Akara was one of the best soldiers of Onaga, Akara wanted to be King of Outworld, so he killed Onaga with Shao Kahn but he betrayed Akara and took Onaga's place as king. Akara promised to Kill Shao Kahn.

General Information
In Mortal Kombat
The mission i assign you is to die!


Special Moves

Rhino Charge: Starts a Running Charge to stun the other player.

Face Throw: Holds onto the other player's face and throws it on the ground

Uppercut Kick: Uppercuts the player and Akara jumps to kick the players

X-Ray: Breaks the jaw, Kicks the face and insert his elbow onto the spine


The Invisible Torture: Akara turns invisible and starts to torture the player.


Akara is in a red ninja suit, his skin is grey and scaly, He has a skull mask with horns and Black boots with a green emerald on it
Akara 2

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