Cryo was a Lin Kuei warrior, much like Noob Saibot. He (like Sub Zero and Frost) can control ice, making him a worthy fighter. He was a very young man, being only 18 during the first Mortal Kombat. He was defeated by Sonya Blade in the qualifying bout. Embarassed, he froze himself to the time of Deadly Alliance. When Sub Zero was burying Frost he found Cryo frozen in ice. Sub Zero thawed him out but Cryo tried to re-freeze himself saying "I am not worthy to be alive." But Sub Zero took him to the Lin Kuei temple anyway. After spending a year in the temple he felt at home again. But his feeling of reunion was cut short when Noob-Smoke attacked the temple. He was guarding the door when he was possesed by a corrupted spirit. He attacked Sub Zero only to be frozen once more. Sub Zero relizing that he was thawing himself out, fast, decided to end his life by freeze-uppercutting him.


He obtains all of Sub Zero's moves except he replaced "Ice Ball" with Blizzard, in which he throws alot of snow to the other player/A.I still freezing them.


Ice stab- He turns his arm into a Kori Blade, then stabs the other player/A.I.

Snow Storm- The screen is engulfed in snow, you hear a ripping sound as the snow goes away. The other player/A.I's character appears to not have a head.(this is basically the spice rip fatality except in heavy snowfall.

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