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  • MKFan32

    Dear Admins

    March 12, 2016 by MKFan32

    I Would like to ask for a cooperation between you and me in a brand new series im making on a website that involves voting, where the viewer's get to vote for a character they want to win in either a team battle, Single Battle, or Battle Royale, and this is where that cooperation part comes in, i would like to work with you guys to make this thing come true, and possibly make fans of MK Happy, i will wait patiently for your response.

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  • MKFan32


    March 12, 2016 by MKFan32

    I just wondered, why has nobody ever added a thing on how to pronounce character's name? I mean sure, most people know but wouldn't it be a better idea to add a pronounciation so people who don't know how to say it can learn how?

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  • MKFan32

    No, this isnt some rant to unblock me, i just want to apologize for being a baby over the whole rules thing, and im sorry for complaing too much about the whole thing, i was being really immature about the whole thing and just hope you accept my apology. And thank you for reading this.



    P.S. Yeah its obviously me, that whiney guy, but yeah, just trying to apologize

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