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    November 8, 2011 by Lolsquid

    Cryo was a Lin Kuei warrior, much like Noob Saibot. He (like Sub Zero and Frost) can control ice, making him a worthy fighter. He was a very young man, being only 18 during the first Mortal Kombat. He was defeated by Sonya Blade in the qualifying bout. Embarassed, he froze himself to the time of Deadly Alliance. When Sub Zero was burying Frost he found Cryo frozen in ice. Sub Zero thawed him out but Cryo tried to re-freeze himself saying "I am not worthy to be alive." But Sub Zero took him to the Lin Kuei temple anyway. After spending a year in the temple he felt at home again. But his feeling of reunion was cut short when Noob-Smoke attacked the temple. He was guarding the door when he was possesed by a corrupted spirit. He attacked Sub Z…

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    October 7, 2011 by Lolsquid

    When I was making the character Fusion's blog page i made him a NEW fatality. It made him turn half Scorpion half Ermac. I gave Them the name Erpion (almost Derpion) and the color orange (ermac is red can't stress that enough HE IS RED). In their Fusion Fatality they force lift the enemy then takes off the mask and incinerates them. I took out the pictures... Except the lol down there. But the primary is the mixture of the scorpion and ermac klassic. The alternate is Ermac alternate and scorpion primary.

    special moves:

    Mind ball: A mixture of Hado energy and the enhanced kunai make the person take damage and walk to the person who used it.

    teleport: The enhanced version of their teleports starting with scorpion punch, ermac punch, scorpion up…

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    MK new character Fusion

    October 7, 2011 by Lolsquid


    I didn't create Fusion. I found him while watching an MK Mugen video, along with people like Leiviathan or however it's spelled, Nekro (Nekro for president :P), Cyber tremor, and many others. When i found him he was a robot that was randomly changing colors. I made him human but i couldn't find a look for him... So I gave him Noob's deception and Armageddon alternate costume. I also gave him a backstory, making him the son of a god and mortal female. I will show you what he looked like on the right. He can turn into anyone without stealing their soul. I can think of only 1 special move right now, which is transformation (of course).


    Broken: He turns into Sub Zero and freezes them then turns into Shao Khan and smashes them wit…

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    MK vs Tekken

    August 20, 2011 by Lolsquid

    MK vs Tekken roster.



    Sub Zero|King

    Kunglao|Armor king

    Liu kang|marduk


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    Battle Cry: "My name is Micheal J. Caboose, and i hate babies!"

    Special Moves:

    He Splasers the enemy.

    He shoots the enemy with a Battle Rifle.

    He shoots the enemy with an Assualt Rifle.

    He goes into Armor Lock, deflecting any incoming attacks back at the enemy.


    Shiela The Tank appears on the screen. She says "Hello Caboose.". He gets inside shiela and shoots the enemy with a missle.(You can hear from the enemy before the shot say "Awww fuck")

    He shoots offscreen, you then hear "Caboose What the fuck!" from Church. He ducks then a sniper bullet appears going right through the enemies head.


    He falls down do to the immense weight of his armor.


    Caboose defeated Shao Khan thanks to Church telling him "This guy's on our team yo…

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