Battle Cry: He says "7 minutes, 7 minutes in all the time I have to spare to play with you."

Alt Battle Cry: He says "Your a primary test subject for the T-Virus."

Special moves:

Wesker does Kabal's raging flash move.

Wesker pulls out a L.Hawk mag and shoots the opponate.


Wesker does the Ghost Butterfly move, causing the opponates head to explode.

Wesker doe the Rhino Charge move, pulling the opponates heart out.


Wesker defeated Shao Khan and in his fury he made every race in outworld extinct, then made them into zombies, Shao Khan's body became Tyrant T-004. He claimed the Nettherrealm then Earthrealm for himself. The Elder Gods and Earth Warriors became his primary test subjects for his hellspawned army of zombies.


His primary costume is his Midnight outfit from RE5.

His alternate costume is his S.T.A.R.S outfit from RE Umbrella Chronicles.

How Are You Still Reading This?!

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