You guys don't like my movie idea from the previous blog? That's okay, cause at this point, I have been laughed at too much to even try to care. Honestly, it's MY idea, and whether you like it or not is your opinion, yes, yet I'm gonna rely on perseverance to get to MY dreams, whether you guys like it or not.

Perseverance(in my English teacher's description)-to focus on and try to get to your goals, while ignoring obstacles, beratement, and those trying to put you down.

One more thing:it looks like I've been banned from chat just cause you guys know only ONE part of my personality, and I've been harassed by many, yet one in particular. I'm not gonna say that persons full name, but the user's initials are SCK, and is addressed by a name starting with V. I think you guys know who I am talking about.

Xperia is the closest user on this wiki that I can call a "friend". Everyone else? Not so much...

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