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  • Lwgoslayer10

    It's been awhile since I tried to use one of these.

    Ah, it's been awhile. 6 years ago I was regularly in the chat and was talking like the naive 12-year-old I was. Ah, good times, the edgy emo phase.

    Anyways, I'm debating on getting MK XL. You guys think it's worth?

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  • Lwgoslayer10

    Nobody actually sees that love is non-existant. After I was kicked for not shutting up about it, I figured I'd save time and friendship in just posting a blog and being done with it, even though you will not take off the mask called Love.

    1: Love is not real, all it is is a pain inducing false emotion that will suck your soul from you.

    2:Masks are not needed, embrace hate and see that you can be freed from your shackles.

    All this is is me speaking my mind and encouraging you to know the truth. I will answer any logical question you have here.

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  • Lwgoslayer10

    Youtube Channel

    January 7, 2011 by Lwgoslayer10

    On my Youtube channel, Godisepic, I have a boos battle contest going. Feel free to vote!

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  • Lwgoslayer10

    What if? Contest

    January 3, 2011 by Lwgoslayer10

    This contest is just a little thing I thought of when checking ou Cavaliertunes' KaK contest, you decide a game crossover or a chapter for what would happen if...

    Example:Scorpion teaming with Tanya.Tanya holds a foe steady so Scorpion can tear their head off.Scorpion betrays Tanya to gain power.

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  • Lwgoslayer10

    I think there should be different Fatalities for different fighting styles. It's just wierd to see Raiden use his staff 7 then summon a lightning ball. rahmin should chew his opponents face off & crush their chest with his club.Weapon Fatalities were a good idea in Mortal Kombat: Tounament Edition,but could have been improved to only usable in your weapon stance.

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