Battle Cry: "My name is Micheal J. Caboose, and i hate babies!"

Special Moves:

He Splasers the enemy.

He shoots the enemy with a Battle Rifle.

He shoots the enemy with an Assualt Rifle.

He goes into Armor Lock, deflecting any incoming attacks back at the enemy.


Shiela The Tank appears on the screen. She says "Hello Caboose.". He gets inside shiela and shoots the enemy with a missle.(You can hear from the enemy before the shot say "Awww fuck")

He shoots offscreen, you then hear "Caboose What the fuck!" from Church. He ducks then a sniper bullet appears going right through the enemies head.


He falls down do to the immense weight of his armor.


Caboose defeated Shao Khan thanks to Church telling him "This guy's on our team you should help him." caboose shot Shao khan with a Spartan Laser, BR, AR, and Shiela, witch fiannaly ended the emperor's life. His body was being taken by Shao Khan. His last words before becoming Micheal J. S. Khan were "Church if I die I want you to have my orange juice."


His Primary outfit is his Halo 3 RvB armor.

His Secondary is his Halo 2 RvB costume containing demon horn's.

His Secondary Battle Cry sounds like when he was infected with O'Malley in Season(s) 1/2.

His babality is similar to Kano's.

His damage model reveals the only wounds are:

No helmet,

Black eye and a bloody nose.

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