== Biography
Intruder! Prepare to Die!


—Battle Intro

Ari Kahn
General Information
In Mortal Kombat

Ari Kahn was Shao Kahn's son, Ari protected Shao Kahn. Ari killed everyone in his way. Shao Kahn was impressed, so he entered Ari in the Mortal Kombat Tournament, he was the Grand Champion 10 times in a row. Soon he was forgotten, Now he will come back and take his place as Grand Champion. All kombatants shall soon worship him.


Special move

Swipe'd: Hits the opponent 4 times and stabs the head with the sword.

Tired: Throws the opponent on the floor and stabs him/her in the back.

World Travel: Punches the opponent and he/she flies off-screen and Ari throws a sword and the opponent appears on the opposite side with a sword on his head.


Freestyle: He kicks the opponent in the groin and elbows the head.


Sword frenzy: Ari gets his swords and slices him/her in pieces and walks back and throws a sword on the face.

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