I didn't create Fusion. I found him while watching an MK Mugen video, along with people like Leiviathan or however it's spelled, Nekro (Nekro for president :P), Cyber tremor, and many others. When i found him he was a robot that was randomly changing colors. I made him human but i couldn't find a look for him... So I gave him Noob's deception and Armageddon alternate costume. I also gave him a backstory, making him the son of a god and mortal female. I will show you what he looked like on the right. He can turn into anyone without stealing their soul. I can think of only 1 special move right now, which is transformation (of course).


Broken: He turns into Sub Zero and freezes them then turns into Shao Khan and smashes them with the hammer.

Half way gone: He turns half Scorpion half Ermac (Two faced ninja). Erpion force lifts them into the air then lifts his mask revealing the skull. He burns the person in half. Scorpion's side and Ermacs side do their default fatality taunts, then turn back into fusion.


when he was yellow he looked like cyrax and cyber Scorpion

Noob versus2

I... decided to give his human form this look (he was a color changing robot)

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