aka Lindsay

  • I live in Over the Rainbow
  • I was born on June 4
  • My occupation is Eighth Grade Student
  • I am Still Alive :3
  • Lindsaysbiggestfan

    • Blade Swipe - Draxia swipes at her enemy with her razor sharp Sun - Moon blades. This move is taken from Kitana.
    • Blade Lift - Draxia uses her blades to levitate her enemy in the air. This is another move taken from Kitana
    • Raising Sun Falling Moon - Draxia throws her blades at the enemy one at a time. The first one is thrown horizontally with the second one following but going upward. If the second hits the enemy, it will cause them to go up in the air and up for a juggle combo. As she loses more health, the more of the chances of her missing her target.
    • Missing in Action - Draxia vanishes in a maroon cloud. She then reappears uderneath her enemy coming up with a punch.
    • X-Ray Move - You've been Replaced: Draxia makes a flip over her enemy while at …

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