When I was making the character Fusion's blog page i made him a NEW fatality. It made him turn half Scorpion half Ermac. I gave Them the name Erpion (almost Derpion) and the color orange (ermac is red can't stress that enough HE IS RED). In their Fusion Fatality they force lift the enemy then takes off the mask and incinerates them. I took out the pictures... Except the lol down there. But the primary is the mixture of the scorpion and ermac klassic. The alternate is Ermac alternate and scorpion primary.

Ermac lol

special moves:

Mind ball: A mixture of Hado energy and the enhanced kunai make the person take damage and walk to the person who used it.

teleport: The enhanced version of their teleports starting with scorpion punch, ermac punch, scorpion uppercut, ermac uppercut.

Fire splash (unblockable):Erpion floats up then the arena floor burst into flames then he falls onto the ground making the burnt opponant fall, when Erpion falls to the ground the fire stops.


He force lifts the opponant then he takes off his mask and incinerates them. Then he does Ermac and Scorpions default fatality taunts (somehow).

He force lifts the opponant then Hado energy comes out and rips off all the opponants limbs, he turns the arm and legless body (who is screaming) pulls out a sword made of pure fire and cuts off the head. He then does ermac and scorpions default fatality taunts. (somehow).


He was made on the blog about the character fusion i made.

Ermac found and took Scorpions soul after defeating him. Erpion was made.

Not His body his soul.


Erpion felt immense pain worse then a fatailty. His head nearly exploded when a soul made out of pure fire came out. Scorpions body took the soul for it was his, he had been chasing Erpion for many years. Scorpion was human again but he was not finished with Quan Chi and Ermac.

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