1. Some walkthroughs
  2. Image cleanup, some low quality images need to go, as well as repeated images
  3. Galleries in some pages and a page cleanup from images unrelated to the text (this happens a lot, like here's a costume from armageddon, oh we were talking about Mortal Kombat 3 lol)
  4. More attention given to the "To do" list.
  5. More contests like the Kreate - a - Kombatant kontest (I take this change to say thanks to CavalierTunes who held this amazing contest, he deserves our respect for the great work he does for this wiki)
  6. More attention given to the Mortal Kombat Wiki Collaboration forum page ( yeah we have one lol )
  7. Finishing the Fatalities Theater ( I started it but I didn't have time to finish it untill now =/ )
  8. Revision of Allies and Enemies. This topic is in need of a good revision an it may generate some discussions here on the wiki ( if that happens try to stay as calm as possible lol )
  9. Create a endings theater ( the pages are filled with images and although I value the work that has been donne and I think some images would look good, putting everything in there will just fill them too much)
  10. Category cleanup. Some categories are uneeded and are repeated sometimes.
  11. Always work as a community and not everyone for himself
  12. Add references to pages to increase their credibility
  13. News on the notice board
  14. Updating the featured article of the month and the Mortal Kombat news on the front page.
  15. Creation of an IRC channel
  16. Changing the voting pool to favourite game or arena since the voting pool as stayed the same for a long time
  17. Always answer stuff posted on your talk page on the talk page of the person who posted it.
  18. Be more careful regarding spoilers

Well I think for now this is all I have. What do you all think?

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