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    Hey, Mollusc here. I have some ideas for guest characters for MK10 listed below, but they're all from cult classic 80's slashers, so most won't be very recognizable. Here is the list:


    The killer from the classic '81 slasher, The Burning, Cropsy could perhaps have a ret-conned storyline:he still had been severely burned by the hating campers, but as he is released from the hospital, Shao Kahn's army invades Earthrealm.


    Raft Massacre:in honor of the infamous "Raft Massacre" scene(uncut), Cropsy uses his hedge-clippers to quickly cut off all of his opponent's limbs, before tossing their basket-cased body into the air and then cutting it in half as it falls down.

    Cuttin' Off The Branches:Cropsy gets his hedge-clippers and horizont…

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  • Maniac Cop

    Some help needed

    February 24, 2012 by Maniac Cop

    So, I need some help on wikia:

    I created a new wiki, but the name has an accidental space and an accidental area where there is supposed to be a space. How do I fix the name?

    If I don't like some of my blogs, how can I delete them?

    I want to add chat to my wikis, yet I still don't know. How do you acces it and add it to a wiki of yours?

    Help from any experienced user on this wiki will be gladly accepted. Thank you for listening and helping me out.



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  • Maniac Cop

    I don't care

    February 23, 2012 by Maniac Cop

    You guys don't like my movie idea from the previous blog? That's okay, cause at this point, I have been laughed at too much to even try to care. Honestly, it's MY idea, and whether you like it or not is your opinion, yes, yet I'm gonna rely on perseverance to get to MY dreams, whether you guys like it or not.

    Perseverance(in my English teacher's description)-to focus on and try to get to your goals, while ignoring obstacles, beratement, and those trying to put you down.

    One more thing:it looks like I've been banned from chat just cause you guys know only ONE part of my personality, and I've been harassed by many, yet one in particular. I'm not gonna say that persons full name, but the user's initials are SCK, and is addressed by a name start…

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    new movie idea

    February 20, 2012 by Maniac Cop

    So, Mollusc again. I have yet ANOTHER movie idea that could become an underground cult classic.

    It's called Maximus Sabrer, Latin and French for Large Slash. The basic plot summary, so far?

    On the moring of the first day of spring, March 20, a solar flare suddenly and inexplicably beams out too far, incinerating a good portion of the moon and frying the Earth's electric grid. The planet is left powerless for several hours straight. Then, when the power comes back on, all of the killers from slasher films, known and not very known, come into this world and begin to wreak violent havoc upon humanity.

    If you think this is going to be some 80's style B-Movie/slasher film, then you thought correctly.

    Maximus Sabrer is due for release sometime in la…

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  • Maniac Cop

    Hey, and I think I just got banned from chat. But I really just want to be friends! The chat is one of the only ways I can socialize without being shy! Can we not just put aside our differences? Most of you will call me retarded, but I believe I deserve a chance! Please, why can't the other users and I just be friends and start over?



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