lao secretly as a test to see if she was fit to replace Kitana, without neither princess or anyone else to knowing about her.

While the shoalin monk was mediating in the gardens at night, Draxia saw this as her chance to attack and kill him. She struck first with a leap kick, and the two engaged in kombat. While the monk fought fiercely, Draxia managed to win. Shang Tsung, who was watching from the shadows, ordered her to finish him. Draxia took out her Sun - Moon Blades, but she dropped them after looking into the monk’s pleading eyes. She, like all humans, had feelings of sympathy. The sorcerer was so enraged at Draxia’s failure to kill her opponent that he struck her down with his magic. Kung Lao, seeing this woman that spared his life being struck down, attacked Shang Tsung. After a brutal beat down from the sorcerer, Kung Lao was rescued by Raiden, but Draxia still remained. Shang Tsung starred at the weakened woman that laid at his feet with no remorse. She was nothing but a failed experiment to him. Draxia and Kung Lao met again at the end of the tournament. He pleaded to her to come to Earthrealm with him and train at the Wu Shi Academy, in which she agreed to do so, seeing that Shang Tsung did no longer care for her. She was introduced to a welcoming Raiden and the other Earthrealm fighters who were happy to have another fighter on their side.

Back in Earthrealm, Draxia joined in on the celebration of victory for Earthrealm. Though, the celebration was short - lived when fleets of Tarkatan came and overran the academy. After they left, the forces of light saw that their newest member had been taken away with the savages back to Outworld. Lui Kang and Sonya were sent to free the masters, while Jax, Cage, and the thunder god himself went to meet Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn. Kung Lao was to find Draxia. In his search, he encountered and fought Kitana. After his successful fight, he forced the princess to show him where Draxia was kept. She lead Kung Lao to the Acid Bath, and then she quickly disappeared. Draxia tried to warn her rescuer that this was a trap but it was to late. The monk was forced to fight the shokan warrior, Sheeva. After another successful fight, Kung Lao got his friend down from the chains that held her. The two then went to the Coliseum, where the tournament was taking place.

With Sonya and Jax no longer in Outworld and with Cage and Smoke both defeated, Raiden sends Kung Lao to fight for Earthrealm. Draxia kisses him for good luck and tells him to win for the two of them. She watches as Kung Lao wins the first battle, and is devastated at watching his death. By Shao Kahn. Against the wills of Raiden, she goes up against the emperor. Though she was clearly outmatched, Draxia still managed to win. She is congratulated by the remaining Earthrealmers, but is still deeply sadden about the death of her loved one.

 She is not seen again until Raiden’s meeting with Earth warriors. She also fights alongside her friends during Sindel’s attack. When Kitana is fighting against her mother, Draxia comes to her aid. Sindel, however, easily beats and kills the two. Draxia is seen again when Quan Chi resurrects the fallen. She is ordered by Quan Chi to attack Raiden along with some others.


Draxia had killed the emperor that killed her loved one. Gaining fear from Shang Tsung, he promised to revive Kung Lao. After his revival, the two started a conquest in a new realm in the name of Earthrealm. After the conquest, Draxia realized she made a big mistake. The realm the two conquered was no new realm, but the realm of Earth. When Shang Tsung had revived Kung Lao, she realized it was one of his sinister plans to conquer Eartrealm. However, this was all too late. The socerer himself appeared behind Draxia, and stole her soul.


Draxia wears a revealing bikini like top and bottom made from leather. Unlike the other female ninjas, she does not wear a mask to conceal her face. Her body features are almost the same as the princess due to being a clone. 

Combat characteristics

Draxia's fighting style is called Mi Zong. Due to being trained in that manner of style, she must work on deceptive hand movements, intricate footwork, varied kicks, and high leaps. As another advantage to the Mi Zong, Draxia is very mobile and flexible.

While using her Sun - Moon Blades, Draxia has no true style of using them. Although making beautiful and graceful attacks most of the time, she isn't afraid to do anything to win while using them. As the more damage Draxia seems to take, the more reckless she becomes in fighting.

Special Moves

  • Twirling Fury - Draxia spins around with her Sun - Moon Blades out in a maroon colored cloud. If the blades touches the enemy, the enemy falls down.

An enchanted version of this move is called Mobile Wreck in which she basically does the same thing except she is able to move in a straight line.

  • Blade Swipe - Draxia swipes at her enemy with her razor sharp Sun - Moon blades. This move is taken from Kitana.
  • Blade Lift - Draxia uses her blades to levitate her enemy in the air. This is another move taken from Kitana
  • Raising Sun Falling Moon - Draxia throws her blades at the enemy one at a time. The first one is thrown horizontally with the second one following but going upward. If the second hits the enemy, it will cause them to go up in the air and up for a juggle combo. As she loses more health, the more of the chances of her missing her target.
  • Missing in Action - Draxia vanishes in a maroon cloud. She then reappears uderneath her enemy coming up with a punch.
  • X-Ray Move - You've been Replaced: Draxia makes a flip over her enemy while at the same time grabbing their head. This results in a snapped neck. She then brings their head down to her knee, smashing their face. To finish, Draxia pulls on their leg, causing ligament to rip as well as muscle.
  • Kiss of Explosion: Draxia kisses her enemies, causing them to explode within mere seconds.
  • Worst Date Ever: Draxia goes up to her enemy as if about to give them a kiss. Placing her hands on their head, she quickly smashes her head in their face, knocking them down. She then crawls onto her enemy, gives a smirk, and then jabs her hand right in their gut.
  • Babality: Baby Kitana shows up ,and the two look at each other confused. After a bit, Draxia pushes Kitana down saying in a baby tone, " Meh is princess."

Character Relationships

  • Created by Shang Tsung in his Flesh Pits
  • Was to replace the princess
  • Odered to kill Kung Lao as a test, but failed
  • Develops a crush on Kung Lao
  • Joins the Forces of Light after seeing Shang Tsung no longer wants her
  • Gets capture by Tarkata while celebrating Earthrealm's victory
  • Held in the Acid Bath by Sheeva
  • Rescued by Kung Lao
  • Defeats Shao Kahn after he killed Kung Lao
  • Helps her friends ward off the invasion by Sindel
  • Dies by Sindel while trying to help Kitana
  • Resurrected by Quan Chi
  • Fights off Raiden

Stage Relationships


  • Her image was drawn in MS Paint by her creator.

Kabrana (Mayor Zain)

I can beat you in one touch!


—Kabrana's Battle Cry

Kabrana is a female character making her first appearance in Shokan Strike. She appears to be Quan Chi's sister. She was also rumoured to be in MK2011, but was cut out.


Kabrana looks similar to Kitana (MK2011), except her dress is black and hair hair is a French Plait. Her hair is dark brown and her skin is 10% paler than Mileena. She has a tattoo of the Brotherhood of Shadow symbol and Lin Kuei symbol printed on her back.


As a being of the Netherrealm and sister of Demon, Quan Chi, she determines to rule Outworld and killing the Emperor. She killed Kitana after betraying her during the events of MK Armageddon. She is currently the assassin of Shao Kahn in search of Shinnok's sacred Amulet. Showing her loyalty to Kahn, she also has a side to aid the Lin Kuei to exterminate Sub-Zero and the remainders of the Shirai Ryu!

After learning of Kahn's victory. Kabrana informed her allies. After the past vision, Kabrana was back to her half-demon self. She then allied with Raiden and Fujin, unwillingly, sent to ally with them by Shao Kahn and hypnotise them to work for her emperor. She then became powerful with her new power. Kabrana learnt of Shao Kahn's defeat and took revenge on Kang and killed him. She then emerged victorious and ruled Outworld alongside Kahn!


Special Moves

Demon Shove: Kabrana shoves her opponent hardly, knocking them off balance.

    • The enhanced version adds a sweep kick

Fireball: Throws a fireball at the opponent.

    • Adds 2 more fireballs. 3 more if in the air.

Demonic Teleport: Teleports, then punches the opponent's head.

    • Does 2 teleports, each punching the opponent on the head.

Ground Slam: Similar to Jax's ground pound, except, she does it 3 times.

    • Jumps 1 time for every ground pound.

Demon's Touch: She jumps into the air and stomps on the opponent's head.

    • Adds a punch before the head stomp

Fiery Demon: Does a flip-kick on the opponent, then a flying kick.

    • Adds a cartwheel kick at the end.

Spinnin' Fury: Pulls out her knives and spins around until the opponent he/she is hit 3 times.

    • Stabs the opponent in the chest before and after the spin.


  • Demonic Torture: Does 10 flips kicks, which sends an organ out each kick. Then rips off the head.
  • Axe Slice: Uses the axe to slice every body part, which sends them flying.
  • Demonic Fear: She pulls out her Axe and stabs the opponent in the heart vertically, then rotates it, creating a hole in the chest. After, she grabs the legs and pulls them, slicing the body in half.


Story Form Betraying Quan Chi, Kabrana hunted for Kitana's corpse to kill it even more. She encountered Sareena, who told her that Liu Kang had revived the soul of Kitana. Kabrana hunted for Liu Kang and killed him and Kitana. Kitana's soul was then possessed by Kabrana, and Kitana, was her slave.

Film Form

Kabrana: Shang, I want to kill Quan Chi.

Shang Tsung: As much as I would agree, but why would you want to do such a thing to your brother, Kabrana?

Kabrana: I want his throne of Outworld. Shao Kahn is dead. Quan Chi is the ruler now. I declare myself as Queen of Outworld!

Shang Tsung: We'll kill him at dawn!

Kabrana: *bows and leaves*

Sareena: Queen Kabrana! Kitana and Liu Kang are alive. They're at the Wu Shi Academy.

Kabrana: How would you know, Sareena?

Sareena: I.... I saw them teleporting. It may be an illusion, but I am sure it would be the two!

Kabrana: Teleport me there, Sareena!

Sareena: Yes, my queen! *opens portal and Kabrana walks through*

  • At Wu Shi Academy*

Kitana: *training with Liu Kang, and get hit* Nice hit, Liu.

Liu Kang: That wasn't me, Kitana. It i- *sees Kabrana* KITANA! LOOK OUT!

Kabrana: *stabs Kitana and Liu Kang* Fools... *ressurects Kitana and puts her under mind-control* You will follow my orders.... Kitana!

Character Relationships

  • Childhood friend of Kitana and Cyrax.
  • Sister of Quan Chi.
  • Betrayed Kitana and killed her and Liu Kang.
  • Unwillingly assisted Quan Chi and willingly assisted Shao Kahn in retrieving Shinnok's amulet.
  • Aided the Lin Kuei in searching for Sub-Zero, but failed.
  • Defeated and nearly killed by Frost.
  • Lead of Brotherhood of shadow and ordered Kia and Jataaka to exterminate Sub-Zero.
  • Realised that it was Noob Saibot that was killed rather than the Younger Sub-Zero.
  • Allied with Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn to kill Quan Chi.
  • Witnessed Shao Kahn's death which was caused by Quan Chi.
  • Battled Frost (again), Rain and Scorpion and won.
  • Spared Scorpion, but killed the other 2.
  • Assigned Drahmin and Moloch to hunt for Quan Chi.
  • Rebuilt the Oni's land.
  • Fled to Earthrealm upon hearing of Drahmin and Moloch's death caused by Quan Chi.
  • Informed by Cyrax and Sareena about Kitana and Liu Kang being resurrected by 2 Edenian Army Generals.
  • Plotted a plan to defeat and kill Quan Chi with Shang Tsung.
  • Informed by Sareena as to where Kitana and Liu Kang were.
  • Killed Kitana and Liu Kang. Then put Kitana under hypnotism to do what Kabrana made her do.
  • Snuck into the Lin Kuei Temple with the assistance of Cyrax, Sareena and other Lin Kuei members.
  • Stole the Dragon Medallion, thinking it was Shinnok's Amulet from the Lin Kuei and gave it to Shinnok.
  • Sentenced to death by Shinnok for stealing the Dragon Medallion.
  • Killed by Quan Chi as her punishment.

Alternate Timeline:

  • Allied with Fujin and Raiden, unwillingly.
  • Hypnotised them to work for Shao Kahn and was successful.
  • Learnt of Shao Kahn's death caused by Liu Kang.
  • Killed him and was notified of Shao Kahn's survival.
  • Murdered Sindel by the orders of Kahn and was proposed by him to be the Empress of Outworld.
  • Agreed and she was ruling Outworld.
  • Killed Kitana.
  • Lead of Brotherhood of shadow and ordered Kia and Jataaka to exterminate Sub-Zero.
  • Realised that it was Noob Saibot that was killed rather than the Younger Sub-Zero.
  • Allied with Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn to kill Quan Chi.
  • Snuck into the Lin Kuei Temple with the assistance of Cyrax, Sareena and other Lin Kuei members.
  • Stole the Dragon Medallion, thinking it was Shinnok's Amulet from the Lin Kuei.
  • Killed by Shinnok.

Xero (Registered contributor)


Created in Shang Tsung's flesh pits, he was to become his personal assassin. But when Shao Kahn found out about it, Shang Tsung gave Xero to Shao Kahn as a gift. He became Kahn's bodyguard, and after a while, he got promoted to become Shao Khan's most trusted generals. He sent him to the Mortal Kombat tournament so he could win for Outworld, and show dominance over the other realms.


Xero looks like Ermac's alternate costume from MK9, except he was white/black color scheme, four eyes, and a short cape.


Special Moves

  • Stunner: Xero sends out a black goo ball which disables the opponent's movement and blocks for free hits; also does damage.
  • Teleport Clothespin: Xero telepots downwards and appear right in front of his opponent and clothespin him/her to the ground.
  • Ground of Spikes: Xero shoves his claws into the ground and appears right underneath the opponent causing damage.
  • X-Ray: Xero shoves his claws into the opponent's chest, then he pulls them out, and kicks the opponent in the face.


  • Tentacle Rip: Xero shows his tentacles to the opponent and he grabs his/her limbs with each tentacle, and he will rip each limb off.

Helina (Kahn the Empreror)


Helina(MKA KAF)

Age 32
Height 1,79 m
Weight 69 kg
Resides Earthrealm
Origin Outworld
Species Enenra (trapped in physical form)
Allies Smoke
Enemies Shao Kahn, Reiko
Weapon Ninja Sword
Fighting Style Yue Chuan, Outworld Kombat
Alignment Neutral
Surrender or die!



Helina originates as an enenra but in early childhood she was trapped into a pysical body. After years of such living she has almost lost her dematerialising ability. She was forced to serve Shao Kahn but she escaped some years before Shao Kahn provided a 10th tournament against Earthrealm. Reiko was sent after her but she still managed to escape. She couldn't defeat Shao Kahn's general but she used all her power to teleport Reiko far enough from her. She was lucky to find a portal to Earthrealm before Reiko found her again. On Earthrealm she found Smoke, who was the first one of her race she met. She allied with him. She was attacked while the Earthrealm invasion. She was not a her and wasn't going to defend Earthrealm but herself. She could destroy about a hundred of Shao Kahn's minions but the Emperor even didn't know about it because it was anly a bit for him.
Gsdx 20110606212151

Helina vs Kabal

Special Moves

  1. Hyper Touch — Helina moves towards her opponent putting her hand in front. She moves for a short distance but if she touches the opponent she damages the opponent and makes him fly away.
  2. Portal — Helina creates a portal with her hands. If an opponent touches it the portal swallows him and teleport to the other end of the stage making damage.
  3. Teleport Throw — Helina teleports behind her opponent and throws him away.
  4. Smoky Punisher — Helina touches her opponent's neck with her hand and rapidly covers it and chokes an opponent for some seconds.
  5. Smoky Breath — Helina breathes a cloud of smoke from her mouth which blinds the opponent and makes him cough.
    Gsdx 20110606212205

    Helina kicked Kabal far away.

X-Ray Move

  1. Portal Breaker — Helina grabs opponent's legs with hers, breaking them. Then she creates a portal which teleports the opponent into the air. When he appears in the air she jumps and kicks him into the back, breaking his spine.


  1. Smoky Executor — Like in "Smoky Punisher" move she grabs an opponents neck with her hand and makes a cloud which chokes the opponent. But she makes it stay and then she makes the cloud fly up raising the opponent. Then she takes a sword and cuts opponent's lower half away. Then she makes a cloud squeeze her opponent's neck so hardly that it decapitates the opponent.
    Gsdx 20110606212618

    Helina vs Sub-Zero

  2. Portal Ripper — Helina kicks her opponent making him fall down. Then she stabs her sword into opponent's belly nailing him to the grounds. Then she creates a portal near opponent's head which swamps her opponent. But as the opponent was nailed the portal swamped only the upper half of the opponent, as a result the opponent got ripped in half.
  3. Blind Death — Helina breathes a smoky cloud at her opponent blinding him and making him fall down. Then she powerfully steps onto her opponent's back, breaking it. The opponent cries out in pain and then Helina grabs his head with her hands and teleports it up. The head appears in the air and Helina grabs it, raising as a trophy.

Elemental (Commisar1945)

Real Name None
Age Unknown (appearance never changing)
Height 5ft 4"
Weight Around 74kg
Resides Travelling
Origin Unknown (Possibly Outworld)
Species Unknown (Perhaps fusion of souls like Ermac, but unlikely)

Raiden, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Kitana, Jade, Sonya Blade, Jackson Briggs

Enemies Shinnok, Shang Tsung, Black Dragon
Weapons Any he constructs
Fighting Styles Any he/ they choose



First Blood

"The pain was unbearable"


One day, in the calm wilderness of Earthrealm, a portal opened. Suddenly, a man stumbled out of it, bleeding heavily. It was Elemental. The mysterious figure screamed in agony as a spirit seemed to infect his mind, forcing him to do insane things just for the vile ghost's pleasure. With a blinding flash, Elemental crashed to the floor, the green blood of a spirit pouring out of a gaping wound in his stomach.


"Looks like you had quite a horrible encounter"


When Elemental woke up, he was greeted by a warrior dressed in blue. He revealed himself as Kuai Liang, a member of the Lin Kuei. Kuai Liang told Elemental that he had seen him trying to escape the invading spirit, so he delivered a colossal blow to Elemental's head, therefore eliminating the wretched ghost that infected his mind. More assassins arrived, one going by the name of Thomas Vrbada, codenamed 'Smoke'. Suddenly, an explosion arrived, causing the shelter the Lin Kuei were in to crumble. Elemental escaped the invaders, which were yellow-garbed. Once they had found shelter, the Lin Kuei and Elemental sounded the alarm within the Lin Kuei, alerting the fellow warriors and allowing them to be prepared for the assault. The evil assassins, which were the Shirai Ryu, were no match for the Lin Kuei, though Elemental was too weak to fight. After the battle, Elemental was assisted and helped back into a healthy condition. He thanked the Lin Kuei for their help, then left the temple.

The Special Forces

Elemental later found himself in a bustling city, where he relaxed for a while. Suddenly, he was ambushed by a beast that had razor-sharp teeth and blades that shot out of his arms. The two warriors fought for a long time, until a man with cybernetic arms arrived and defeated the terrifying creature, apparently called Baraka. The hero revealed himself as Major Jackson Briggs, and his female assistant as Lieutenant Sonya Blade. Elemental assisted the two soldiers in gratitude for their services. They encountered Reptile, a Saurian from the realm of Zaterra, a mercenary named Mavado, and Kano, a member of a clan known as the Black Dragon. He helped the two until they decided that he was no longer in their debt.


Elemental managed to find another portal that transported him to the realm of Chaos, where he encountered a skull-faced cleric named Havik. Havik assaulted Elemental, who easily overpowered him using his supernatural powers. Havik told him that he would be very grateful if Elemental killed a commander of the realm of Order, whose name was never revealed. Elemental swiftly finished the assignment, eliminating the officer with virtually no effort. For this, Havik granted Elemental with a special drug that forever enhanced Elemental's powers. He has been travelling since.

Special Moves

Nether-Ball: Elemental releases a ball of green energy that infects the enemy's mind, allowing for an easy hit.

Terrible Tornado: Elemental lets forth a massive twister, which throws the enemy through the air.

Throw: That'll leave a mark: Elemental throws the enemy high into the air, then impales them on a colossal spear he has created using sorcery.

X-Ray Move

Thinking with Portals: Elemental grabs the opponent, headbutts them with great power, then teleports high into the air, throwing the enemy headfirst onto the ground.


Head Popcorn: Elemental creates a ball of fire, then shoves it in the opponent's ear. Elemental then gets out a paper bag. The enemy head pops, the pieces filling up the paper bag.


Elemental is hard to notice because of his uniform, which allows him to change to the colour of the environment he's in whenever he wants. He usually wields a small dagger which has a green tinge because of many souls being placed into it. His eyes are white, but they too can change colour.

24601 (Kabalfan620)

Gender Male
Age 26
Height 6"5"
Weight 216 lbs
Resides Earthrealm
Origin Palaven
Species Turian
Allies Kabal Stryker Cyber Sub-Zero Noob Saibot Kitana Cyrax Smoke Nightwolf
Enemies Quan Chi Kano Baraka Jade Jax Sindel Sonya Blade Johnny Cage
Weapons Knives M1911 SPAS-12 AR-15 M60 Hookswords
Fighting Styles Krav Maga CQC
Creator Kabalfan620
"If I must kill you, I will.


—24601 to Quan Chi before fighting him


24601 was born with a rare disease that degraded his lung tissue extensively forcing him to wear a respirator for the rest of his life. He became the founder and leader of a gang that was responsible for selling painkillers on the streets stolen from hospitals and assasinating several millitary servicemen forcing him to be highly sought after, the name 24601 comes from the serial number that law enforcment gave him in order to track him down.

When he was finally caught he was to be executed but before the trial could proceed a portal suddenly appeared that took him to Earthrealm there he spotted Smoke and Kabal carrying Cyber Sub-Zero with Kurtis Stryker assisting them deciding that some help was better than none 24601 went towards them and help fight off the Tarkatan horde that was giving them trouble, then Baraka appeared and knocked out both Stryker and Kabal, knowing he needed better weapons 24601 grabbed Kabal's hookswords and fought and defeated Baraka, when Kabal and Stryker regained consciousness, 24601 gave back the hookswords to Kabal and explained who he was and decided to join the Earthrealm forces to stop Shao Khan.

Kabal, deciding to owe him for saving his life, decided to give 24601 his own pair of hookswords and decided to train him how to use them, understanding the gang background both he and 24601 shared, Stryker also gave him some guns and tought him more advanced techniques (Short controlled bursts, mid clip reloading, Ect) and Nightwolf improved on the knife fighting skills he already learned from his former life, later 24601 met the rest of the Earthrealm warriors and formed bonds with Smoke and Kitana, when Cyber Sub-Zero regained his soul, 24601 went with him undercover into Outworld and the two became brothers in arms, after Sub-Zero defeated Noob Saibot his now ressurected brother, 24601 was stopped in his tracks by Kano the two fought and 24601 was eventually victorious.

Later 24601 came back and discovered that all but Sonya and Johnny Cage had died while he was gone, when Raiden came back from the Netherealm, 24601 decided to take matters in his own hands. While Raiden was fighting Shao Khan, 24601 went to the Netherealm to bargain with Quan Chi he had a deal that both he and Quan Chi would fight one on one if he won he could bring back several but not all Earthrealm warriors from Quan Chi's control but if Quan Chi won he would not only keep the souls of Earthrealm warriors he would keep 24601's soul as well Quan Chi agreed and they fought, it was long and bloody 24601 ended up with both his thumbs amputated, his stomach completely ruptured, and his heart permanently damaged but he emereged victorious, Quan Chi living up to his promise allowed 24601 to pick six souls to bring back he brought back Nightwolf. Kabal, Stryker, Cyber Sub-Zero, Kitana, and Smoke back to Earthrealm.

Before he left for Earthrealm, Raiden came by to see what 24601 had done but before he could say anything Quan Chi killed Raiden and took the souls of Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage for himself, when they got back Kabal decided to again repay 24601 for rescuing him and everyone else from the Netherealm, Kabal made specially designed gauntlets that 24601 could wear that wear magnetized and acted as a replacement for his thumbs, sealed the gaping wound in his stomach, and created a pacemaker in order to accomadate his heart damage. thanking Kabal for this he set out and encountered Cyrax and convinced him to join the Earthrealm warriors and in return he would get his human concious back, he also encoutered Noob Saibot who was still alive and convinced him to break himself from Quan Chi's control and join the Earthrealm warriors, both agreed and 24601 became the new defender of Earthrealm and swore one day he would bring back the rest of Earthrealms warriors from Quan Chi's control.


24601 wears a long black trenchcoat that completely covers his entire torso, the respirator he wears is actually a Turian helmet designed for low oxygen conditions with O2 tanks that are connected by tubes built into his helmet he also wears gauntlets that go around his arms that were added after his thumbs were amputated by Quan Chi.

Special Moves

Kano's Legacy: 24601 takes two knives and slashes the opponents torso with them.

M1911: 24601 shoots two shots with the M1911 this is similar to Stryker's Gun Shot move.

The Enhaneced Version is called: "I'm not dead yet!": which involves him shooting the entire magazine into the opponent.

SPAS-12: 24601 shoots the opponent, pumps the shotgun, and shoots him again.

The Enhanced Version is called: "The Itallian Stallion": which involves 24601 switching to semi-auto mode and firing four times.

AR-15: 24601 shoots the opponent five times with the AR-15.

The Enhanced Version is called: "This is my rifle, This is my gun!" which involves 24601 shooting the opponent 10 times.

M60: 24601 shoots the opponent 25 times with the M60.

The Enhanced Version is called: "Feeding the pig": which involves shooting the opponent 50 times.

Kabal lives: 24601 slashes the opponent six times with his hookswords

X-Ray Move: The future of warfare: 24601 grabs the opponent then takes aout his hookswords and grabs the opponents ribcage and pulls downrad seperating both bottom ribs then he taks two knives and stabs the opponent in the stomach then he throws the opponent to the ground, grabs their arms, places his foot on the opponents back and pulls their torso breaking their spine finally he stands them up, takes out his M60 and rams the butt into the opponents face breaking their skull.


DIY Surgery 101: 24601 punches the opponent several times, then takes out his hookswords, stabs them in the opponents chest and rips out their rib cage, then he jabs his fingers in the opponents eyes and removes their skull from their body and holds it up in victory

This is my boomstick!: 24601 smashes the guys face in with his knee, takes out his knives and disembowls the guy and takes out his SPAS-12 jams it up the open wound and shoots the top half of the opponents torso off.


His race is a reference to the Mass Effect series.

His enhanced M1911, Spas-12, AR-15, M60, and 2nd fatality are actually quotes from different movies (Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Rocky, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, and Army of Darkness respectively).

Created by Kabalfan620 who thought it would be intresting to have a Turian character in a Mortal Kombat game.

His name is actually a reference to the prisoner number of Jean Valjean from the novel Les Miserables

Xeong Chen (AnnhilationNation)

Xeong Chen
Age 812
Height 6'
Weight 193 lbs.
Resides EarthRealm
Origin Earthrealm
Species Human


White Lotus Society


Quan Chi

Weapon Sansetsukon (Three Sectioned Staff)
Fighting Style Wu Shu, Tai Chi, Dragon
Alignment Good

Your experience is far lesser than mine.

—Battle Cry


Xeong (Zay-ong)Chen was a martial artist from Ming Dynasty era China. A gifted fighter, he fought proudly for the Ming Dynasty, until in the middle of a battle, with a mortal wound he was confronted by Quan Chi. Chen simply wished to survive, however, Quan Chi upped the offer, for simply his services as long as he lived.

Quan Chi granted him eternal life, however he was cursed to slay all he cared about. Having lived for over 800 years, but still appearing to look in his mid 20's, Xeong Chen simply wished to break this deal personally, and get revenge on the man who torn his life apart. Raiden, knowing of his anger asked him to join in his quest to stop Shao Kahn. Xeong agreed, though his focus was clearly on the nercomancer.

He is seen helping the Earthrealm warriors throughout Shao Kahn's invasion. After Raiden beaten all hsi former comrades, Xeong traversed to the netherrealm, to challenge Quan Chi personally... it is unknown how the turn-out ended between the two.


Xeong is abotu the same height as Liu Kang, and is a Chinese man, however, he sports long grey hair on his head, and a grey Fu Manchu, despite appearing to be in his 20's.

Primary Costume: He wears a blue chinese robe, which has been cut short, for him to wear black pants. He also has a silver medallion and boots, so he can freely fight.

Secondary Costume: He is seen in 1300's Ming Armor, without the helmet. Item for unlocking: Xeong's Medallion

Special Moves

  • Staff Sweep: Xeong slings his Sansetsukon, down to the opponent's feet, and damages them like an extended sweep kick. (Enhanced includes an ensnarement, and tossing over to the opposite side.)
  • Staff Sling: Xeong slings his Sansetsukon up, to hit airbone opponents. (Enhanced also includes an ensnarement and slammed down to the ground.
  • Energy Blast: Xeong charges and fires an orange blast of energy. (Enhanced, he creates a shotgun spread of energy.)
  • Staff Extension: Xeong's staff glows Orange, and extends itself to a halfway point across the screen. (Enhanced, he kicked his opponent back, then jumped up and struck them with his staff while they're down.)

X-Ray Attack

  • Lunging Kick: Xeong uses his staff to jet himself across the screen to dropkick his opponent. After the kick he jumps up and flips, stomping on the opponent's ribs again, before backflipping off of them.


1. Martial Artistry (Xeong charged up his hand with orange energy, before preforming a yin technique (tearing out the opponent's heart. As blood rushed out of the cavity, Xeong tossed down the heart, and does a Crane style kick, severing the head from the neck.

2. Decades of War (Xeong forms a Jian sword of orange energy, and spins it, slicing both the opponent's arms twice, severing them. He then thrusts it through the opponent's body, and cuts downward, dividing them from the chest up.)


Xeong started to battle cry, which turned into the roar of a white tiger. The tiger then torn off the opponent's leg furiously, as the opponent tried to scramble away. However, Xeong leapt, and started to bite at the jugular vein, ending their life swiftly.


Xeong is transformed back to an infant, as he started to swing a rattle, like his sansetsukon, but hits himself upon the head, making him cry.


Intro: "Your experience is far less than mine!"

X-Ray: "You lack discipline."

Outro: *He preforms a kata* "There is a reason why I still stand."

Pose 1: *He propelled himself back with his staff, before getting into battle stance.*

Pose 2: *He started to casually walk away, when he sees the opponent getting back up, and getting into his fighting stance, and saying...*"Stubborn Aren't We?"

Pose 3: "If you must..." *Xeong says, as the opponent rises, while he preformed a kata and got into battle stance*

On Back: *Xeong slammed his elbows into the ground, before preforming a kip-up.*

On Stomach: *He propeled himself up with his Staff, then spins it around him, before going into battle stance*

Character Relationships

  • Was granted eternal life from Quan Chi
  • Forced to kill his fellow soldiers, and his family by Quan Chi's mind control.
  • Aided in training combat skills to the White Lotus Society.
  • Contacted by Raiden to fight for Earthrealm around the MK3 Era.
  • Last seen combating the fighters that Quan Chi enslaved, while he escaped the Netherrealm.


  • Created by Netherrealm Studios as a tribute to Martial Arts masters.
  • Inspired by DC Comics character, Ra's Al Ghul, who was the man who trained Batman in martial arts.
  • Also has a hint of inspiration from Soulcalibur's Zasalamel.
  • Was made as a replacement to Bo' Rai Cho, which was often seen as an unserious, joke character. A more serious Martial Arts Master was needed.

Hyashi and Kyushi (Themaniacbiscuit)

The elder gods shall bind your souls for eternity

—-Raiden to Hyashi


Kyushi had entered the Mortal Kombat tournament to kill Shang-Tsung to show he was the best at dark arts, but to fight him he entered as part of the Earthrealm warriors. Hyashi, oblivious of this plot to kill Shang-Tsung, joined along with Kyushi to practice his ninja skills. During this tournament(and this is a different tournament to the ones in the games) Hyashi was eliminated early, but Kyushi reached the end and fought Shang-Tsung. It was a tense fight, Shang-Tsung and Kyushi both shot an intense amount of dark magic at eachother, causing a huge surge. This all went directly into Kyushi's brain, corrupting his very soul. Raiden needed him alive, thinking he was the only good warrior to match Shang-Tsungs dark magic, so he offered Hyashi to do something forbidden, binding his soul with Kyushi's. Hyashi agreed and binded his soul with him, after that he left to go to Earthrealm and no one had heard of him until the tournament of Mortal Kombat(2011).


Hyashi is a common ninja dressed in black with a ninja mask, fingerless gloves and spiky brown hair, he has one blue eye and one "demon" eye which he keeps closed for unknown reasons. He keeps one kitana on his back in a scabbard when not in kombat. Kyushi before binding had long flowing white hair, a white cloak that covers his whole body from the neck down and black trousers. After binding he just became a zombie-like ghost creature with glowing green eyes that can pop out of Hyashi's body and perform dark arts.

Hyashi often jokes about things and stays light-hearted, despite his curse. He goofs around a lot even in serious situations. Although he gets serious when people mention his brother or when his brothers rage is about to release.

Alternate outfit: As a comedic outfit, Hyashi looks like Kyushi and vice versa

Combat characteristics

Hyashi specialises mainly in kombos, while Kyushi does most of the special moves.

Special Moves:

1-Soul Punch: A huge portal opens in Hyashi's chest and a huge version of Kyushi's hand emerges and punches the opponent

2-Dark art ball control: Kyushi's top half pops out of Hyashi's back and shoots a green ball of energy, if it connects, your opponent will punch himself three times.

3-Double punch: Hyashi will punch the opponent, if it connects, Kyushi's arm will pop out of a portal behind the opponent and punch them.

X-Ray Attack - Target

Kyushi will come out and burn a target shape into the opponents skull, Hyashi will punch the target directly, breaking the skull.

Front Grapple: Hyashi will stab the opponent with his katana, then Hyushi will come out and choke them

Back grapple: Hyashi will stab them in the back and jump in front of them and kick them

Air throw: Hyashi throws them to the ground and impales them with shuriken


Soul transfer: Hyashi grabs both shoulders with his arms and glowing red, Kyushi jumps out of Hyashi's chest and jumps into the opponent. The opponent starts shaking and his stomach starts swelling up, Kyushi bursts out of the opponents stomach.

Other Finishers

Babality: Hyashi appears to poop himself, Kyushi pops out of his nappy.

Friendship:Kyushi pops out and they play rock, paper, scissors.

Animality:Turns into a lizard and pierces his tail into the opponents heart.


Ninja training room: A training room full of ninja weapons and a deadly assault course in the background.

Stage fatality:

1-One person will push them to a wall and stab them with several of the kitana's beside them

2-Pushes them into a spinning collum of spikes used in the assault course


Intro:Pops out of a portal in the ground saying "Two heads are better than one!"

Outro:Says "I am victori..." He then starts grunting and glowing green, he then teleports away

Character Relationships

  • Vendetta against Shang-Tsung
  • Raiden asked the elder gods to bind their souls


Made by Themaniacbiscuit

Destruction (Piguipiplup)

Age Unknown
Height 5ft & 9inches
Weight 210lbs
Resides Nexus
Origin Nexus
Species Unknown





Li Mei

Enemies Shao Kahn
Weapons Wolf fang(A legendary sword)
Fighting Style Legend
Alignment Neutral

( Self told biograpy)

I was born in the Nexus. I dont know who are my patrers i only know that my mision is....... I forget it too. But in the time when i have woke the realms are under war i dont rember my name... im wanderin in the realms searching for my mision. i encounter the elder god shinok and he put me the name ...... Destruction.

Later i encounter the hell spanw Scorpion. I batle and defeded him but i dont wath kill him. he join to me search for my mision....

He told me wath Shinok was become a fallen elder god

Combat karacteris

He have the powers of all the species and he kwon all the moves of all the realms

Fire ball and iceball: in his rigth hand do a fire ball and in his right hand do a ice ball and trow it to the oponent him frezing his legs and burning his uper part of his body.

Sonic speed: Use his powers of shokans and centurians to go to a sonic speed and then kick oponent face.

Ultimate Kick: He use the Liu Kang Flylling kick but when he touches hes enemy he use hes fire abilites to do a flame kick in the enemy face.

X-Ray Move: finish blow: Miguel puch the enemy head causing a cerrebral spill

Earthquake:He kick the ground and do a earthquake with his kick


Temperature explxion: Miguel touch his/her enemie head and he freze his boby later he trow a fire ball and the emenie transform into water.

Nexus Destroyer: take the enemy's head and separates his jaw from head and later broken his skull and draws his brain.

Hari-Kiri:He stab him self with his bade and after he trow his arm.

Friendship: He use his magic to do a Statue of the enemy.

Babality: He freze the ground and he try to walk but slips and cry.

Charecter aparence

He is a Withe ninja with metal glows and metal boots. the Sub-Zero trident hat and scorpion mask in white

Charecter relations

-Close friend with Li Mei and somting more....

-Friend of Scorpion, Sub-zero and others

Game apparences

Mortal Kombat(secret character)

Mortal Kombat II(Secret Character)

Mist (Byakuya600)

Plague Doctor 3
Age 34
Height 6'3
Weight 230
Resides Outworld
Origin Earthrealm
Species Once Human, made into a Cyborg.
Allies Kano
No Face
Enemies Cyrax
Shao Kahn
Noob Saibot
Weapon Multiple Cybernetic Weapons
Fighting Style Ninjitsu
Alignment Evil
It is my duty to eliminate you.


Mist to Jax


Mist was a Black Dragon member after his brother was murdered by Shao Kahn (Though he had not known at the time), mainly receiving info from his enemies, and working with Kano on objectives. During an attack on the Special Forces, Mist was heavily injured by Jax, with multiple broken bones, burn marks, and scars. For 2 years, Mist remained in special care, only wishing to die soon. After a long time, Mist received a unexpected visit from Kano. Kano told mist that he had missed being with him in action, Kano then told Mist that he had gotten some help from a Cyborg named Sektor to make things all better.
After hours of working, Kano and Sektor finally finished up their work on Mist and equipped him with weapons afterwards. With Mist being completely rebuilt as a Cyborg, he had gotten an offer from Kano, to come back the the Black Dragon clan. Mist quickly rejected Kano's offer, and told him that he has something else in mind, becoming a bounty hunter for hire. Years later, Mist had become a mass murderer.

He no longer took orders from anyone except himself, he hunted down all of his past enemies, including Jax and Shao Kahn, although he failed to kill them.

During the events of the second Mortal Kombat Tournament, Mist had been planning on killing Shao Kahn after he figured out he was the murderer of his brother, Hydro.

While spying on Shao Kahn, he was preparing to launch an explosive dart, but gets ambushed by Baraka and loses a hand.

Mist fights Baraka afterwards and knocks him unconscious, and retreats to receive repairs from Kano.

Mist hasn't been seen that much after the repairs, only lurking in the shadows, murdering unfortunate victims.


Mist wears a gas mask and straw hat, along with a trenchcoat that covers multiple layers of armor and weapons.

Special Moves

  1. Denied! - Mist punches the opponent twice in the gut, then stabs them with an explosive dart.
  2. Slick Saw - Mist slices the opponent 3 times then kicks them away
  3. Nova Strike - Mist jumps in the air, and diagonally kicks the opponent, then blows them away with a bomb
  4. Shuriken Storm - Mist hits the opponent in the gut, then launches a tornado like spin while holding 2 Shurikens to knock the opponent in the air.

X-Ray Move

Quick Impact - Mist teleports behind the opponent, jabs them in the shoulders with 2 Shurikens, and charges up a powerful punch similar to Sektor's, launching the opponent away.


A Piece of My Mind - Mist kicks the opponent back, then throws his chain around the opponent, and in slow-mo, the blades pop out, and eventually impale the opponent. Mist then tugs the chain, and the opponent's body falls apart in a bloody mess.

Small Gift - Mist holds the opponents arms while putting his foot on their chest, then kicks the body to ground. Mist then places a bomb on the armless body and walks away while the bomb explodes.

Character Relationships

  • Brother of Hydro
  • Partner of Kano
  • Received multiple injuries from Jax
  • Made into a Cyborg by Kano and Sektor
  • Attempted to murder Shao Kahn
  • Knocked Baraka unconscious

Kovac (AnnhilationNation)

Age 33
Height 6'2"
Weight 202 lbs.
Resides EarthRealm
Origin Earthrealm
Species Human

Sonya Blade

Jackson Briggs


Black Dragon

Weapon Boomerang, Bullwhip
Fighting Style Aikido
Alignment Good

Guess reason doesn't work with you.

—Battle Cry


Joesph Kovac is an Austrailan native, and younger brother of Black Dragon founder, Kano. However, unlike his brother, he lived a life of good, as a wildlife specialist in Austrailia until 3 years before the events of Mortal Kombat. He joined the Outer world Investigation Agency, as an archeologist, and tracker.

It was the O.I.A.'s job to bring the Black Dragon to justice, and protect the citizens of Earthrealm. However, Kovac simply wants to turn his older brother back to the side of light.

Kovac entered the events of Mortal Kombat, and fought behind the scenes, defeating numerous members of the Tarkatan horde, members of the Black Dragon syndicate, and many other threats to Earthrealm in search of his brother, and continues to until he faces him.


Kovac is a little taller than Kano, but is a mortal man, without technological advances. However, he was blessed with powers from an ancient Aboriginal mystic.

Primary Costume: He wears a black kevlar vest, and tan camoflauge pants, with black boots and a red headband around his forehead.

Secondary Costume: He is seen in a khaki buttoned shirt, and brown pants, with a satchel around his body, and a fedora upon his head.

Item for unlocking: Kovac's boomerang

Special Moves

  • Tricky Rang: Kovac throws a boomerang up into the air, if it missed his opponent, as an aireal attack, it returns back to him, hitting a ground opponent from behind. (Enhanced, the boomerang stays in place, and continues to spin a little, adding extra damage.)
  • Forward Rang: Kovac throws a Boomerang forward, and hit hits the opponent. (Enhanced: He throws two boomerangs instead of just one.)
  • Bullwhip: Kovac snapped a bullwhip at an opponent, hitting them for damage. (Enhanced, when it hits them, they're stunned for two seconds, leaving open attacks for a combo.)
  • Repulsor: Kovac folds his arms in, and does an extremely close proximity blast, that is colored purple, which knocked his foe away from him, and does low damage, but also reflects projectiles. (Enhanced, the move has slightly more range to it.)

X-Ray Attack

  • G'day, mate!: (Used as a parry) As the opponent hits him, he says "Your hands..." as he grabbed them both, and snapped their wrists. "My pleasure" He says, before delivering a wrist lock suplex, sending them over, and fracturing their spine.


1. Mandible Mutilation (Kovac firmly grasped the opponent's lower jaw with his right hand, and tears it off their body, as they scream out, while blood comes from their mouth. He then begins to walk away with it, as he then turned around, and throws the mandible like a boomerang, decapitating the opponent.)

2. Whip It: (Kovac used his bullwhip to ensnare his opponent's leg, as he pulled it, tripping his foe up, and causing them to land hard onto the ground. He then pulled them in close, and ripped their legs off. Finally, he jumped up and landed on theri head, crushing it beneath his feet. He begins to wipe his shoes on the opponent's torso, and posed in victory.)


Kovac started a battlecry, as he turned into a kangaroo with boxing gloves (Similar to Roger from Tekken). He does a vicious uppercut, which knocks the opponent up, and causes them to flip and land on theri stomach. As they get up, Kovac does a powerful kick, which smashed their head in.


(Kovac turned into a child, and got out his bullwhip, and snapped it, hitting himself in the face, leaving a scar, as he cried)


Intro: "Looks like Reason doesn't work"

X-Ray: "Whaddya Got?"

Outro: "You lost today, kid. Doesn't mean you gotta like it." *He snapped his whip off screen, and swings away*

Pose 1: *He tossed a boomerang into the air, and walked back a few steps before catching it, and getting into fighting stance.*

Pose 2: (If victorious from a distanced projectile) *He snapped his whip into the air, and swung at normal distance from his opponent.*

Pose 3: "Met the thunder from down under!" *He says triumphantly, as his opponent begins to rise to his feet.*

On Back: *He does a back somersault, and quickly gets into his fighting stance.*

On Stomach: "You call THIS archeology?" *He says, reeling from the strike, as he gets to his feet.*

Character Relationships

  • Kano's Younger Brother
  • Joined the O.I.A.
  • Defeated multiple threats to Earthrealm


  • Inspired by a combination of Indiana Jones and the late Steve Irwin
  • His primary fatality was inspired by an episode of Celebrity Deathmatch
  • Was made as a replacement to add to the O.I.A.'s roster, and to serve as an additional rival to Maxim Tolomov
  • His Babality is exactly like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Shoi (Wingedone100)

"Pounding you into the ground is my job!"-Shoi's battle cry

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Primary costume

Shoi has Black shaggy messed up hair, Shoi also is seen wearing a black sleeveless jacket. On the front chest part there is a white Mortal kombat dragon logo that is smallish enough to stay on his chest. He has red fingerless gloves, he wears black wraps on his left elbow, Shoi has brownish eyes. He also wears black leather pants with some white flames going down by the sides, he wears a knee pad on his left knee with the MK dragon logo on it. Once again, it"s white. Shoi has a turned back black hat, he also wears black leather boots.

If player two picks this costume and so does player one. Player two will have Shoi wearing a brown leather jacket and the Dragon logo is red.

Alternate costume

 Shoi's hair can't be seen. Instead it is covered by a sweatshirt hoodie, Shoi is wearing a black sweatshirt. On the back of the black sweatshirt. It has a giant white Black dragon logo. Once again. Shoi has brownish eyes, he also wears brown leather pants that are fairly ripped up, Shoi is wearing black elbow pads, Shoi is wearing brown leather boots, his Sica are strapped on the boots, so when he is preforming his fatality. He takes his Sica from his boots instead of his back. And his sweatshirt is covered by a denim sleeveless jacket.

Item for unlocking:Shoi's sica

If player two picks this costume and so does player one. Player two will have Shoi wearing a blue sweatshirt


Shoi came from a small town in Australia, he was never really known but he was known for his killing. Kano noticed his power as a killer and decided to put him on his team. He was given tasks to beat in order to join the Black dragon. He finished all of the tasks and was put into the Black dragon, after he joined. The Red dragon were thinking of a plan to destroy the Black dragon, this is when Kano puts all his hope into Shoi and made him spy on the Red dragon. While on his search he was in the tournament and was chained up, later after Kung lao's death, he was free from Shao kahn by Kano. He attempted to kill Stryker, but the plan was failed after Kabal knocked him out. He was rushed back to the Black dragon base and was healed. He now wants to kill Stryker and get back Kabal for the black dragon

Combat characteristics

Even though Shoi has no powers, he is very quick and more of a stealth-type character and wants to get the job done quick and fast.

Stealth:Shoi throws a smoke bomb and goes invisible.

The enhanced version is called Vanish. Shoi goes invisible but can run more fast and cause more damage.

Your face, the floor:Shoi takes out his sica and stabs the victim on the back. Then runs on there back and jumps off it and pushes the victim back on and they fall on the floor.

The enhanced version is called Stabbing combo. Shoi adds a double back stab before jumping of the victim.

Black dragon spin:Shoi gets on his head and spins, if the victim runs into Shoi, they will get kicked across the screen.

The enhanced version is called Black dragon breakdance. Shoi spins faster and when the victim walks into Shoi, they will get stuck in the spin and then get shot out.


Sica toss:Shoi throws his Sica at the victim's shins, breaking them. He then claps there head, breaking there skull, the victim falls down as Shoi gets his Sica.


Taste my Sica:Shoi takes out his Sica and shoves it into the victim's mouth, the victim is now puking blood. Then Shoi takes out his other Sica and cuts the victim's chest skin off and gets his other Sica. The victim falls over dead.

Stealth kill:Shoi uses his Stealth move and takes out his Sica and cuts the victim's arms off, the victim runs around in panic state, Shoi then backstabs the victim and lifts it up and takes the spine out.

Other finishers

Babality:Shoi takes out his Sica and a doll, then he destroys the doll with his Sica.

Hara-kiri:Shoi takes out his Sica and slits his throat, then he cuts his head off with his other Sica.

Friendship:Shoi takes out his Sica and takes a pose that looks like he is about to stab, but then he says "Jking!"

Animality:Shoi turns into a zebra and lunges at the victim. Ripping there torso off.

Intro and outros

Battle intro:Shoi rubs his Sica together causing some sparks.

No fatality:Shoi says "Sleep tight mate!" to the knocked out victim and laughs.

After fatality:Shoi says "One fighter out. A bunch more to go" and walks away like nothing went on.


Real Name Riley Rogers
Gender Male
Age 21
Height 5' 11"
Weight 174 lbs.
Resides Netherrealm
Origin Orderrealm
Appearances Mortal Kombat (2011)
Species Half-God Half-Spectre
Allies Scorpion
Enemies Shinnok
Noob Saibot
Shang Tsung
Shao Kahn
Black Dragon
Elder Gods
Weapons Wicked Swords
Khaos Sword
Fighting Styles Hapkido
Alignment Neutral
Portrayers Drake
Creator Nigel Jordan
I'm like a broken Xbox, I don't play no games!


—Wasp showing Mileena's corpse to Shao Kahn



1989, January 4th

Riley was born in Orderrealm with a loving family, Kreria and Gorune, Riley's parents parents were best frineds with Shinnok. Riley liked playing with Shinnok and he soon became an uncle figure to him.

1994, April 20th

Shinnok is now evil and Riley's parents refuse to join him. Shinnok and Quan Chi travelled to their home and brutally murdered Riley's parents, right in front of him. Wasp was then saved by the Elder Gods, who erased his memory and sent him to Earthrealm where he was adopted.

2011, January 4th

After a birthday party, Wasp is driving home when a mysterious bright light came and made Wasp crash into a tree. Wasp then woke up in Orderrealm infront of Raiden, Fujin, Delia, Vapor, Deluge, and Argus. They explained his destiny, which he declined and commanded them to take him home. They declined and Wasp swore revenge on them for trapping him in this devastating world.

2011, April 19th and forward

Wasp met Scorpion and began to train with him, they soon became best friends. Wasp, now a Shirai Ryu, marched with the Forces of Darkness along with Scorpion during the final battle of Armageddon. in the middle of battle with Chameleon, Wasp was struck down by Shao Kahn's hammer. He and Chameleon woke up at the end at saw Shao Kahn walking to the pyramid. They worked together to stop Shao Kahn but was unsuccessful. Shao Kahn threw Wasp off the pyramid and killed Chameleon completely. Raiden, just waking up, saw Wasp in pain. Wasp then saw Scorpion's corpse and begged him to bring Scorpion back, even accepting his destiny. Raiden declined, gave him details about what was to happen, and sent him to the past. Wasp took a different approach and found Scorpion and Kratos and killed Shao Kahn and all his Enforcers.

Special Moves

All for 1- Wasp absorbs Vapor and Deluges strength, higher damage hits for 5 seconds
Enchanced-5 seconds longer

1 for All- All three throw a powerball at once
Enchanced-They throw two power balls

Target Praktice- Riley throws his wicked swords at his opponent
Enchanced-After throwing his wicked swords he throws his Khaos Sword


The Kare Package-Wasp sticks his wicked sword into his opponent's head and sticks his other wicked sword into the opponent's chest. then he takes his Khaos Sword and shoves his into his stomach. finally he drag the large sword threw the opponents torso and sets it on fire.


Wasp has a pink and purple man Klassic Kostume on with light blue gas shooting around him


Gender Male
Age 24
Height 6.1"
Weight 140 lb.
Resides Earthrealm
Origin Earthrealm (Dominican Republic)
Appearances MK 2011
Species Zoanthrope
Allies Smoke
Enemies Noob Saibot
Weapons Lacabra, his "Indestructible Bionic Baseball Bat"
Fighting Styles Street Fighting
Creator GunBlazer
I might have been bent, but will you break my sanity?!


—Canquiña to Noob Saibot


  • "As a little kid, Paul Paz had a pretty normal happy life. But when he found himself the only one who was not shot by a gang of drugdealers, he would be changed forever when noticing his special abilities out of rage. Now, taking matters in his own hands under the name Canquiña, he sets on a travel to find and kill the ones who took the people he loved. But what he would find would completely destroy his body and mind."


Once a normal kid, Paul Paz received a baseball iron bat, which he despised, from his father. He threw the bat to the river, much to his father´s sadness. The next day he woke up, everyone was dead. He was the only one who did not get shot by the gang of drugdealers which had control in his neighborhood. They had a better use for him: to have him as a transporter. Paul, crying, replied: "¡¿Por qué!?", to what they answered: "Porque nos dio la gana de darles plomo, carajito!" and just when they took him, Paul unknowingly transformed into a lion and devoured them all! He picked up the bat he threw away as a memento, then left.

Since then, he had been roaming from town to town, trying to get food. For that, he stole, lied, and was almost raped more than once. Every time he was caught, he transformed into different animals. He left each town, leaving behind a bloody wasteland.

He then knew a girl who understood his suffering. Both walked and commited crimes to survive. They had a very close friendship, which unknowingly became a relationship. He then told her his secret, to what she answered "No te tengo miedo. Ahora que se tu verdad, puedo entenderte aun mejor". One day, they both were caught, and in a fit of rage, he transformed and killed everyone, accidentally killing his only friend and lover when she tried to stop him, something that would change him forever-both physically and mentally. He then came back to his human form, and cried over the corpse of the only one he had ever loved. Remembering all the beatings he had endured, and with his mind destroyed, he adopted the name Canquiña, and continued slaying other people, then left.


Paul´s poisoned body

In another of his travels, Paul was captured by an organization because of his abilities. They had a genetist poison him: now he had to drink the blood of others, or else, his genetic code would destroy, and thus, he would die, and be consumed by his animalistic sides.

Out of rage, for the first time, he willingly transformed, but in something new... He killed everyone in the ship, finding out they wanted to brainwash him to make him their enforcer. He stole a special suit, so he could survive for longer without feeding, before jumping out of the ship.

Over the years, he found and killed each one of the bosses of the gang that killed his loved ones-save one. He then heard of the Mortal Kombat Tournament. Knowing the magical power of the host, he entered the tournament to see if he could cure his conditon.

There he knew the one who he thought would cure him: Shang Tsung. He was promised, but he needed to win. He then witnessed how Scorpion brought Sub-Zero's spine and let it crash. He felt remorse from his past deeds after seeing this, so Paul tried to talk with Shang Tsung about the ruthlessness of the Tournament. Something that made Tsung send Reptile to kill him. He defeated him, but tried to kill Tsung before leaving, only to find nothing: the tournament had ended, Earthrealm being victorious, and his chance to save himself had vanished. Enraged, he left the island, just to notice the portal to Outworld still open.

He, reluctantly jumped to it, ending in Outworld. He then knew the Lin Kuei Smoke and Sub-Zero, who had the same goal: to avenge Bi-Han. He wanted to avenge him as atonement for his past sins, so he followed them both, parting ways so they could find Scorpion faster. But he encountered Noob Saibot, who criticized the fact he had to use cybernetics to survive. After a fierce battle, Noob was defeated, but he felt something familiar. Just then Noob dissapeared, but not before revealing his identity, which made Paul run to find Sub-Zero, just to see how he was taken away by the cyborg clan. He saw Smoke with Raiden, but preferred not to interfere.

Powers and Abilities

Combat Characteristics

As a Zoanthrope, Paul is able to transform into any animal of his choice. He can use this for offensive and defensive purposes. He usually transform into felines, but also on giant insects, and rarely chimeras, which he only uses as a last resort. When he got his Special Suit, his human strength was further enhanced. Also, due to the insanity he carries from his past, he is extremely adept and wild-all at the same time.

Paul always has his bat when roaming, which he uses as a weapon.

Special Moves

  • Lion Slash: Paul transforms into a lion and slashes his opponent twice.
    • Enhanced version - Lion Maul: Adds two bites.
  • Gorilla Grab: Paul transforms into a gorilla and grabs the opponent, then slams them into the ground.
    • Enhanced version - Gorilla Rage: Paul grabs the opponent, squeezes strongly, throws the opponent in the air and punches them.
  • Stun Hit: Paul transform into a poisonous beetle and bites his opponent, stunning them.
    • Stun Dose: The opponent is stunned for a longer time.
  • Lacabra Swing: Paul takes his "bionic" bat, Lacabra, and smashes the opponent.
    • Enhanced version - Se fue de linea!: He bats his opponent far away.
  • Tremor Smash: A counter-attack. Paul smashes his head into the floor three times. If hit when doing this, he will grab the opponent and smash their head in the floor. This does not have enhanced variation.
  • Wai!: Paul will throw his bat to the opponent.
    • Enhanced version - Aguantese!: Paul will also throw either a lantern, a coin, or even a frying pan. Causes Knockdown.
  • X - Ray - Tu mai va ir palla!: Paul starts spinning his bat as a top spin. If it connects, he will grab the opponent and break their teeth with the hilt of the bat. He then swings his bat to their low area, making them twist wildly in pain as he walks away.


  • UranusAnimalBRX

    Paul´s Chimera Form

    Te Jodite!: Paul transforms into a chimera, stares at the opponent for a second, then he grabs and pulls each side of their body. Finally, when they break, he uses their thigh bone as a tooth stick.
  • TOY JARTOOOOO!: Paul takes Lacabra out, swings each part of his opponent's body so they fall to their knees, then drills through the chest with the hilt of the bat. He then breaks it in two, and makes the opponent to forcefully swallow the tip, colliding both pieces and choking to death.

Other Finishers

  • Friendship: Paul transforms into a canary bird and starts singing.
  • Babality: Paul tries to transform, but falls head first to the floor, and starts to cry.


  • "Once Paul had won the tournament, Shao Kahn himself faced him. There he knew the truth: the ones who killed his family had allied himself with him. Unkwowingly, he just released his ultimate ability: to transform into a living mass of darkness. After consuming everything, Paul came back to his senses: He was cured! Or so he thought. Now his thirst for revenge ceased, he returned home to help himself bury his past."


  • He was made because I felt it wierd Mortal Kombat did not have a dominican character.
  • This was a last second idea.
  • Canquiña is a Dominican word that means beating.
  • His "indestructible bionic bat" is also known as El Silenciador.
    • It even has 1 year guaranty

Rayearth (Dragon NJMB)

Rayearth preview
Age Unknown
Height 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Weight 187 lbs. (85 kg)
Resides Heavens
Origin Earthrealm
Species Human
Allies Elder Gods
Fire God
Water God
Earth God
Enemies Shinnok
Quan Chi
Brotherhood of Shadows
Alignment Neutral
Appearances Mortal Kombat 2011 (DLC)
Creator Dragon NJMB
Might the Elder Gods forgive you, because I will not!


—Battle Cry


An orphan raised by Shaolin Monks, showed a great fighting skill at early age. Was introduced to the God of Wind, Fujin who felt the potential in Rayearth, and take him to the Temple of Elements where he was trained by the 4 Element Gods. The ages passed and became an Element Lord, master of the 4 elements, the Elder Gods noted his power and turn him in Champion of the Elder Gods. According to a vision from Raiden the God of Thunder, Shinnok (a Fallen Elder God) will resurface from the Netherrealm and attack the Heavens. The new Champion's mission is to defend this realm.


As the champion of the Elder God, he wears the same armor as Scorpion and Monster in the 1st timeline: he is wearing a golden armor with black cloth in all his body except his head. His face have a scar across his left eye, he have long brown hair, a white bandana and brown eyes. His alternate costume is an untied hair, shirtless torso, one armband in each arm, a black pant with black boots. His arms (below the armband) glows when he uses an element (Fire: Red Glow, Water: Blue Glow, Wind: Green Glow, Earth: Yellow Glow) and if he don't uses any element moves for a while, his arms returns to normal.

Special Moves

  • Fireball — Rayearth joins his hands in front of his body and from them, a fireball is formed and is fired to the front.
    • Enhanced Move:Double Fireball - Instead of one fireball, Rayearth fires two.
  • Water Uppercut — Rayearth do a normal uppercut but at the same time, a water punch is in front of the punch, if it connect to the opponent, then it punch the opponent and this move, can deflect the projectiles.
    • Enhanced Move:Waterfall Uppercut - The Water Punch is stronger, faster and bigger, it also can deflect the projectiles but it can elevate the opponent far from Rayearth.
  • Wind Teleport — He grabs the opponent and fly with him/her to the sky, then he slam the opponent.
    • Enhanced Move:Tornado Teleport - He do the same thing like Wind Teleport but after the slam, he send a current of air, damaging and sending away the opponent.
  • Earth Tremor - He lift a leg and smash it in the floor and the opponent is damaged.
    • Enhanced Move:Earthquake - The same thing as Earth Tremor but also lift the opponent in the air vertically.

X-Ray Move

  1. Terrenal Punishment — Rayearth runs behind the opponent and kicking him/her in the back breaking the bones of his back, then the opponent is still in the air and Rayearth summon a pointy diagonal pilar of earth and pierce the opponent in the stomach.


  • Pure Pression — Rayearth summon the power of water in both arms. So he shoots water in high pression and start to cut the opponent in different angles, after that, he release the power of Water, join his arms in front of him and shoot a powerful current of wind and the opponent's body becomes a lot of little pieces.
  • Fireworks - Under the opponent's feet, the earth is trembling, Rayearth lift his left hand and catapult him/her in the air; in his right hand, was a concentrated fireball and he shot it to the opponent, and the opponent explotes and the remains falls to the ground.


  • After he turns in a baby, he shots in 4 directions every element (a small pond of fire, a mini tornado of wind, a pillar taller than him and a fountain of water) but he got surrender by them, and he starts to cry because he can get out of there.

Arcade Ending

Rayearth finished Shao Kahn! After that he started to gather the survivors of the invasion of Shao Kahn in Earthrealm: Raiden, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Kenshi, the four elements gods and a revived Liu Kang. Even with Raiden's vision, they are in disadvantage: they are fighting his own friends now revived to serve Shinnok and Quan Chi. Rayearth asks his allies if in Earthrealm there are anothers fighters that can join them. Before Rayearth's mission begins, he started to gather those allies. They can't afford to lose this war.

Intro, Mid-Round, Outro

Round entrance taunt: He appears from the sky and lands in the grounds saying: "Might the Elder Gods forgive you..." and when he stands up, he says: "...because I will not!"

Mid-round taunt: He creates a water clone of himself and the clone celebrates.

End-match taunt: The camara focuses in Rayearth, he surrender himself in a circular wall of fire and when it dissipate, Rayearth is not longer there.


  • Throw Forward: He grabs the opponent by the neck, starts to burning him/her, then he drop the opponent for a moment and with a current of wind, he send the opponent away.
  • Throw back: He creates a circle of water in each hand, then close them to the opponent's head where he is tortured by the high pressure. And while the opponent is in his/her heels by the pain, Rayearth (now behind the opponent) kick him/her with a leg coated in hard earth.

Character Relationships


  • His earliest names were Vicarius, Sunearth, Sonearth.
  • He was originally a God of Fire, God of Order, a swordsman.
  • He have a different origin: he was going to be an articial human created by the Elder Gods.
  • In his earliest designs: he had green hair.
  • In his alternate costume, he had a glowing tattoo.
  • In a different alternate costume, his arms weren't the only ones that glows but the entire body and each limb was going to be coated in a solid Crystallization based in each element:
    • Left Arm > Water > Blue Crystallization
    • Right Arm > fire > Red Crystallization
    • Left Leg > Wind > Green Crystallization
    • Right Leg > Earth > Yellow Crystallization


Gender Female
Age Physically late 20s, possibly older
Height Unknown
Weight Secret
Resides Outworld
Origin Earthrealm
Species Serpantyne
Allies Unknown
Enemies Reptile
Weapons Fang Daggers
Creator CrashBash
I've been waiting for this day for oh so long, Reptile. Now I'll make you suffer!!


—Viper to Reptile


It was common knowledge that Earthrealm was inhabited by the Saurians, a race now long extinct with the exception of Reptile. However, it has been recently discovered that another reptilian group lived in Earthrealm too. These were the Serpantynes, who were often at war in the Saurians. However, it was the latter who dominated, and eventually, all of the Serpantynes were wiped out....except for one, a young female named Viper. After being revived after many years, she learns about Reptile, and heads out to settle their rivalry once and for all. Only one Reptilian race can live in Earthrealm....


Unlike Reptile, Viper looks much more human-like. Save for her yellow eyes, forked tongue and fangs, noticable when she opens her mouth really wide, it would be difficult to tell that she had reptilian blood. Viper's hair sports two white tufts on top that resemble fangs. Both her T-Shirt and Shorts are badly torn, signs of vicious battles fought before.

Special Moves

  • Fang Drive: Viper pulls out her Fang Daggers and throws them at her opponent.
  • Overflip: Viper rushes forward and grabs her opponent, then somersaults over their head and pulls them overhead too, similar to the throw Noob Saibot and Tanya used to do.
  • Counter-Bite: Viper opens her mouth, and counters her opponent's next attack with a vicious bite.
  • Rippa Raptor: Viper performs a series of powerful and frenzied slashes at her opponent with her fang daggers.
  • X-Ray Move: Jawbreaker: Viper grabs her opponent by the head and forcefully dislocates their lower jaw. She then punches them square in the mouth, then hits them in the back of the head, whereby they spit all their teeth out.


  • Head-Buster: Viper throws her opponent to the ground, then begins to press on the back of their head. She presses harder and harder, with cracking sounds coming from the head as the skull smashes. Blood pours out of her victims mouth, and their eyes pop out of their heads. With a final push, Viper forces her opponent's crumpled skull out of their mouth, with the squashed remains of their brain dripping out.
  • Unhealthy Diet: Viper punches through her opponent's abdomen, and rips out their intestine. She forces it straight through their mouth and, after a little while, punches another hole and rips out their stomach. With the intestines connecting both ends, the hapless victim has a huge split torn down their body, and their lower jaw is ripped off as well. They eventually collapse.


  • Viper hisses loudly, but then accidently bites her tongue, causing it to go numb. She begins to cry in pain.

Infernal(Kahn the Empreror)


Infernal(MKA KAF)

Age more than 2000
Height 186 sm
Weight 81 kg(76 without armor)
Resides Outworld
Origin Netherrealm
Species Infer
Allies Skarlet
Enemies Quan Chi, Drahmin, Shinnok
Weapon Infer Sword
Fighting Style Hapkido, Netherrealm
Alignment Neutral
You are inferior to me!


—Battle Cry


Infernal was a leader of infer army. Infers are a race which originates from the Netherrealm. Its originality is that they have fiery blood that's why their skin looks red. Her real name is Arelina but she was called Infernal for extreme ferocity. She is not evil but in battle she can't control her rage that's why she created magic gloves for herself to control it. Infers had a war with onis and Brotherhood of Shadow. And in final battle her army lost to Quan Chi's. She could escape with a small group but they got into a trap. They were caught by another squad leaded by Drahmin. She was the only one who survived. After this she swore to avenge Quan Chi. She was looking for him for a long time until she once met Shao Kahn's servant Skarlet also spying at Quan Chi too. They made a deal - Infernal helps to discover what was Quan Chi planning and Skarlet helps her to kill him. But everything ruined when Shinnok arrived there. Both were defeated but could escape. After this Skarlet returned to Shao Kahn and Infernal was going to make a new plan of revenge. She is planning to ally with Earthrealm warriors to kill Quan Chi during Shinnok's invasion.

Special Moves

  1. Magic Ball — Infernal makes a magic ball and shoots it into her enemy.
  2. Magic Chain — Infernal shoots a different fireball into her opponent. When it hits him it turn into a chain and holds an opponent for some seconds.
  3. Infernal Touch — Infernal grabs her opponent with one hand then she makes a glove on the other one disappear. After this she pushes him with her bare hand making him fly away to the other end of the screen.
  4. Magic Quake — Infernal jumps into the air and shoots onto the ground making an earthquake.
  5. Upward Ball — Infernal sits and touches the ground. A fireball raises under the opponent hitting him.

X-Ray Move

  1. Infernal Pain — Infernal grabs opponent's head and strongly hits him into a jaw with her knee, breaking his teeth and then she kicks him hardly into the ribs, breaking them severely and making the opponent fall down.


  1. Ripper Apart — Infernal grabs enemy's shoulder with one arm and chest with another one. Then she covers a half of opponent's body(from loin to neck) with magic and then pulls it strongly ripping it away. Then she strikes an unripped part with a ripped one breaking both.
  2. Infernal Ferocity — Infernal makes both magic gloves on her arms disappear and it makes her fall into rage. With it she covers her arms with fire. Then she impales both of her arms into enemy's belly and rises her opponent. The fireburns inner organs of the victim which hold the lower fart and it falls down. Infernal throws away the upper part and makes the gloves appear again.
  3. Cutter Punch — Infernal makes a magic line along the middle of her opponent. Then she makes one glove disappear and covers her bare arm with fire. She increases the power of fire on her arm for a second and then strikes an opponent with it through a line, cutting the victim in half along.